London Times - Shootout at Bayhaven Over Infected Bird

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Golders Green Asylum for Psychiatric Study
28 June 1892 - Bayhaven, Southampton

According to a Scotland Yard report filed on 28 June 1892 by Dr. Clive James, a small band of six thieves led by Joshiah Brand become interested in a particularly rare bird that Wilma Wiggins of Bayhaven had in her collection.

It is Dr. James' professional opinion that the bird carried a rare avaian disease which caused mental instability in several of locals - resulting in a number of strange, ritualistic murders and general mayhem. Several of the "infected" were treated at Golders Green Asylum for Psychiatric Study under the care of Head Doctor Sigmund Pickering and Head Nurse Valerie Flowers. This is where Dr. James became involved in the case. The link to the thieves was established during a chase at the Asylum where one of the members - identified only as Dug - was captured.

Dr. James became aware of the ruffians and followed them to Bayhaven where on the night of 28 June 1892 a showdown at 1308 Masters Street resulted in a gunfight. Mr. Brand and six unidentified companions were killed. One of the men had a calling card with the name "Mr. Finch" written on it. It is unclear whether the deceased was Mr. Finch or not. Dr. James and three companions - not interviewed by the Yard but identified as Sarah, Sebastiani, and Wyatt - were unharmed.

The rare bird was destroyed in an accidental fire that occurred at the Wiggins home. Scotland Yard has closed the case.