Hidden Skerry

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Hidden Skerry
Type Dungeon
Status Explored November 907 TA
Location Hidden Skerry
Hex 7307
Campaign The Siren's Song
Adventure # 134
Map-hidden skerry.jpg

Current Situation

Ships of Roland Carver, the High Baron

  • Cruel Doubloon - now under the command of Nathaniel Livings, currently lying in Ambush at Hidden Skerry. The previous commander, Captain Rookings, has been executed. The Giants (Ironbender and Hardmantle) and catapults have been transferred to the Mayfly for a later siege on Dragonsford Castle. - STORMCROW, GREMLINS
  • Captain's Doom - Ship of Murkwell - Captain Algernon Hayhurst - STORMCROW, GREMLINS

Ships of Oliver "Three Fingers" Winters, Sea Baron of the East Winds

  • The Urchin - at Broken Teeth
  • Gray's Rage - at Broken Teeth
  • The Black Lie - at Dragonsford in ambush
  • Singing Strumpet - at Dragonsford in ambush
  • Privateer's Plague - at Haggelthorn in ambush
  • Stormrage - at Haggelthorn in ambush
  • Night's Plunder - at Hidden Skerry in ambush
  • The Rover - at Hidden Skerry in ambush
  • Vile Compass - patrol northern waters
  • Golden Barnacle - patrol northern waters
  • The Silent Slip - patrol southern waters
  • Warder of the Seas - patrol southern waters

Other Ships

  • Mayfly - Captains Bates from the Old Kingdom arrived at Hidden Skerry for the delivery of the giants - pissed they are so far behind schedule
  • Gilded Lady - gypsy ship
  • King's Crown - Ship of the Reaches
  • Lady of the Waves - Ship of the Reaches

Contract for Delivery of Goods - June 23, 907 TA

Captain Rooking and the crew of the Cruel Doubloon will pick up four magical dwarven trebuchets and its crew of two hill giant engineers at Courtshore on or before Jesterscap 907 TA. The cargo has been paid for by Overlord Theodric XIX. In addition, an advance of 10,000 gold has been paid to Oliver Winters, Sea Baron of the East Winds upon contract signature.

Captain Rooking and the crew of the Cruel Doubloon will deliver said equipment and crew no later than October 28, 907 TA to Captain Bates of the Mayfly at the rendezvous at Hidden Skerry. The contract balance - 10,000 gold - will be payable at that time.

Your signatures below, Captains Bates and Rooking, will be proof that this contract has been completed and payment has been made.

Oliver Winters, Sea Baron of the East Winds

9 November 907 TA

Sea Baron Winters,

The situation in the western waters of the Inner Sea has become unbearable. As the ice slowly closes the Frozen Sea, our quarry is trapped. My orders remain the same. First priority is to capture the Wanton Wench and return her to me. I fear our quarry has become too powerful, so all ships should move in convoys of two vessels from here on out.

As a priority, do not let Captain Bates leave on the Mayfly. Yes, I know it sounds odd, but I have my suspicion that the Overlord will make some claim to my ship. Since Bates cannot make his planned voyage to Teufeldorf with the four magical dwarven trebuchets, make him your guest at Hidden Skerry. I repeat, make sure the Mayfly remains in port. Meanwhile, the Cruel Doubloon will remain at Hidden Skerry as well. Captain Livings will represent me in discussions with the Old Kingdom. Keep them all well-fed and housed. Spare no expense.

The ambush at Hidden Skerry remains. The Captain's Doom will remain hidden at the ambush as my representative and to take control of the Wanton Wench when she is overrun. Night's Plunder and The Rover will remain in the ambush fleet.

I realize this is an extreme situation, so I am ordering you to deploy the remainder of your fleet thusly.

  • The Urchin and Gray's Rage will come to Broken Teeth to replace the ships that I am sending to Portsmith to parlay with Blackfire.
  • The Black Lie and Singing Strumpet will move to Dragonsford - nominally to take on supplies and repairs.
  • The Vile Compass and Golden Barnacle will patrol the northern waters.
  • The Silent Slip and Warder of the Seas will patrol the southern waters.
  • Stormrage and Privateer's Plague will wait outside of Haggelthorn to see if the Wanton Wench comes to port there.

