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A Brief Postlog to MatCon 6

There was so much to do at MatCon 6 that (as usual) we didn't finish all of the dungeons. Intrigued by the rumor of treasure immeasurable at the Troll's Bridge, the party decided that they would investigate the Tomb of the Ten Sons for possible help with the trolls. But, those adventures would have to wait. For now, it was time to tally the victory points and crown our sixth champion.

The Final Standings For MatCon 6: Sojourn to the Orc Nation

There were fourteen possible victory points available to the adventurers in MatCon 6 (for such things as figuring out how to get into and out of the paintings in the Lighthouse of Books, figuring out how the demon's covenant worked, finding and figuring out the chess game at the Pass of Lar, etc.). Only eight of the possible victory points were awarded. Here is the final rankings among the players (with victory points and percentage of total experience points in parenthesis).

  1. Hylax the Barker (4 victory points and 15% of the total exps)
  2. Falstaff the Druid (2 victory points and 14% of the total exps)
  3. Sirfexx Ivancevio (1 victory point and 22% of the total exps)
  4. U-Gene the Dwarf (1 victory point and 20% of the total exps)
  5. Fuzzwort the Cleric (0 victory points and 8% of the total exps)
  6. Vince the Invincible (0 victory points and 8% of the total exps)
  7. Ernest Goodfellow (0 victory points and 8% of the total exps)
  8. Ohm the Barbarian (0 victory points and 5% of the total exps)