Librarians of Sarth

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The Librarians
Deity The Chronicler
Domains Healing, Knowledge, Law, Rune, Strength
Races Any (Humans)
Classes Any (Clerics)
Alignments Lawful Neutral
Holy Days Traditional
Place of Worship Library of Teufeldorf
Holy Symbol A Book
High Priest Drew, Master Librarian
Major Temple Great Library of Sarth

The Librarians are the ultimate caretakers of the knowledge of the races of the Realm. There are two major divisions within the Order. The Archivists are charged with the maintenance of the Libraries found in the great cities of the Realm. This order includes historians, scribes, illuminators and the like. A large library might have several Master Archivists overseeing activities at the site. The Librarians include those members who roam the Realm seeking new knowledge and tomes of legends and lore. These adventurers often put themselves in mortal danger to gain a volume that will further gain knowledge for the Order. Each Library has a Master Librarian in residence who councils recruits, engages with local nobles for access to rare tomes, and represents the clerical branch of the organization.

Those wishing to follow the calling of the Librarians should seek the council of Drew, Master Librarian in the Library of Teufeldorf.

The Legend of Ishap

The Great Library of Sarth is one of the oldest known buildings in the Realm, predating many of the great Dwarven halls and Elven towers. Little is known of the origins of the Great Library. Situated at the southern end of the Frostbrand Mountains and the eastern edge of the Evenwild, the Great Library is perfectly situated between the ancestral homes of the Dwarves and Elves. In addition, the Old Kingdom of Rembia - thought to be the birthplace of humankind is a stones-throw away to the southeast. If not for its remote location at the top of a narrow mountain valley, one could imagine life beginning behind its cloistered walls.

According to legend, the Chronicler - the most enigmatic of the Elder Gods - wandered the Realm for generations making notes on the development of the different races. Completely consumed by his studies, the natural world held little interest for him. It was in the actions of the sentient races into which all his energy poured. No motive has ever been given for his insatiable curiosity.

In time, it is said that the Chronicler began seeking a student willing to take over his duties as the historian of the races. During this time, the Chronicler came across a young elf who shared his propensity for pure knowledge, fact and the scientific process. This elf was named Ishap, although he has held other names over the centuries - Math being his common name in the Reaches. In his service to the Chronicler, Ishap was granted extraordinary long life - living for over a thousand years. During this time, he was taught his craft by the Chronicler. And, if the legends are believed, Ishap discovered the great dry caverns that were to become the Great Library.

In addition to being dry, the caverns in the Frostbrand Mountains, were enormous with countless rooms, corridors and passageways. Needing help, Ishap persuaded the dwarves and elves to help him with building the great library - running miles into the mountainside. Above ground, a massive scriptorium was constructed to house hundreds of monks and scribes. The magic of the Chronicler provided light throughout the complex. Dwarves worked to build thousands of bookshelves - all empty while the elves began the magical construction of vellum and sheepskin tomes - bound in leather and ensorcelled against the ravages of time.

When they were finished, the craftsmen returned to their homelands - handsomely paid in gold and gems. It was strange that their memories of the Great Library faded so quickly - details forgotten, secrets lost to time. It is said that the Chronicler - his work on the Great Library finished - settled into a room deep in the recesses of the stacks to write and read. As a final protection, he cast a series of wards to protect the Great Library from any who wished it harm. The room, now long lost, is simply a myth.

As its first High Priest, Ishap began the long and arduous process of building the Order - called the Librarians. Since that time, the Librians have scoured the Realm. Where written tomes are found, the Librarians bring them to Sarth to be analyzed and copied by the Archivists. Where no written knowledge exists, a Librarian might dedicate their entire life to chronicling the histories of a particular people or land. While the mysteries of the Great Library remain unsolved to those outside the Order, the Librarians can be found throughout the Realm.