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Plundering the Overlord's Palace

Matcon 39
Summer 2020

The Overlord is in trouble!

The Palace is overrun by thieves stealing the treasures of the Old Kingdom. The Masquerade, once the culmination of the social calendar, has been marred by unexplained events. What twisting plots are afoot? Worse, the Kingdom generals report defeats in both the north and south as plans to entrap the Reaches forces fails miserably. The coffers are running dangerously low. And now the Elven Ambassador is preaching the coming of a new menace from the seas.

It is time for swift and sure action: a final solution to the problem of the Three Kings. Sharpen your swords and dust off your spellbooks - it's Matcon time again.

Schedule of Events
Travel, Room and Board

Dungeons & Dragons: Plundering the Overlord's Palace

The Overlord's Masquerade is still in full swing. Elegant and elaborate costumed dancers - the lords and ladies of the ball - float about the Throne Room. Some are blissfully unaware of what is happening in the Palace. Others cast suspicious glances at the powerful figures gathered in the magnificent room.

At the far end, Queen Jocelyne conducts an auction of royal treasures while her husband, the Overlord Theodrick XIX, huddles with advisers and palace guards in an attempt to determine what games and treachery are in play. The coffers must be refilled, and these treasures will bring a notable boost to the war effort. More troubling is the strange events unfolding in the Palace - guards slain, a portal to unknown chambers opened, a trusted adviser implicated in a bizarre theft of a chess piece. The night is now chaos.

From the shadows, the wizened woman watches. Maria's gypsy séance helped the Reaches strangers recover Alfric's Dagger, an artifact long used to ostracize her people. Soon, it's true nature will be revealed - vindication after almost 3000 years. Maria smiles. Even with her part played, she knows more adventures will unfold before the night is over.

Matcon 39 Puzzle
Adventurer's Logbook

Other Diversions

While D&D has always been the focus of Matcon, a number of diversions have been created over the years. These have been thoughtfully blended into the campaign: Witenagemot and Warmaster providing a large-scale focus on the campaigns of kingdoms and generals; Ranger Magic providing special one-time spells for characters; and even Dwarf Poker providing a way for dwarves to lose their warchests to the forces of evil. Matcon will continue to evolve over time providing new challenges from the twisted mind of CM the DM.

Dwarf Poker
Ranger Magic

Tales of Matcons Past

Invite to the first Matcon - May 16, 1980

Matcon has been taking place since 1980. From our annual gathering many, many tales of adventures and misadventures have followed. The richness of the campaign is not just in the complexity and depth of the story, but in the interaction between characters and players. Some of those memories are presented below.

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The Ballad of Hylax (Our Journey to Mt. Todd) (1983)
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An Introduction to the New Party (1982)
The Misadventures of CM the DM (Part 3) (1981)
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