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No Cha, Grandmaster of Thieves

No Cha, Grandmaster of Thieves

No Cha is a middle-aged man, impossibly thin and rakish. He is human of average height with strangely forgettable features. He tends to cock his head when being spoken to. He appears to have no weapons, armor or magic. Rumors hold that he disappears in the blink of an eye. He is known to be misanthropic, avoiding all contact with others. His true name is unknown. No Cha is a Tang alias he adopted living behind the Thousand Year Gate.

Since his release from the Tenth Shrine in 899 TA, No Cha has worked as an agent for Hylax the Barker, on missions for the Crown.

  • In March 900 TA, No Cha brought news of the Runebound Warriors to Hylax along with a mysterious copper rod with an encoded message.
  • In March 901 TA, No Cha provided a clue to the exit from the Djinn's Labyrinth and the Pipe Weed of Following - needed by the Crown to track their enemies.
  • In March 902 TA. No Cha provided news of the capture of the wind sprite Misha and the appearance of slaver's teleports in the southern Reaches.

No Cha sometimes communicates through a trusted messenger, Bindin, an old man dressed in dirty brown robes, dilapidated sandals with a long white beard and crooked teeth.

History of No Cha

Little background is known about No Cha. By his own accounts, he is a Grandmaster Thief who, in the late Second Age, stole his way through the Thousand Year Gate during its opening – simply to prove the impossible could be done. There, he was trapped by the gate's closing until rescued by Hylax the Barker when the gate reopened in 899 TA. While behind the gate, No Cha made his home on the moors and lowland marshes of the finger of land called the Heron’s Marsh. Although he despises magic, he allowed himself to be rescued by the wizard in exchange for undertaking missions for the Reaches against the Tang Empire.