Adventures in Dragonsford

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Adventures in Dragonsford
Type Dungeon
Status Explored October 907 TA
Location Dragonsford
Hex 7412
Campaign Voyage of the Wanton Wench
Adventure # 124
Map dragonsford.jpg

DM's Note: The Town of Dragonsford is described here. What follows are the actual missions undertaken in this campaign.

Mission 1: Crakesbone's Crypt

Crakesbone appears as a hunched over man dressed in a tattered grey cape. His form is somewhat indistinguishable, although his long, black stringy hair and weather-lined face are memorable. He wears an amulet (glowing red or clear) with strange runes and sunbeams.

He has 50 gp and three large iron keys in his pocket - two are plain and one has a woman's face on it.

NOTE: Glows yellow when in the presence of undead (thus the mummy in Room 7). This provides illumination in the dungeon for him. Also, invisible to carrion crawlers - who won't attack him when activated (glowing red).

Crakesbone amulet.jpg

Activation is a puzzle. A pattern he traces on the amulet.

Crakesbone puzzle01.jpg

Crakesbone's hovel is a modest wooden hut near the northern corner of the graveyard. It is a simple home with a bed, table for preparing food, hearth, chair, a few books - romance novels, and some food. It is worn, but tidy.

NOTE: He often sleeps at his room at Mycroft Mistsworn's estate. This is really for show, although he does live here.

The Crakesbone Crypt

Map of Crakesbone's Crypt

A small, unassuming mausoleum stands several hundred feet from the northwest corner of the graveyard. The name on the building reads "Crakesbone". It appears to be old, although not ancient. Moss-covered on three sides, an iron gate has been well-oiled and has a modern (mundane) lock on it. Beyond the gate, a stairway leads down.

DC 20 to pick.

A set of weathered stone stairs leads down. The moss on the stairs has been cleared away

The walls of this stairway are carved in a bas relief of women singing, dressed in gauzy robes. The stairs descend about 30 feet into the ground, ending in a iron-bound door.

The door is locked.

NOTE: Careful examination, they are screaming. Door opened by maiden key.

Wailing Maidens; Type mechanical and magical; Bypass hidden switch (Perception DC 30); Perception DC 25; Disable Device DC 25; Trigger location; Onset Delay 3 rounds; Reset automatic (after 5 rounds); Effect stunning wail (stun and deafened for 1d4 rounds, Fortitude DC 15 negates); spike barrage (Atk +12 melee, 1d6 spikes per target for 1d6+5 damage each); multiple targets (all targets in hallway).

Crakesbone crypt.jpg

Rooms 1-4: Hallways of Skulls

These hallways are made of cut stone, old and well-built. In the outer walls of the hallway, large niches are filled with skulls - some very old, some relatively new. They are stacked but many of the piles have slumped over or spilled onto the floor.

The smell of licorice is strong here.

NOTE: Each skull has a carefully written name in brown ink.

If the adventurers enter without Crakesbone, they will be attacked by 4 carrion crawlers. Typically, two will come from each direction. One will engage while the other crawls on the ceiling to surround. A typical carrion crawler is about 12 feet long and weighs about 800 pounds. A carrion crawler attacks with its tentacles, trying to paralyze as many opponents as possible but if particularly hungry may stop in the midst of battle to feed on anyone it has disabled.

Room 5: Hallway

An iron door is closed here - although it is not locked. A simple latch will open the door.

Room 6: Crakesbone's Laboratory

The forty-foot square room is supported by 4 squat columns around the edges. Two old sarcophagi are the lone remaining testaments to the room's original intended use - as the final resting place of the family patriarchs.

Four braziers provide ample light for the room.

Against the far wall, a desk and leather chair have been arranged near the braziers. A large chest sits to the south of the desk.

The most noticeable features of the room are four tables laden with large glass jars. Each jar contains a human head floating in an amber liquid. A pile of jars is in the northwest corner of the room. A number of large barrels have been pushed up against the eastern wall. They appear, at first glance, to be empty.

NOTE: These are the heads that Crakesbone speaks to. He records their thoughts on parchment carefully labeling each sheet and placing it into the chest for safekeeping. Some of the barrels are filled with a pungent licorice-smelling liquid.

The desk contains ink, parchment and quills, several paperweights, and other clerk's tools sit on the desk as well. A small book of romance sits on the desk near the leather chair.

Room 7: Mummy's Room

DM's Note: This room was unexplored.

Room 8: Carrion Crawler's Room

Cleary some earthquake or other seismic event crumbled the southwestern portion of the complex opening a large cavern-like area. This is filled with rubble, skulls, and bones - in equal measure. A foul smell of death comes from this area.

It contains more carrion crawlers - plus 3 sac-like eggs.

100 gold, 300 silver, 600 copper, +2 Elven longsword, +3 Heartseeker dagger

Room S1: Tunnel

This natural tunnel moves east towards Dragonsford for about 60 feet and ends in a collapsed pile of stone and dirt.

