Matcon 24 Fun

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From Tim. How about a collection of Druid limericks?

There once was a Druid named Falstaff,
Whose spellbook made even the dead laugh,
He'd whimper and cry,
I don't even have Fly,
Oh, I guess we had better play Warcraft.

From Neil. Druid limericks vs. Gnomish limericks?

The once was a beastie named 'Rax,
Who delivered but quite puny wacks,
His wand was a swizzle,
His spells all a fizzle,
And his HPs are hardly the max!

From Tim.

Fal-Con was a mysterious young dude,
Whose memory chips were quite crude,
When asked where he's from,
He hawed and he hummed,
While his mustache and toupee unglued.

From Neil. Sorry, but the image of the swizzle stick wand just stays with you. I'm afraid that poor little 'Rax will never look the same.