Army of the Reaches (Upper Narrows)

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 Dwarven WarriorsInf34403110
 Dwarven WarriorsInf34403110
 Dwarven WarriorsInf34403110
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Breakpoint of 5      1055 

Forces of Good (v.2) The Army of the Reaches is comprised of Dwarves, Elves, and Humans.

1 - Shots treat enemy save as 1 worse. (Follow same rules as Dwarven Handgunners.)

2 - Can pursue all types of enemy.

3 - Ignore terror. Have to charge on initiative. Cannot be driven back. Whenever possible they must persure and advance in combat. +1 attack when fighting a monster. Opponent gets points if troll slayers are alive at the end of the game.

4 - Range 60cm. Treats defended targets as in the open and fortified targets as defended. Ignores armor. Ball bounces 5cm from end of first stand hit doing 1 attack per additional stand hit. Fires grape shot when charged, no penetration and target saves as normal. (Follow same rules as Dwarven Cannon.)