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About This Site

With the earliest documents dating from 1977 (mundane reckoning), The Realm is a wonderful place that has grown and multiplied over the years. During this time, many small documents, legends, and histories have been written concerning various aspects of the campaign. Most of these disjoint treatises dealt with a particular legend, dungeon, or notable character. Like now.

In 1988, Let The Adventure Begin... was published to chronicle the adventures of our heroes. This hefty tome included all of the known legends to date. However, its purpose was to present a chronological storyline of adventures undertaken. A hearty adventurer might attempt to piece together the history of the Realm from this work, but the effort would be huge and the results would have many gaps. The Games section of this site includes that material and continues the efforts begun in Let The Adventure Begin..., and you should consult its content to gain insight about the adventures already taken.

To appreciate the Realm in the fullest sense, however, one must have the complete story. And to that end, I have pulled all of the historical information from Let The Adventure Begin..., mixed it with the legends published in the interim, and most importantly filled in the gaps where no published information existed before. The result is the Gazetteer section of this site - a compendium of the history, geography, and legends of the Realm. My hope is that this work will provide the color, interest, and clues needed to make the present campaign enjoyable and profitable. Use the Gazetteer to research background information that a clever character would have gathered over the years.

The complete milieu is now yours. As always, one must be warned that the material contained herein is subject to the artistic liberties and fabrications that naturally go hand-in-hand with lore and storytelling. Read on, enjoy, and take heed.

As a point of interest, this website contains 604 web pages - equating to 11,495 printed pages of text, maps, and images. By my estimate, this is about 60% of the material I have created since 1977 - the balance being minutiae not presented here (i.e., NPC and monster descriptions and stat blocks, treasure descriptions, and the like).