Warrior's Guild

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Warrior's Guild
Races Any
Classes Fighters, Barbarians
Alignments Any
Leader Malek the Mad
Guildhall Ramble Hall (Teufeldorf)

Guildhalls for warriors and soldiers have existed since early in the First Age. These buildings were originally long halls lined with tables laden with beer and hearty food and dimly lit with large roaring fires. Around the perimeter of the long hall, rooms offered sleeping, healing, and private quarters. A large kitchen usually completed the structure. These halls offered refuge from the battlefield and a place for those servicing fighters - healers, armorers, blacksmiths, trainers, and prostitutes - to gather and ply their trade in relative safety.

The largest warrior's hall in the Reaches is the Ramble Hall in Teufeldorf - so called because its original hall has been augmented many times over the centuries creating a maze of rambling rooms and dens. The Ramble Hall is run by the Ancient Order of Fighting Men - now known as the Warrior's Guild. Founded during the Orcish Wars, the Warrior's Guild is well respected for its guildhalls - which can be found in most large towns and cities in the Reaches.

Most members of the Warrior's Guild are fighters and barbarians. While not aligned to any particular deity or religion, the most common clerics found at the guildhalls are the Order of the Red Angel (healing) and the Fellowship of the Clover (luck). Small dues are collected from members - mostly on a voluntary basis - from a few silver to a few gold per month. Craftsmen, merchants, prostitutes, and the like rent space from the guild to set up shop in the guildhall.

There are few rules in the guildhall. First, fighting of any sort is not allowed. In fact, this law is most strictly enforced. Duels are expected to be conducted outside the hall. The guildhall is a sanctuary where fighting men and women can drink, eat, have their wounds tended, gamble and relax without fear of attack. Other than sanctioned merchants and clerics, spellcasting is also forbidden within the hall. In large guildhalls, a recruiting board often advertises for private guards, escorts and muscle.

Outside the guildhall, members may be pitted against each other - fighting for different clans or nobles. However, members of the Warrior's Guild who wear the gauntlet and axe symbol are expected to follow the code of honor - giving others a swift death in lieu of torture or hopeless imprisonment.

The Ramble Hall in Teufeldorf is run by Malek the Mad, a boisterous dwarf who tolerates no variance of the rules. His ever-present large wooden mallet has settled many drunken disputes with a single blow. Fighters and barbarians interested in membership should seek Malek out in person.