The Pentaverate

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The Pentaverate
Type Rebel Alliance (Hastur Rebellions)
Founded 883 TA
Disbanded 885 TA

In 883 TA, four groups of rebels met at the Temple of the Wait - each summoned by the ghost of a fat monk - later determined to be St. Wolmar. Along with the Monks of the Wait, these rebels formed the Pentaverate. The other four groups were:

Dwarves of the Shadowyarn Mountains - led by Durinson Stonefist
Priests of the Church of St. Theodore - led by Father Humbert and Father Alister
Nobles of the Western Reaches - led by Duke Clader
Nobles of the Eastern Reaches - lead by Lady Laura

The appearance of U-Gene the Dwarf and his five companions, heralded the arrival of the "saviors six". The Temple of the Wait was attacked by Atli and his forces, but the combined forces of the Pentaverate with the "saviors six" carried the day - marking the first time Atli the White's forces had been defeated.

Fighting together throughout The Hastur Rebellions, the Pentaverate and Monks of the Wait were disbanded in 885 TA with the monks rejoining the Church of St. Theodore and the humans and dwarves returning to their respective lands.