Western Reaches

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The Western Reaches
Shield-western reaches.jpg
Founded c. 1200 FA
Size Major Kingdom
Ruler Vincent Fleetwood, The Invincible, King of the Western Reaches

The Western Reaches encompasses the lands bounded on the east by the Shadowyarn Mountains and Sands of Time, on the south by the kingdom of Sandal, and on the north by the Orc Nation. The lands of the Western Reaches boast some of the most fertile farmlands in the Realm stretching 1400 miles along the coast of the Great Sea and 700 miles inland. The kingdom contains a number of ancient forests, vast gently rolling hills, and verdant plains. Throughout its history, the Western Reaches has enjoyed wealth and prosperity from these abundant natural resources.

The Western Reaches is currently divided into twelve Baronies. Each of these is ruled by a hereditary baron or baroness, although a few baronies have adopted an an elected leader in recent years. The baronies act independently in matters of commerce and law, although each has pledged an oath of fealty to King Vincent Fleetwood. The Crown rules in matters of warfare and diplomacy with the other nations of the Realm. In 885 TA, at the end of the Hastur Rebellions, the barons formed The Peerage, a advisory council to the king with twelve members each representing a Western Reaches barony. This body is still active and responsible for advising the Crown on kingdom-wide matters.

The capital of the Western Reaches is the city-state of Teufeldorf. A settlement has stood on this site since the mid-13th century of the First Age. While Teufeldorf lies in the oldest barony, Huntingdon, it is considered independent of baronial rule, thus gaining it the title of city-state. The city-state is governed by the Crown in matters of warfare and defense, but administration of the city is handled by a twelve-member council called the Assembly.

Northern Baronies

Places of Interest
Minor Kingdoms Free Lands Geography
City-State of Teufeldorf The Eyrie Bentbridge Woods
Barony of Huntingdon Blutwald
Barony of Wendover Bryn Mawr
Grimore Jungle
Iron Hills
Iron Hills
Lake of the Dragon Turtle
Lost River
Plains of Azgarde
Plains of the Mantis
Sirendell River

Middle Baronies

Map-middle reaches.jpg
Places of Interest
Minor Kingdoms Free Lands & Places of Interest Geography
Barony of Guildford Bandit Kingdoms Bishophill
Barony of Middlewich Black Owl Garrison (now Wirkswirth) Direhaunt Swamp
Barony of Rockingham Rivershaw Castle (now Wirkswirth) Gold Hills
March of Wirkswirth Shield Lands Ironwood
Walworth Misty Woods
Mount Todd

Southern Baronies

Map-southern reaches.jpg
Places of Interest
Minor Kingdoms Free Lands Geography
Grimsby Everdoom (now Wickham)
Barony of Overton Freeport
Barony of Southwark Land of Izuz
Barony of Tenbury
Barony of Wickham

Coastal Lands

Map-coastal reaches.jpg
Places of Interest
Minor Kingdoms Free Lands Geography
Barony of Weremouth Welkwood