Upper Narrows

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Joined by the reinforcments at the Goldkin River, General Axeworthy's army continues their quest past the Whispering Falls, up the steep switchbacks, finally arriving at the Upper Narrows. The mood of the troops is upbeat with the arrival of the giant dwarven cannon, Mons Meg. Again, advanced intelligence has provided the lay of the land, but there is less information on the composition of the enemy army than at the Battle of the Lower Narrows. More reinforcements are expected past the Upper Narrows, this time from the Clan of the Stone Meadows, although their numbers are expected to be smaller than the Goldkin River reinforcements.

In this game, the defenders (Atli the White) sets up first along their table ledge. The attackers (Dugal Axeworthy) set up afterwards and take the first turn. This favors the attackers and compensates for the victory conditions which obligates the attackers to attack in the face of stiff enemy resistance.

Mountainous terrain features (cliff face, boulder, mounds etc.) are the same as for the previous battle. The stream is neither deep nor dangerous. A unit reaching the river automatically halts. A further order must be given to move across the river. Troops will not use their initiative to cross the river unless they are infantry obliged to charge enemy they can reach, in which case they must do so. Infantry units can fight in the river but stands which retreat into or through the river are automatically destroyed.

PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: Force Atli the White's army to retreat or destroy them.

VICTORY BONUS: The Stone Meadows reinforcements are increased by the difference in points between the number of units General Axeworthy destroys and the number of units that General Praetor destroys.


Intelligence Report

Three days ago, two more messages were intercepted just outside the gates of the Shadow Keep. Two runners were ambushed just as they parted ways, apparently headed for different enemy camps. They died quickly. Undoubtedly, Atli's commanders will know that the messengers are missing, but perhaps they will not suspect our involvement.....


CIPHER SOLUTION: Illusionary dragon will draw fire during second battle fear it not