Attack on the Coven of the Snow Witches

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Attack on the Coven of the Snow Witches
Type Dungeon
Status Explored October 830 TA
Location Korgsland
Hex 0100
Campaign Journey to the North
Adventure # 34

After having successfully defended Icevale Castle, the Journey to the North moved on to finding and attacking the coven of snow witches who orchestrated the attack.

Adventures Against the Coven of the Snow Witches

The mountains north of Icevale are inhospitable even in the best weather. Howling winds and ever-present drifts of snow make travel through the mountain passes treacherous. Rumors of strange creatures make the mountains a refuge only for those determined to be alone. In the foothill slopes of these mountains, as they climb from the dark canopy of the Lost Pine Forest, the coven of snow witches have made their home. Magically protected and comfortable by northern standards, the caves of the snow witches allow the hags to practice their arts in utmost secrecy.

Korgsland 03a.jpg

The coven consists of eight witches. These are as follows:

Title Level Aspect
Grand Witch 18th Power
Council Master 16th Walls and Protection
Witch of the Coven 12th Summoning
Witch of the Coven 11th Frost
Witch 10th Summoning
Witch 8th Electricity
Witch 7th Scrying

The party found the lair of the coven without difficulty. With three possible entrances to the lair of the witches, the party chose the lowest opening. Entering, they walked through an anti-magic wall. Hidden behind some boxes were eighteen archers and the Witch of Electricity. The party quickly dispatched these, and moved to the sealed door at the far end of the cavern.

Korgsland 04.jpg

Opening the door activated the glyph known as Ginmore.

Korgsland 05.jpg

Quickly, the party decided that there was little of interest in the hallway behind the glyph, and they moved quickly up the mine shaft avoiding the fake bag of diamonds which was a Sphere of Ice trap. They avoided the maze while fighting a brief battle with eight ice demons.

Korgsland 06.jpg

Finally, the party arrived at the lair of the ice golem - a room of traps.

Korgsland 07.jpg

Defeating the golem and avoiding the traps, the party encountered winter wolves, a retriever, faerie demons, and an ice snake. Needless to say, the party did not arrive unannounced. The party tried to enter into the lair of the witches. However, the way was blocked by several magical walls.

Korgsland 08.jpg

The other six coven members escaped by teleporting to Icevale Castle, but the party managed to kill the Witch of Walls. Thus ended the attack on the coven of the snow witches. The party now had to face the Old Kingdom fighters and the remaining witches in the hallways of Icevale Castle.