NOTE: The party will need to dig for several days to get to the tunnels under Dragonsford Castle. But it would eventually lead to the tunnels.

Mission 2: Sir Randall, Paladin and Demon Hunter

Dressed in warplate with a magical sword and shield, Randall is a bull of a man - thick-necked and red-faced. He wears a pure white cloak with a golden sword embroidered on it. He is very loud and domineering - attempting to intimidate all around him. He is a demon hunter and makes no apologies for his feelings about demons.

Mission 3: Morgan the Enchanter and the Wizard's Tower

Wizard's Tower Level 1

When Ernie is not in residence, the castle is protected by the Crystal Heart of Masking which causes anyone coming near the keep to fall asleep. DC 30 Fort Save. Once asleep, they will continue to sleep until aroused by vigorous shaking and shouting. Outside of this area are the barracks and the Wizard's Tower. The place is run by Morgan the Enchanter.

Morgan is a wizened elf, wrapped in dark green wool blankets against the cold, wintery weather. While his body is old and frail, his eyes are still bright and his mind is sharp. Morgan travels by means of a wheeled chair that is built of wood and steel - intricately carved and finely crafted. The oddest part of his transport is that there are four staff-sized posts at the corners of the chair - creating the look of a canopied bed. Several books sit on a small shelf built under the chair. An emanation of great power radiates from Morgan and his chair.

Pushing the chair is a large ogre. He is talking animatedly with Morgan and you can overhear snatches of discussions of Blue Stone Dwarves. The ogre, whose name is Rukhs seems to think that Dragonsford Castle was built by dwarves - not men, and he is pressing his academic point with the wizard.

NOTE: The chair is a ruse and disguise. Morgan is actually able to walk and is younger than he appears.

He is calm in contrast to the brashness of Sir Randall.

NOTE: Brightaxe (the last of the Bluestone Dwarves) and Rukh's friend Rocky are here too.

Room 1: Audience Chamber

This large room reeks of the finest furnishings - burled walnut and copper, thick luxurious carpets and great overstuffed leather chairs. Several tables are set up here with tea services for twenty or more at the ready. Along the southern wall is a small desk with papers, three bookcases flank a double-wide fireplace. The room is warm, cheery and inviting. An iron door in the southwest and an open passage in the southeast complete the room.

This is where Morgan meets with visitors and dignitaries. Servants enter through Room 3. The door to Room 2 is locked and trapped.

Room 2: Old Hallway

Four sets of plate armor are here along with some discarded boxes and crates. A door in the north is locked, and the room is open to the south.

This room used to lead to the old stairs leading below the tower (Room S1). Now, it has been sealed to the north and is open to the Artifact Room (Room 4). The armor can be animated, if needed to protect the tower.

NOTE: Careful note will see that the eastern wall has been sealed much more recently the rest of the room. There is no easy passage here - just hammering through stone to get to the caves below.

Room S1: Shaft

This shaft leads down into the caves below the castle. The stone here has been blasted away to make descent impossible. The shaft drops directly into a natural passage below.

Room 3: Stairway Up

This small stone hallway leads to a set of spiral stairs leading up the second level of the castle. Two sets of plate mail stand at attention on the east wall.

Servants can be seen bustling up and down the stairs from the kitchen on the second level.

The armor can be animated as needed.

Room 4: The Artifact Room

This room radiates and aura of magic - in overwhelming abundance. While there are research notes, tools, elixirs, oils and the like on several large tables in the eastern portion of the room, all eyes are drawn to seven columns in the western part of the room. On the ground are seven 10 x 10 stone pedestals approximately 5 feet in height. A mirror image 10 x 10 stone projects down from the ceiling over each pedestal. A shimmering glass surface runs from the ground to the ceiling surrounding each pedestal - forming a clear columnar display case. In these seven cases are some wondrous items.

Each case has runes that flicker over its surface.

NOTE: If the party comes back at night, the gremlins will be here. Two - one to watch and one to report to the Stormcrow.

  • Case 1 - A set of mithral armor is carved with a woodland scene. As you watch, animals on the armor move about dodging in and out between the trees.
  • Case 2 - A sword with three blades glows from within this case. Although simple in design, the blades fade in an out with only one blade ever being solid at a time. Each blade shimmers with a rainbow of colors - like fresh oil.
  • Case 3 - A simple vial of black goo hang suspended in the column. The goo moves as if alive but cannot escape its glassy confines.
  • Case 4 - A small ivory chest designed to hold four rings looks impossibly old and delicate. Inside, three rings are nestled in blue velvet. A fourth ring is missing. Gems twinkle on the three rings in bright blue, red and green.
  • Case 5 - Four books bound with large black iron locks are set on a steel table inside this case. The books are unremarkable in their outward appearance.
  • Case 6 - Three staves rest in a block of ironwood - each pointing upward. Staff made of brushed steel with an elaborate headpiece of radiating spikes. Staff made from ebony with images of bones and skulls mingled with a strange spidery rune. An oak staff topped with a huge ruby that flickers.
  • Case 7 - An ivory helm, simple in design with streaks of black in the otherwise perfect stone.

