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Core Races

By far, the most common race in the Realm are humans. They can be found in almost every land and profession - from farmers of the vast plains to merchants on the Great Sea to woodsmen of the forests. Unlike many races, humans of all alignments and classes are common. Humans are some of the most powerful figures in the history of the Reaches.

The elder races in the Reaches include the elves - caretakers of the forests of the Realm - and the dwarves - great miners and craftsmen of the mountains. Both elves and dwarves are common in the Reaches and can be found throughout the land.

Other common races include the "wee" folk - gnomes and hobbits being the most common. Gnomes tend towards magic and mechanical expertise preferring solitude in the marshes and swamps of the Reaches. Hobbits are farmers and hunters in the forest meadows and out-of-the-way pastures in the land.

Uncommon Races

In the northern Reaches, orcs are the most common race. Similar to humans in many ways, orcs tend towards chaos and evil. They are known for their ferocity in battle. Some orcs leave their clan to live among the human settlements of the Reaches. Like their larger brethren, goblins are the tinkerers and spellcasters of the orcish clans and can also be found in human civilization on occasion.

Dark elves are visually indistinguishable from their high elf cousins, although their nature and demeanor are certainly more sinister. Few dark elves are found outside their island home of Dor Daedeloth. Likewise, the Calinshold dwarves - called lost dwarves can walk freely among their brethren - although their motives are certainly dark and undoubtedly evil.

Since the First Age, merchant ships have plied their trade across the Great Sea. The nimble ratfolk of the Tang Empire are the most powerful and accomplished sailors ever to set sail. While uncommon, a few ratfolk can be found in other occupations throughout the coastal towns and cities of the Reaches.

Rare Races

Very rare in the Reaches are the lizardmen from the great deserts of SSruthu. Distrusted by most, these creatures tends towards the shadows and hidden alleyways of the southern cities of Sandal.

The Realm thrives on the variety of creatures and civilizations found throughout its lands. Some of these races are bound by geographical limits while others are simply rare or reclusive. These races include the great eagles, merfolk, the mystical fey of the deep forests, the undead of the Tomb Kingdom, and the werefolk and vampires of the Wolfshaunt.