Sura-An-Nami the Djinn

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Sura-An-Nami the Djinn


Sura-An-Nami is described as a demon-shaped creature with horns and a muscular body. Formed from magma, his long face is accented by a pointy beard of dripping magma. According to legend, the ground rumbles as the creature speaks, its voice low and rumbling.

On The Djinn's Labyrinth

Sura-An-Nami is a djinn who created the Djinn's Labyrinth, a legendary artifact of wondrous power. The Djinn's Labryinth is activated by placing a small gold ball - made from coins freely given by the victim - into the wooden device. As long as the ball remains in the Labyrinth, the victim or victims are trapped inside its illusory confines. After six years, the victims are released - although they can be re-trapped if a new gold ball is fashioned in the fires of Sura-An-Nami's molten lair.

It is rumored that Sura-An-Nami's lair is in a cave deep under the great volcano Ssruthu in the Forbidden Lands.

In 901 TA, the three kings and their companions were trapped inside the Labyrinth by Nihilo - a mage who spent a lifetime collecting gold pieces from the most powerful denizens of the Realm. This action is rumored to have been done in league with Valdemar, deposed Baron of Sandal. Upon their release, which is rumored to have been accelerated by No Cha, Nihilo was killed and the Djinn's Labyrinth and Nihilo's gold and account book were taken by the Crown.

Nihilo's account book contained a list of all the beings that Nihilo had collected gold from, their location, the date the gold was given, and most importantly the code number to match the names with the 4152 gold balls he had collected. In 907 TA, the code book was destroyed when Ernest Goodfellow was submerged in acid during a foray into the Overlord's Undercroft.

How It Works

  1. In order to command Sura-An-Nami to fashion a gold ball for use in the Labyrinth, the seeker must either sacrifice a companion or stand on a stone above the magma and solve a riddle. An incorrect answer plunges the seeker into the magma.
  2. If successful, the seeker is allowed to use the djinn's furnace to fashion a gold ball.
  3. The gold ball must be made from items freely given by each victim.
  4. Putting the ball in will cause the labyrinth to begin. Taking it out will cause the labyrinth to end.
  5. The alternate reality created can be anything the caster imagines.
  6. It can last up to six years – during which the victims are completely trapped.
  7. There must always be an exit back to the real world.
  8. Escaping causes the ball to roll out of the labyrinth.
  9. At the end of six years, the party is released (near the cube’s location) regardless of whether they wish to leave the labyrinth.
  10. A new ball will be needed to recast the spell. Victims can be trapped again.