Battle of Vardan

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With the Battle of Flatstone successful, the Army of the Reaches marches on towards its ultimate goal, the walls of the city-state of Teufeldorf. The army meets with no resistance as it moves north along the Greater Farthing Road. Just north of Vardan, the road passes very close to the sea. It is here that the undead army has set up its final defensive stand. Several hills and a lake provide excellent cover for the forces of evil while two forests force the Army of the Reaches to commit their cavalry at the beginning of the battle.

Several large sailing ships can be seen at sea heading towards the coast where the battle is taking place. It is expected that any troops on the ship will be able to join the battle on the shore south of the large hill on Turn 6, 7 or 8 (dice roll to determine). The ships are of unknown origin.


In this scenario, Grim's Hordes have the advantage of being the defender. The Army of the Reaches will deploy first within 20cm of the southern edge of the map. Grim's Hordes will deploy second within 20cm of the northern edge of the map. The Army of the Reaches may deploy in the forests. Grim's Hordes may deploy on or behind the hills.

The Army of the Reaches will move first.

The forests are impassable to cavalry and monsters. Infantry units can move through the forest at normal rates, but they suffer a -1 command penalty. Archers can fire out from within the edges of the forest. The hills do not affect movement, but they do affect line of sight. In addition, infantry units on the top of a hill are considered "defended" with respect to combat. Rocky ledges are impassable parts of the hill, and they block line of sight even from the top of the hill. The lake is impassable, and it does not affect line of sight. The western edge of the board is the Great Sea. While a sandy beach lies along this coastline, units driven into the sea are destroyed.

This will be a battle to the death with no special victory conditions. Breakpoint for the Army of the Reaches is 10. Grim's breakpoint is 8.

Intelligence Reports

As the Army of the Reaches presses on towards Teufeldorf, the ranger scout Varnum Greenpath returns from the Iron Hills with a coded message apparently being sent from Grim's stronghold to the orcs. The message reads:

This time I hope your commanders can count to three.
Don't fail me again or the master will be greatly displeased.


No significant new reports have returned from scouts sent south towards the Sands of Time or north into the Orc Nation.

New reports from the Western Reaches have begun to trickle in. Grim's army, retreating from their defeat at Flatstone, have set up camp just outside the town of Vardan. They appear to be waiting for the arrival of Dugald Axeworthy and the Army of the Reaches. Strangely, there have been reports of undead forces heading south along the Greater Farthing Road towards Sandal. There have been no reports from scouts to the deep south.


CIPHER SOLUTION: One unit of black orcs in each forest. Wait until humans pass. Strike from rear.