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The Family Pact

Matcon 36
July 19-23, 2017

Sharpen your swords and dust off the spellbooks - it's Matcon time again! In our annual summer tradition, the heroes of the Realm will be cast into dire situations with impossible odds and certain death. The Wolfshaunt Campaign enters it climatic conclusion - will the alliance with the werewolves tip the battle? Will Grandfather Josiah prove too elusive for capture? What other horrors await the party in the depths of the shadowy Wolfshaunt Mountains? See you all soon!

Schedule of Events
Travel, Room and Board

Dungeons & Dragons: The Family Pact

U-Gene scowled.

It has been five long years since the Wolfshaunt was awakened by breaking the Wolfshaunt Seal in the bowels of the Forbidden Library. Who would have thought that freeing a single werewolf could lead to a full-scale war? At least most of the tokens of passage have been secured. While that may stop the armies from coming over the mountains for awhile, how many other ways are there for Grandfather Josiah and Grandfather Bela to escape with their cursed families? They are powerful, determined and immortal - a dangerous combination. The Wolfshaunt must be sealed.

U-Gene scowled again.

The Second War of the Reaches should have ended last year. The Orcs, Sandal, and the Tang pose no threat. Securing the Wolfshaunt would eliminate that threat to the Eastern Reaches. Dammit. Why did the Old Kingdom get involved in the war? For a million gold piece bribe? Maybe. But there must be another reason. Last year's conflicts were a disaster - with the City-State of Teufeldorf under the control of the Overlord's troops. Now, the demand has come in for the return of Teufeldorf to the Crown - five million gold. A true king's ransom. It will deplete the treasury, but the price might be worth it. Or, U-Gene mused, we could mobilize the Fleet of the Reaches. Invade Rembia. Hit the Overlord hard enough that he will think twice before attacking the Reaches.

U-Gene looked up.

Standing before him, Fuzzwort shifts from foot to foot, his nose buried in a large, iron-bound tome. "Have you ever heard of the Overlord's Undercroft beneath the Celestial City of Rembia? Some say it doesn't exist. If it does, it's one of the most guarded buildings in the Realm - its secrets protected by the Collegium Magicium. Legend holds that the source of Overlord's power over the nobility and military - Alfric's Scepter - is guarded in that vault. Certainty of death, small chance of success, what do you think?"

Matcon 36 Puzzle
Adventurer's Logbook

Other Diversions

While D&D has always been the focus of Matcon, a number of diversions have been created over the years. These have been thoughtfully blended into the campaign: Witenagemot and Warmaster providing a large-scale focus on the campaigns of kingdoms and generals; MTG Menagerie providing special one-time spells for characters; and even dwarf poker providing a way for dwarves to lose their warchests to the forces of evil. Matcon will continue to evolve over time providing new challenges from the twisted mind of CM the DM.

Dwarf Poker
Realm Risk
MTG Menagerie

Tales of Matcons Past

Invite to the first Matcon - May 16, 1980

Matcon has been taking place since 1980. From our annual gathering many, many tales of adventures and misadventures have followed. The richness of the campaign is not just in the complexity and depth of the story, but in the interaction between characters and players. Some of those memories are presented below.

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