War of Ars Magica

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War of Ars Magica

In 900 FA, a small fleet of sailing ships appeared on the eastern horizon heading towards the Old Kingdom, presumably having crossed the Great Sea. Unlike the Tang traders and small vessels common to that time period, tradition holds that these ships floated over water and land alike, propelled by a magical wind. According to legend, a very small army of powerful warriors, aided by death-wielding wizards and fire-breathing dragons, landed near the Overlord's Celestial City. From there, the invading army marched north along the shores of the Sapphire Sea. All who resisted were slain. The invading army was called "Ars Magica" for their skills in magic and fire. In their wake, the Ars Magica left destroyed villages and routed militia.

News of the attacks spread quickly. As the Ars Magica marched north, the lords in the south organized a great fighting force under the leadership of King Isolde, the Overlord's top general. At the same time, an envoy to the ancient elven Collegium Magicium was dispatched. The delegates pleaded desperately with the mages for help against the dragons and their wizard masters. In the end, a pact was struck. And although the full disclosure of that treaty has never been known, the Collegium Magicium has held strong sway over the Old Kingdom and its leaders ever since. It is rumored that the soul of the Overlord was sold that day to the mighty wizards in their secret council.

With the northern lords thoroughly defeated, the Ars Magica returned south along the rim of the Sapphire Sea to finish their conquest. However, they met King Isolde and a force of 10,000 desperate fighting men. The battle may have ended differently if not for the battle mages of the elves, which effectively neutralized the Ars Magica's spell casting advantage and took down several dragons in a surprise volley of ice and lightning. In the end, the Old Kingdom was victorious. All the invading warriors were slain, and the few dragons and mages who fled were never seen again.

In 905 FA, the Collegium Magicium established the first elven presence in a human city, despite bitter opposition from the elf queen. In 1060 FA, the first humans joined the Collegium Magicium and soon magic became an everyday part of life in the Old Kingdom.