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Founded early FA
Size Major Kingdom
Ruler Unknown

To the south of the Wilderlands, tales of great dragons abound. Coming from the mountains that separate the Wilderlands from the Oily Sea, these great winged beasts, the largest creatures on land or sea, are commonly seen grazing the southern farmlands seeking cattle and humans for food and sport. While not technically a nation, the Wyrmwyld is rumored to have been the site of a great dragon kingdom during the First and Second Ages. During those times, the dragons were ruled by a council made of one dragon of each of the colors of their race. It is said that these ancient creatures made pacts with the elves and even aided humans on occasion. For many years, adventurers have journeyed into these craggy, harsh lands seeking the vast hordes of gold and treasure accumulated by the dragons over the ages. Wyrmwyld is rumored to have been home to thousands of the great beasts in the First and Second Ages, although their numbers seem to have diminished with time. No cities or organized government is commonly known to exist currently in Wyrmwyld.

The lair of Nihilo, a mage in possession of the Djinn's Labyrinth is rumored to be located deep in the Dragonsbreath mountains.

Nearby Areas of Interest

Oily Sea

One of two southern seas (the other being the Sea of Fire), the Oily Sea has never been extensively explored. The surface of the sea is covered by large patches of an oily substance - the origin of which is unknown. The oily patches drift slowly from west to east, dissipating past the rocky islands that form the western edge of the Oily Sea. The oil is toxic to fish life, but it can be distilled into Alchemist's Fire - a highly combustible explosive. As such, Tang ships - known as Fire Clippers - are specialized in collecting the oily substance. Otherwise, the area is avoided by fishermen and explorers.