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Founded early TA
Size Major Kingdom
Ruler Fasch the White

The frigid finger of land known as Korgsland is possibly the coldest land in all of the Realm. A cold wind constantly blows from the north. Known as Korgsbreath, the temperature rarely exceeds ten degrees. A thin line of mountains runs along the southern edge of the peninsula. Breaking the constant wind, a small forest of pines stretches from Icevale to the Eastern Drift. There are several villages in Korgsland. Due to harsh conditions, Korgslanders are very hardy. The primary exports from Korgsland are diamonds, furs, and fish.

The Frozen Sea, to the north of Korgsland , is typically broken ice that is not navigable by either land or sea. Every twenty years, the weather cycles allow for the entire sea to freeze. During these times, Korgsland is besieged by very long-limbed creatures known as Snow-Walkers which come over the polar cap. Typically these attacks are countered by the Korgslanders setting pit traps and preparing a burning pitch which is dumped onto the creatures from above. Korgslanders are also known to used trained bears to protect themselves from enemies.

Korgsland Map

When the diamond trade between Teufeldorf and Korgsland was abruptly interrupted, an expedition was dispatched from King Gregory the Even-Handed in 830 TA to resolve the matter. By 831 TA, the matter was resolved, and diamond trade resumed. Currently, Fasch the White maintains the exclusive trading pact with Teufeldorf in exchange for protection from the Old Kingdom warships.

Nearby Places of Interest

Gull Cliffs

The headlands which rise steeply along the coast of the Orc Nation are known as the Gull Cliffs because so many sea birds nest among these hills and sea cliffs.

Lost Pine Forest Vale

This evergreen forest is within the realm of the Korgsland. Its most interesting feature is the particular fir tree whose wood turns a deep lustrous black when harvested in the dead of winter and rubbed with hot oils. The barbarians prize this material greatly, and they will not export it.

Land of Black Ice

Those who have ventured far into the northlands beyond Korgsland tell of a strange phenomenon. Instead of the normal stark white snow and translucent blue-white ice, there is an endless landscape of deep blue-black ice, topped only here and there by normal snowfall. Strange arctic monsters prowl these fields of ebony ice, and the few humans who dwell near the place fear to enter it for fear of the beasts and supposedly what lies beyond. Stranger still, they are said to tell of a warmer land beyond the ice where the sun never sets and jungles abound. Regardless of such prevarications, the area is mysterious indeed.

Shrouded Straits

Warm currents from the south meet the frigid waters from the Frozen Sea cloaking this mysterious stretch of sea in great fog layers. In the winter, huge chunks of ice move about on its waters as if they were ghost ships.