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Thorinshold encompasses the southern end of the Frostbrand Mountains and is the historical birthplace of the dwarven nations. The most ancient and wondrous underground city, known by men as Hurlstone was founded in the earliest days of the First Age by Thorin the Goldsmith. Hurlstone remains the most revered city in dwarfdom, and its legendary Hall of Voices is the final stop on many dwarven pilgrimages. In addition to its hall, Hurlstone is home to the ancient carved stones which tell the dwarven history. Connected to the outside world only by subterranean halls and mazes, Hurlstone has never been successfully sieged.

As their ancestors did thousands of years ago, the dwarves of Thorinshold are great miners of precious metals: silver, gold, iron and mithril. Their trading empire is vast for both raw metals and wrought items of great beauty and magical properties. The House of Thorin trades today with Rembia, the elves and the other nations via their ports on the Great Sea. Thorin's dwarves are found throughout the Realm, and they are renowned for their metalsmithing.

Nearby Places of Interest

Frozen Sea

These northern waters are frozen except in high summer months. The northern barbarians sometimes take their galleys into these waters to hunt for ivory and furs and occasionally do a bit of raiding. Even in the summer, the Frozen Sea can be dangerous due to thick fogs and floating mountains of ice.

Frostbrand Mountains