War Lords

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War Lords
Deity Anhur, God of War
Domains War, Destruction, Strength, Glory, Chaos
Races Any (Humans)
Classes Barbarians, Fighters, Clerics
Alignments Any (Chaotic Neutral)
Holy Days Days of Battle
Place of Worship Battlefield
Holy Symbol Crossed Swords
High Priest Ta Hoarfrost
Major Temple Temple of War (Teufeldorf)
Temple of war.jpg

Anhur is one of the most commonly worshipped gods in the Reaches - the patron of soldiers and men-at-arms. He often appears to his most devout followers during the heat of battle.

Most followers are soldiers - not priests - and can be found throughout the Reaches. Followers of Anhur commonly wear silver pins showing crossed swords. A small number of priest-warriors join the order and accompany the armies of the Reaches on their campaigns - both providing courage to those fighting and healing to the wounded.

Priest-warriors often erect small stone shrines to Anhur on the site of battles. These are often simple piles of stones three or four feet high built from stones taken from underneath the dead. Hundreds of these monuments can be found strewn throughout the Reaches.

Two permanent churches provide a focus for worship and training outside the battlefield. The original, modest Temple of Anhur lies far to the north in the Snowy Mountains, but a large cathedral - the Temple of War - in Teufeldorf is run handily by a priest known as Ta Hoarfrost.

Legend: The Story of Anhur

Never had such a warlike race existed like the barbarians from the North known as the Korgslanders. Long centuries of battling the snow yeti had hardened the Korgslanders into expert fighters. The champion hero of the Korgs, Anhur, reputedly slew four hundred yeti barehanded in the Winter of the Wolf. During the next Spring more deadly foes arrived to battle the Korgslanders for their homeland; the armies of Derec Snowdemon. Hopelessly outnumbered, Anhur lured the invaders into the Maze of the Diamond Castle. A few foolish adventureres have tried to claim the treasures guarded by the mystical inhabitants of these crypts, but none have returned. Derec and his men never returned, but neither did Anhur. As his legend grew, warriors began telling stories of Anhur appearing beside them, aiding them in battle.