Western Reaches

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The Western Reaches
Shield-western reaches.jpg
Founded c. 1200 FA
Size Major Kingdom
Ruler Vincent Fleetwood, The Invincible, King of the Western Reaches

Founded in the early 13th century of the First Age, the capital of the Western Reaches has always been Teufeldorf, although in its earliest days the city was called the City-State of the Invincible Overlord. Located on a small island near the headwaters of the River White, the city is easily defended. To the south stretch some of the most fertile farmlands in the Realm. Thousands of miles of gently rolling hills and lightly forested plains have provided the Western Reaches with a great deal of wealth and prosperity. The current boundaries of this kingdom is the River White in the north, the Shadowyarn Mountains in the east, and Sandal to the south.

The past century has seen a number of conflicts in the Western Reach and Teufeldorf in particular. The city withstood attacks during the Second Demon War from 821 -828 TA (see Second Demon War). However, it fell in 832 TA with the abdication of the Paladin King Gregory to the dark powers of the Shadowland Empire (see Fall of Teufeldorf). It was conquered again in 833 TA by the undead forces of the lich Grim (see the Return of the Elder Gods). For the next fifty years, the city suffered under the cruel rule of Grim who turned the thriving port city into a walking graveyard. Finally, the city was reclaimed during the Hastur Rebellions of 883-885 TA (see the Hastur Rebellions). Currently, there is no ruler in Teufeldorf, although the Army of the Reaches under the command of Dugald Axeworthy has control of the city.

Northern Baronies

Places of Interest
Minor Kingdoms Free Lands Geography
City-State of Teufeldorf The Eyrie Blutwald
Barony of Huntingdon Bryn Mawr
Barony of Wendover Grimore Jungle
Barony of Weremouth Halewood
Iron Hills
Lake of the Dragon Turtle
Lost River
Plains of Azgarde
Plains of the Mantis
Sirendell River

Middle Baronies

Map-middle reaches.jpg
Places of Interest
Minor Kingdoms Free Lands & Places of Interest Geography
Barony of Guildford Bandit Kingdoms Bishophill
Barony of Middlewich Black Owl Garrison Direhaunt Swamp
Barony of Rockingham Rivershaw Castle Gold Hills
March of Wirkswirth Shield Lands Ironwood
Misty Woods
Mount Todd

Southern Baronies

Map-southern reaches.jpg
Places of Interest
Minor Kingdoms Free Lands Geography
Grimsby Everdoom
Barony of Overton Freeport
Barony of Southwark Land of Izuz
Barony of Tenbury
Barony of Wickham

Coastal Lands

Map-coastal reaches.jpg