All ships are to attack the Wanton Wench on sight - but not sink her. All encounters with ships from Portsmith, the Old Kingdom or the Crown are to be friendly. Drop key personnel on shore to gather information when appropriate. We must find the Wanton Wench. Quickly.

Roland Carver High Sea Baron

Hidden Skerry Environs

Hidden Skerry Environs Map

The rocky and craggy coastline of Hidden Skerry appears to be just that - several uninhabited islands made of dull, gray stone with high cliffs on every side. A number of small bays and coves making the jagged edges of the island inhospitable.

However, the north side of the large island has a single beach upon which a small town has been built along the slopes that lead up to a meadow of grass and cultivated grains. Several streams run through the town and into the Inner Sea. A large stone church stands at the top of the hill, and is the largest structure in the small town. Almost completely ringed by high stone cliffs, it would be easy to miss Hidden Skerry - thus, the town's name.

On the south side of the small island, a castle is built facing a small beach. The castle is near the water, located in an open field. Two small forests flank the field. The castle is a medium-sized two story grey stone building that appears to be in excellent repair. There are crenulations and gargoyle statues on the south battlements. There do not appear to be any outbuildings.

Hidden Skerry Town

  • Merchant Keymaster/Dockmaster - Jessica Bates, Dockmistress
  • Father Evan Black - Priest of Heh (see the Blue Baron) - has a glowing green emerald necklace about his neck. "My faith as given me a seat of the table."
  • Mia Hawkins - Owner, Serpent & Crayfish
  • Jake Knight - Knight Mercantile
  • Vincent Hurst - Captain of the Guard
Glowing emerald.jpg


  • The ghost of Soliania (an ancient elf druid/paladin) walks the castle at midnight looking for any true neutral soul to bring back her knights.
  • The Storm Crow is coming to Hidden Skerry Castle - which is why there are so many stormcrows here.
  • Oliver Winters son - Jamie Winters - has disappeared. And Abigail Bates, the youngest daughter of the Bates family is thought to be complicit. Something happened. Secretly, they were engaged - onyx ring - but now Abigail hides in her room.
  • The gibberlings from the Madman's Forest have been seen in town at night. It is not safe to wander the streets alone after dark.
  • Darkscape mushrooms will protect you from the gibberlings. Can only be found at the edges of Wisp Lake.

Secrets of Hidden Skerry

NOTE: Hidden under "fake" crenulations are a number of large ballistae on the ramparts point directly at the narrow cove and dock - the only approach by water. These are manned by guards dressed in gray, stone gargoyle suits.

NOTE: There are gremlins and stormcrows here!!!

The ghost of Soliania (an ancient elf druid/paladin) walks the castle looking for any true neutral soul to bring back her knights.

Tilden's Hunting Lodge

Tilden's Hunting Lodge

Legend of the Madman's Forest

In the late 860's TA, Hidden Skerry was under the control of a Sea Baron named Tilden Stampes. His reign was short-lived and mostly unremarkable. Having survived an orcish attack at a young age, Tilden harbored a deep-seeded resentment of orcs. Under his command, the fleet undertook a number of raids on the Orc Nation. He was fond of orcish trophies - heads, armor, weapons and banners. Most of these were too grisly for the castle - which served as the center of commerce and business. So, Tilden decorated his hunting lodge at the far end of Wisp Lake with his trophies. It is rumored that orcs were released into the forest in order to provide hunting sport for the Sea Baron.

Towards the end of his reign, Tilden spent more and more time at the hunting lodge - much to the consternation of his subjects. Some thought he had gone mad. One day, in late October 869 TA, an earthquake shook the islands of Hidden Skerry. The hunting lodge collapsed and Tilden disappeared - presumed dead. Shortly thereafter, strange hunched creatures - called the gibberlings - started appearing in the forest. Only seen at night, these creatures attacked those who entered the forest which was renamed the Madman's Forest after Tilden (previously, it was known as Thunderwood).

The forest is still used for hunting wild game during the day. But, nobody ventures into the forest at night. The hunting lodge remains ruins, and the gibberlings are blamed for any mischievous accident or missing person in town.

