The Family

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The Family
Patron Brandobaris, Master of Stealth
Races Any
Classes Any (Rogues)
Alignments Any (Chaotic Neutral)
Holy Days Days of Crime
Place of Worship Hideout
Holy Symbol Elderberry branch
Guildmaster Brill
Hideout The Enclave (Teufeldorf)

There are many guilds for thieves and rogues in the Realm. These range from small village-sized operations to legendary highwaymen who have plagued trade routes for years. The largest and most prestigious organization in the Reaches is commonly known as The Family. While many guilds rise and fall with the fortunes of their leaders, The Family has been a presence in Teufeldorf and the Reaches since the mid-sixth century TA. With agents scattered throughout the Realm, it is an organization which is both well-known and shrouded in secrecy. The Family holds strong ties to the Dark Path (the Guild of Assassins). The Family also runs many of the brothels in the major cities and towns in the Reaches - catering to lust and gathering information through the women and men in their employ.

The signature of a theft by the Family is a single twig of elderberry left near the scene of the crime. It is rare that anyone is harmed during Family jobs, although it is even rarer to see a crime in progress. The family is well tied to the rich and powerful in the Reaches, and they are available to undertake jobs against rivals and competitors - greed and revenge being in their portfolio. Those wishing to hire the Family may do so through its guild leader, Brill, Master of Stealth. Brill is known to frequent local coffeehouses in the merchant's quarter of Teufeldorf.

Rogues interested in joining the family should seek contact by leaving an Elderberry branch at their local orphanage along with contact information. It is said that worthy individuals will be contacted by a Brother or Sister and tested for adoption into the Family. The family also adopts clerics - mostly from the Cult of Shadows who are willing to work within the rules of The Family.

The Legend of Brandobaris

The first to hold the title of Master of Stealth was a hobbit thief, Brandobaris, now revered as the Family's Patron.

Born in the Elderberry Downs, Brandobaris grew up like most hobbit children. Early in his life, Brandobaris enjoyed hiding and sneaking up on others as all hobbit children are prone to do. His uncanny ability for seeming to disappear into thin air was matched only by his vehement rejection of killing of any sort. His trickery led the young hobbit to Teufeldorf, where he promptly took up with the rogue element of the rougher part of town. As his legend grew, Brandobaris appeared less and less frequently among the thieves and cutthroats of Teufeldorf, until he just disappeared. It is rumored that Brandobaris still lives in the shadows of Teufeldorf, and many unexplained robberies are accredited to him.