Giant's Teeth

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The final engagement before the Dwarven Army reaches the Shadow Keep takes place at the Battle of Giant's Teeth, a place where the a large boulder splits the battlefield. Two bridges cross over a wide crevass, making this map particularly strategic. It is rumored that Atli the White is at the battlefield, although this has not been confirmed.

In this game, the defenders (Atli the White) sets up first along their table ledge. The attackers (Dugal Axeworthy) set up afterwards and take the first turn. This favors the attackers and compensates for the victory conditions which obligates the attackers to attack in the face of stiff enemy resistance.

Mountainous terrain features (cliff face, boulder, mounds etc.) are the same as for the previous battles.

PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: Destroy Atli the White's army or force them to retreat back towards the Stone Meadows. Breakpoint for the Dwarven Army is loss of 4 units. Breakpoint for Atli's Army is loss of 5 units.

VICTORY BONUS: All troops that successfully make it to the Shadowkeep are considered to garrison the city for the winter. They will be available to U-Gene for the 834 campaigns.


Intelligence Report

Three days ago, two more messages were intercepted just outside the gates of the Shadow Keep. Two runners were ambushed just as they parted ways, apparently headed for different enemy camps. They died quickly. Undoubtedly, Atli's commanders will know that the messengers are missing, but perhaps they will not suspect our involvement.....


CIPHER SOLUTION: West bridge will collapse with weight avoid it