Barony of Rockingham

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Barony of Rockingham
Founded 621 TA
Size Minor Kingdom
Fealty Western Reaches
Ruler Greyson Rockingham, Sixteenth Baron of Rockingham
Hex 6016

Formed as the part of the Middle Reaches expansion in 621 TA (see the Baronies of the Middle Reaches), the Barony of Rockham is the westernmost of the Middle Reaches baronies. Its current leader is Greyson Rockingham, Sixteenth Baron of Rockingham. While his father and grandfather spent most of their time in family home in Teufeldorf, Greyson is determined to be a lord of the people - providing leadership and protection directly. Greyson is a very popular leader with his people.


The first Baron of Rockingham was a close friend of the Wyrmslayer, and it was thought that Rockingham was the choice territory of the expansion. Initially, the capital was established at the trading center of Greyheath, the largest town on the Lesser Farthing Road in the region. Greyheath was also at the western edge of the kingdom and, therefore, the closest to "civilization".

However, upon arriving at the new capital, Greyheath immediately fell under attack by the large population of hill giants living in the Iron Hills. Attacks from both orc and bandits in the area kept the first Baron, Rupert, paying tributes and constantly seeking soldiers to protect the his town. In 629 TA, the capital of Rockingham was moved to Dunsberry - a much more remote town on the shores of the Lake of the Dragon Turtle. Dunsberry, however, was protected by the elves of the Grand Wood who proved too daunting a foe for the hill giants, orcs and bandits. Eventually, a bargain was struck and the elves provided some defense for Greyheath.

In 653 TA, the establishment of Wirkswirth to the north, the arrival of an organized army under the leadership of the Lord March of Wirkswirth, and the building of Rivershaw Castle lessened the pressure on Rockingham. Shortly thereafter, farms and villages began springing up - many of which still dot this vast plain.

In 721 TA, the capital was moved back to Greyheath. Dunsberry remains a vibrant town providing fish, lumber and woodland goods to the trading post at Greyheath.