Real Story

The source of the madness is the Grim Tapestry. It has the likeness of a hunchbacked, grinning creature in black robes embroidered on its surface. The creature magically trapped within the tapestry is the gibbering brood mother, a twisted, deranged horror from the Void. The brood mother feeds on psychic and magical energy - raw emotions of noble men and women give it power.

Recently, Jaime Winters and Abigail Bates - in a vain attempt to get away from their controlling parents - snuck off to the old hunting lodge (always during the day). There, they were free to love each other in private. In fact, Jaime gave Abigail an onyx ring as a betrothal token. The Grim Tapestry, however, has been watching over this exchange. It has convinced Abigail that Jaime is going to betray her. It has empowered the ring to allow Abigail to turn Jaime to an onyx statue. If this happens, TRUE LOVE WILL BE BETRAYED and the Brood Mother will be released!

NOTE: The party will stumble across Abigail heading - at night - to the hunting lodge with the ring.

Room 1: Courtyard

This area is the old hunting lodge courtyard. The walls in this area are mostly crumbled and there are piles of debris here.

DC 20: Sets of human footprints lead across the courtyard and up the stairs. Hundreds of sets of small footprints can be seen randomly scattered about the area.

Room 2: Collapsed Great Hall

This was once the great hall for the hunting lodge. Several of the walls are intact, although the second story has completely collapsed. Two large holes allow access from the outside. The room appears to have been ransacked as all that is left is debris.

Room 3: Jaime Winters' Bedroom

The only surviving room in the lodge is the master's bedroom in the northern corner of the lodge. A spiral staircase in the corner is filled with rubble and the second story of the building has collapsed.

A fireplace is serviceable and lit with a roaring fire. A bed and several chairs have been pushed near the fireplace and a small table and chairs provide a basic kitchen. It is clear that the furnishings have been pulled from about the complex as they are of varying style and quality.

Sitting in a chair near the fire is a young man. He is disheveled, dirty and despondent. He is tall, lanky and has a mane of black hair. He is dressed in bed clothes. A sword and armor are piled in a heap near the fireplace. From his description, this is Jaime Winters.

NOTE: He will eventually be turned to onyx in this room.


The Journey of Abigail Bates

Crossing the clearing is a woman dressed in a white cotton nightgown. She is tall with brown hair which is tangled and uncombed. She is barefoot but does not seem to notice the rocky ground. She is wearing an onyx ring and is walking with single-minded determination towards the forest.

NOTE: The onyx ring is not cursed, Abigail is cursed by her proximity to the Grim Tapestry.

Onyx ring.jpg

Gibbering Abomination

Hidden Skerry Castle - Level 1

Hidden Skerry Castle - Level 1

The grey walls of Hidden Skerry Castle loom above you - menacing and cold. The walls are of modern construction and are in excellent repair. The trees have been cut back from the castle leaving an exposed approach from all sides except the north where the castle backs near the cliff at ringing the edge of the island. A number of crenelations along the south wall face the harbor. Gargoyle statues can be seen along the walls. A number of large stormcrows sit along the wall as well.

NOTE: Hidden under "fake" crenelations are a number of large ballistae on the ramparts point directly at the narrow cove and dock - the only approach by water. These are manned by guards dressed in gray, stone gargoyle suits.

NOTE: There are gremlins and stormcrows here!!!

Room 1: Main Gate

A path leads from the dock to the main gate into the castle. Two semi-circular towers have a arrow slits to protect the approach.

The main entrance and the Rooms 1a and 1b always have three guards each in them. Each room has a bell in it which will be rung to signal the castle that invaders have been spotted. Otherwise, the rooms are empty.

Room 2: Old Hall

The grandeur of the Old Hall can be seen in the quality of the stone and woodwork in the room. The ceiling is almost 25 in height and arched supports near the ceiling give the room an almost cathedral-like feel. Two large, stone fireplaces provide warmth. A stone ledge about 12 feet up runs the perimeter of the room. A wooden railing along the ledge is worked in a sea serpent motif. Large heraldic banners of the Sea Lords hang from the wall and a number of fine paintings are hung as well. The room is dominated by a large oak banquet table which runs the length of the room. The settings at the place are simple pewter - more utilitarian than formal. It is clear this room is currently in use.

A number guards will be here at any time.

