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The Overlord's Masquerade

Matcon 38
Summer 2019

The Invasion of the Old Kingdom has begun!

As the armies of the Reaches press deep into the Overlord's lands, the heroes directly assault the most guarded building in the Realm - the Palace of Theodric XIX. After easy victories during the surprise attacks of 918 TA, defenses against the invaders have been bolstered. Reserves have been called up, and the Overlord has ordered his mages to delve deep into the Palace's seemingly endless trove of artifacts to find a means to stop the Three Kings.

The gauntlet has been thrown down. Sharpen your swords and dust off your spellbooks - it's Matcon time again!

Schedule of Events
Travel, Room and Board

Dungeons & Dragons: The Overlord's Masquerade

Less than a heartbeat has passed in the frozen time of the First Age, but as Hylax looks around the Hall of the Fallen Host something is wrong.

It is night not day. The floors are dustier. A large sign near the door of the hall reads January 1, 919 TA. Could a year have passed while the party refought the Battle of Ars Magica? It's possible - time travel is always unpredictable.

Suddenly, the sound of distant music sweeps down the hallway. Looking carefully at the sign, Hylax reads it for the first time. It directs patrons to the Overlord's Masquerade in the Throne Room - the biggest celebration of the year for the Old Kingdom. Dignitaries from every kingdom in the Reaches will be there. Traditionally, the party lasts until dawn when the Overlord's magicians provide some grand pyrotechnical display signaling the end of the revelry. It is both a challenge and an opportunity. Two stones of Alfric's Amulet are still missing, but the Throne Room beyond is filled with the most powerful figures in the Reaches.

Footstep approach - the slow slapping of sandals on the polished marble floors. An old man dressed in dirty brown robes and a long white beard is moving towards the Hall of the Fallen Host. The sounds of merriment fade, an adventure awaits.

Matcon 38 Puzzle
Adventurer's Logbook

Other Diversions

While D&D has always been the focus of Matcon, a number of diversions have been created over the years. These have been thoughtfully blended into the campaign: Witenagemot and Warmaster providing a large-scale focus on the campaigns of kingdoms and generals; MTG Menagerie providing special one-time spells for characters; and even dwarf poker providing a way for dwarves to lose their warchests to the forces of evil. Matcon will continue to evolve over time providing new challenges from the twisted mind of CM the DM.

Dwarf Poker
MTG Menagerie

Tales of Matcons Past

Invite to the first Matcon - May 16, 1980

Matcon has been taking place since 1980. From our annual gathering many, many tales of adventures and misadventures have followed. The richness of the campaign is not just in the complexity and depth of the story, but in the interaction between characters and players. Some of those memories are presented below.

Past Matcon Winners (1980-present)
Matcon 36 Photos (2017)
Matcon 29 Photos (2010)
Matcon 28 Picturebook (2009)
Starter Dungeon (2009)
Realm Risk (2007-2010)
Matcon 25 Photos (2006)
Ode To A Celestial Pegasus Lost (2006)
Celestial Pegasus (2005)
Warmaster (2000-2005)
Matcon 24 Photos (2005)
Matcon 24 Fun (2005)
Matcon 23 Photos (2004)
Matcon 22 Photos (2003)
Matcon 22 Fun (2003)
Grim's Last Stand MTG Variant (2003)
Matcon 21 Photos (2002)
Matcon 20 Photos (2001)
Matcon 20 Cover (2001)
Acorn of Channeling (2000)
Matcon 19 Fun (2000)
Matcon 17 Fun (1998)
Clubs of DM Control (date unknown)
Matcon 15 Fun (1996)
The Pool (1995)
Four Brothers Invite (1994)
Matcon 13 Invite (1994)
Champion's Chalice (1993)
Falstaff's Fabulous Fantasy System (1993)
Matcon 12 Photos (1993)
Matcon 12 Invite (1993)
Christmas 1992 Invite (1992)
Matcon 11 Victor (1992)
Matcon 11 Invite (1992)
Is U-Gene More Massive Than Ernie? (1991)
Matcon 10 Invite (1991)
Adventurer's Ale (1991)
The World's End Pub (date unknown)
The Willows (1991)
Matcon 9 Victor (1990)
Matcon 9 Invite (1990)
Why You Don't Do A Draft Via Mail (1990)
A Yuletide Tale (1989)
Why You Always Break the Code (1989)
An Audacious Wager (1989)
Matcon 8 Victor (1989)
Matcon 8 Invite (1989)
Falstaff Has A Bad Dream (1988)
Matcon 7 Wrapup (1988)
Matcon 7 Invite (1988)
Famous Quotes (1988)
Matcon 6 Victor (1987)
Matcon 6 Invite (1987)
Rock-Dwelling Predators (1987)
Champion's Quest 1 Results (1986)
Matcon 5 Invite (1986)
Hylax Sheds Many Tears (1986)
Falstaff Is Dead (1986)
Introduction to Fuzzwort the Cleric (1986)
Journey to Lost Pine Woods (1986)
Sound Mind, Body, and Buttplate (1985)
Champion's Quest 1 Invite (1985)
The Mighty Kansy (1985)
The Matcon 4 Storyboard (1985)
Matcon 4 Invite (1985)
Hylax Binds the Demons - Second Anniversary (1985)
Absorption Calculation (date unknown)
Vince's Vabulous Vindentification System (date unknown)
A System of Magical Research (1985)
The Draft (1984-present)
The Night Before Matcon (1984)
Matcon 3 Fun (1984)
Matcon 3 Invite (1984)
Hylax the Storyteller (date unknown)
The Ballad of Hylax (Our Journey to Mt. Todd) (1983)
Zephaniah's Tour Guide to Hell (1983)
An Introduction to the New Party (1982)
The Misadventures of CM the DM (Part 3) (1981)
Parties of the Third Age (1981)
Matcon 1 Results (1980)
Matcon 1 Invite (1980)
How It All Got Started (1980)
The Life of Brian (1979)
Who Came First, Arthur Bucheroni or Sir Brian du Bois (1979)