Demons of the Covenant

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Covenant of Heartswallower

It is now known that the Demon Wars were waged by an army of demons coming from behind the Demondim Gate, not the Abyssal Gate as first thought. So while both are considered "demons", from the High Elven daemonium meaning evil spirit, the species and lands are unrelated.

Unlike the dying and sparsely-populated lands of the Abyss and Inferno, Demondim is a land teeming with life - overflowing to the point where new lands must be discovered and conquered quickly to fulfill an unbridled need for food and space. During the First Demon War in the mid-seventh century SA, thousands of demons poured through temporary, one-way gates intent on claiming the Reaches as their own. While defeated in the First Demon War and again in the Second Demon War, a number of human-demon offspring survived throughout the Ages. These offspring are now called Tieflings. While rare in Reaches, they are the only Demondim race found today. All Demondim demons speak Tiefling. The vast majority of pure Demondim demons are currently imprisoned in Covenants and include urviles, barrow wights and cave wights - the bulk of the original armies. Leading each army is a singular Giant Raver and one Lore Master.


Historians have spent lifetimes researching the origin and nature of the magical boxes which were used by Benedict Demonbinder to trap the thirteen armies of the demons in the First Demon War. The generally accepted facts are very few. It is believed that the covenants were manufactured by the Dwarves of the Frostbrand Mountains, the finest smiths in the Realm, under the direction of the Collegium Magicium. From there, they were taken south into the Old Kingdom and transported by ship with Benedict and his party across the Great Sea to Teufeldorf.

The most complete list of the covenants was originally compiled by a unnamed monk in the ninth century of the Second Age. This list has been updated by the court historian Nennius after the Second Demon War. It is kept updated now by the Librarians of Sarth.

Giant Raver Originally Hidden Notes
1 Heartswallower Wraith City Heartswallower and army rebound; covenant location unknown
2 Soulpiercer Three Peaks Soulpiercer killed in the Iron Hills; army rebound; covenant location unknown
3 Flametongue Unknown
4 Throatslasher Unknown
5 Deathwielder Unknown
6 Worldsplitter Demon's Pocket Worldsplitter killed at Mt. Todd; army rebound; covenant location unknown
7 Mindsthrasher Unknown
8 Godsbane Unknown
9 Darktalon Unknown
10 Lifecrusher Unknown
11 Sineater The White Chapel in Tegel Village Whereabouts unknown - headed west from Tegel
12 Willbreaker Unknown
13 Foultooth Sands of Time Covenant never recovered; Foultooth and minions last sighted in Sandal