Rooms 3, 4, 5: Guard Rooms

This room appears to have been a storeroom that has been recently converted to sleeping quarters. The stone floors are neatly swept with three tier bunk beds and small footlockers. There is no other furniture in the room.

Room 3 - 3 guards + captain
Room 4 - 9 guards
Room 5 - 9 guards

Room 6: Bakehouse

The smell of warm, fresh bread comes wafting out of this room. The air is very warm here. Against the west wall are three large bread ovens. Several tables are here as well, covered with baking utensils. Sacks of flour, barrels of grain and other standard pantry fare can be found here.

One oven is roasting a wild pig.

Room 7: Kitchen

This room is the cold kitchen. A number of tables are filled with bowls, knives, pans and other items needed to prepare food for a large household. A stuffed pig is on the main table, and the vegetables appear fresh and delicious.

Room 8: Storeroom

This room is packed to overloaded with boxes and barrels. These are labeled flour, sugar, etc. Several small casks contain winterweed from Tegel. While crowded, the storeroom appears to be well organized.

Room 9: Wine Cellar

The outer room is a traditional wine cellar. A rack on the east wall contains no less than 30 barrels of wine, ale and stout. Several small casks of whisky are pushed along the north wall. Two small locked chests are on a round table with a sign that says, "Stormcrow - Don't Touch".

A back room is filled with crates and barrels. It looks as if this might have been a tasting room when the castle was under less crowded conditions. The crates here are labeled showing their contents to be common foodstuffs and libations.

The small chests contains seven very old vintage elderberry wine bottles from the Western Reaches. Sells for 250 gp per bottle on the Inner Sea market.

Room 10: Makeshift Nobles Quarters - Tillamun of the Old Kingdom

This room has clearly been transformed recently. What was once a storeroom or guardroom is now filled with fine furnishings - a large feather bed, overstuffed chairs, tables, nightstands and writing desks. A large ornamental Tang rug covers the old stone floors of the room. Even a potted plant sits in the arrow slit alcove.

A fire pot in the northeast corner is burning - making the room warm. It is clear that this room is occupied - the bed is rumpled a grey cloak hangs on a peg by the bed. A staff leans up against the corner of the room. A magical scroll case is on the round table.

This is the room of Emmissary Tillamun of the Old Kingdom. He came on the Mayfly to conclude a deal with Oliver Winters.

Room 11: Makeshift Nobles Quarters - Stormcrow

This room has clearly been transformed recently. What was once a storeroom or guardroom is now filled with fine furnishings - a large feather bed, overstuffed chairs, tables, nightstands and writing desks. A large ornamental Tang rug covers the old stone floors of the room. Even a potted plant sits in the arrow slit alcove.

This room is currently unoccupied. A bottle of Elderberry Wine from the Western Reaches in on the table here. A note of the bottle says, "Welcome."

Room 12: Brewhouse

This is the castle brewhouse. The smell of malting barley and fermenting beer is very strong. Two tables hold barrel and two sets of stills. Crates are filled with barley, hops and other common brewing ingredients.

Room 13: Dwarven Forge

This room is the castle's forge. A furnace, workbenches, tools and the like are here. The oddity of the room is the fact that a large set of iron bars have been run across the room with an imposing iron gate. A bunk bed against the grate is the home of three very dirty dwarves. A guard sits in the alcove behind the stone door - keeping watch on the dwarves.

This room is the domain of three dwarven prisoners who have been put into slavery to repair the weapons and other devices of Oliver Winters and his men. They are confined to the forge behind bars because of their refusal to pledge to the Sea Baron. The dwarves have a secret tunnel bored to escape, but they lack a means of transportation off the island.

Throdrek Grumblefoot
Skydock Steelstone
Thurgog Bloodsword

All from Clan Hammerfist in the Shadowyarn Mountains. They were in Hidden Skerry to trade steel weapons to the pirates, when they were drugged, locked up in the forge. The ship they arrived on was a merchant ship, The Merrymaker. The captain - Marcus Moran - seems to have sold them. They are anxious to get out and find Captain Moran and teach him a lesson. They are reasonably well fed and cared for, but they are prisoners.

  • They have burrowed an escape tunnel behind the bunk beds - when the guard goes to relieve himself or get wine or water.
  • They have also bored a shaft to the room above - which they think might be Oliver's bedroom. They plan to fill it with poisonous gas when the time is right. Never cross a dwarf.

