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Founded 819 TA
Size Minor Kingdom
Fealty Western Reaches
Ruler Willowby Grimsby, Baron of Grimsby
Hex 6525

The most southern barony of the Reaches, Grimsby was established in 819 TA. Grimsby lands extend from the town of Grimsby in the northern reaches of the barony to the border with Sandal in the south. Included in this kingdom is an eighty mile gap between the Endless Forest and the Woods of the Archdruid Nar. The road that runs through this gap has been traveled countless times by armies, marauding bands of ogres and giants, disenfranchised malcontents, and monsters from the forest. As such, it is considered one of the most dangerous regions in the Western Reaches.

The land, while rich and suitable for farming, is too wild to support anything more than modest farms surrounding protective walled villages. The town of Grimsby is the only established large town in the region. Grimsby trades with the city of Harrowport to the southeast, although the people of Grimsby tend to be wary of strangers.

The Grimsby family has protected these lands since the mid-sixth century TA - surviving countless invasions and attacks. In addition to being one of the oldest human families in the Reaches, they are also one of the toughest. Survival has made the family and people of Grimsby a close-knit but wary of strangers. While proclaiming loyalty to the Southern Barons, Grimsby is considered a neutral buffer with its own established practices of law and order.

The current Baron is Willowby Grimsby.