Hidden Skerry Castle - Level 2

Hidden Skerry Castle - Level 2

Room 14: Guard Room

This room always has six guards (or more) posted. Secret doors (S2) and (S3) lead to the upper hallways of the castle.

Room 15: Walkway

This narrow stone walkway has a wooden railing that provides cover for archers on the ledge. Otherwise, it is open to the Old Hall (Room 2). There are six arrow slits in the walls that can be manned if needed.

Room 16: Servant's Quarters

A number of temporary beds have been set up in this long hallway. Each bed is neatly made with a small pile of clothes and a few items on each. A quick glance shows that these are beds for the servants (usually housed on the main floor).

Room 17: Paladin of the Balance

This room has been sealed over with stone.

The stone in this room is much, much older than the rest of the castle - an ancient tower around which the existing structure has been built.

A single stone sarchophagus is in the center of this room. The effigy on top is that of an armored knight (much like the statues in Rooms 20 and 21). A phrase has been carved into the stone: U RUE TEN FERAL CAT


Discoloration in the stone shows that originally eight statue-sized objects stood in a circle around the crypt.

NOTE: These are the statues in Rooms 20 and 21. Each of the statues are slightly different, although they all are of armored men. On the base of each is a two letter designation: NE, NG, LE, CG, CE, LN, CN, LG.

When arranged around the tomb, the tomb will open and the ghost of the Paladin of the Balance - Soliania (an ancient elf druid/paladin) - will appear.

If the tomb opens, Soliania will animate her eight "knights" to fight for the party. Once they are destroyed, they will reappear in her tomb. They are actually Feyward Trees. Each is aligned to an alignment and will only fight those who are not touching on the alignment chart.

Alignment chart.jpg

Feyward Trees

Room 18: Common Room

This room is a servant's common room. The head butler (Liam Stanton) is usually sitting, sometimes snoozing, in the chair in the southwest corner. A table and chairs and a number of casks (doubling as tables) are also pushed into this room. A tapestry hangs on the west wall.

DC 25: The stone on the tower wall is much newer that the rest of the wall. This hides S4.

Room 19: Lord's Chambers

This room is richly appointed in dark, red oak. A fireplace is constantly blazing here, making the room warm and cheery. Four leather chairs are pulled up about the fireplace. A table in the corner has a box of the finest winterweed a decanter of whisky.

Room 20: Formal Dining Hall

This room is filled with finely crafted furniture - which sets off the white oak walls. A large banquet table is laden with silver and crystal. A fireplace in the north merrily crackles and warms the room and two benches that flank it. Several other tables and a nice rug make this an inviting place to dine. Along the south wall, three statues of armored knights - carved from stone stand at attention.

DC 25: The three statues have the initials of their creator (?) carved into them: LE, CG, and LN.

Room 21: Gallery


This gallery has a table with several chairs set at the southern end, in front of a large tapestry depicted men and women falling from a tall tower during a lightning storm. Three statues are here. Two are of armored knights carved from stone. The far north is black onyx statue of a demon with golden weapons and ruby eyes.

All three statues radiate a faint aura of enchantment.



This gallery is sectioned off with three more knight statues. The tapestry in the south is that of an angel flying over a battle smiting evil-doers with a long lance of white and gold light.



This gallery is very small, mostly hiding a stone door in the southeast. A large white marble statue of an angel carrying a lance that has been plated with gold is against the southern wall.

The statue radiates a faint aura of enchantment.

Room 22: Oliver Winter's Bedroom

This room is very comfortably decorated. A large fireplace sits at the foot of a luxurious mahogany feather bed. The bed has fine woolen blankets. Several chairs and a writing desk complete the scene.

NOTE: Under the bed is a hole leading to the Dwarven Forge.

Sails of Speed (trapped with puzzle), 2000 gp, eye-stealing locket (usually on him).

A large crate is made of a steel-like mesh. The mesh is warm to the touch. The crate weighs about 400 pounds. Inside is a large pile of folded cloth. On top of the crate is a grid with glowing numbers.

Hidden skerry puzzle 01.jpg


Tillamun of the Old Kingdom
Old Kingdom Guards
Home Guards
Soliania (Unfettered Phantom)