DM's Note: Only Case 6 was opened, and only the steel staff was taken.


Room 5: Common Room

This large room takes up the entire center of the second floor of the tower. In the south, a stove, fireplace and tables are used for preparing meals. A fireplace, bath and privy are all along the south wall. Several solid wooden tables are in the center and several large pots with herbs are here as well. The room is warm and smells wonderful. Servants are almost always here working on something.

This large room serves as the nerve center of the tower. Morgan has his bedroom here as well as a guest room. Servants prepare meals here and many household meetings are held in the area. Two guards in Rooms 9a and 9b will come as needed.

Room 6: Rukhs' Room

This is a guest room that has been taken over by the ogre scholar, and he will be here reading or sleeping when not studying with Morgan. The room is well appointed, although the furniture is somewhat small for Rukhs.

Room 7: Cell

A iron gate shows that this room has been somewhat repurposed from its original intent. A small cot holds piles of books and a large traveling backpack. An giant sized wooden staff leans against the corner of the room.

The cell is unlocked - a testimony to the trusting nature of the ogre.

Room 8: Morgan's Bedroom

DM's Note: This room was unexplored.

Rooms 9a and 9b: Guardians

These niches have suits of armor that seem to be popular throughout the tower.

Room 10: Private Retreat

This room is hung with dark purple tapestries of an intricate design. Two overstuffed leather chairs face a fireplace on either side of a Tang carpet that looks as if it is made of seaweed.

Rooms 11a and 11b: Storerooms

These rooms hold the stores of the tower - cases of fruit, vegetables and dried meat. These are neatly organized and arranged with dates.

Room 11b holds a number of casks of very fine Elderberry Downs wine and a small cask of Tegel pipeweed.

Mission 4: Caves Under Dragonsford

Caves Under Dragonsford

DM's Note: This area is mostly unexplored.

Rukhs will tell the party of a large cavern system under Dragonsford Castle. He is doing excavations under the military outpost where he thinks the Bluestone Dwarves built an early tower.

A natural spiral stairway gives way to a rough-hewn passageway sloping down. Suddenly, the passageway breaks into a large cavern. A fan-shaped area of scree tumbles on the cavern floor below. The roof is lost in shadows, and the darkness here is extreme.

One hundred feet from the bottom of the scree is a large roped-off area which is filled with picks, shovels, and buckets. It is clear that work is being done on an area roughly 40' on a side. From the excavation, a well-worn path leads in three directions. A number of lamps ring the area, and an oversized wooden table and chair sit nearby - pens, ink and measurement equipment are on the table.


He will warn the party not to venture too far from the main cavern that he is working in because there are Xorn. He escaped by melding into the walls - but the xorn can do the same. He's not sure why they are in the cave, but they are there.

This squat beast is as wide as it is tall. Strangely symmetrical, it has three arms, three legs, three eyes, and one huge mouth.

Patrols & Wardings

There are also a number of magical wardings set by King Goodfellow to keep the tunnels from being used to storm the castle.

And, a patrol of guards is usually in the cave somewhere, although they keep to the eastern edge and make quick work of their rounds - they seem to be afraid....

Cavelight Moss

A patch of tangled, lacey moss clings to the ceiling above, slowly pulsing with an eerie glow. Among the soft, feathery mass, stems gently writhe, periodically dusting the ground below with a twinkling of phosphorescent spores.


Rukhs have heard these.

Mission 5: Vampires

Vampire Meeting Map

The small one room house in Dark Town is on the edge of the lake. The construction is poor with a plain wooden door on the front and single windows on the other three walls. There is clearly a fireplace, although the fire is banked low. In fact, the windows are open despite the cold night.

Looking in, you see through the shadows three figures. One is clearly a human, dressed in a dark cloak, pulled up tight against the cold. He is sniffling and shifts nervously about in his seat. The second looks like a vampire - his pale skin and stiff posture are noticeable, but his clothing is clearly of an ancient style. He is dressed in a black cloak and has a gold ring with a large ruby in it on one finger.

The final figure is hidden in the shadows in the corner. He is not really visible, although the light should illuminate him better. He is speaking.

  • Well, as I have told you, Mr. Vabsley, you were correct to inform me of Mr. Dourmoor's arrival. I have been looking for my wayward clerk for quite some time now. He is, how shall I say, a loose end that needs tying up. And you say that he on this ship, this Wanton Wench, but refuses to leave. And the local constabulatory is unable to find him aboard. That is a shame, Mr. Edwards, I would have hoped that you could have rustled him out of the ship so that he could be, disposed of properly.
  • Never-the-mind, I have important business to do here in Dragonsford - you see King Goodfellow and I are not on the best of terms. He is a thief and a scoundrel, and I have a score to settle with him. But for now, let's focus on the immediate problem.

Mr. Edwards - do you have a fellow guard who is of poor eyesight? NODS. Well, then you will see that his glasses are broken tonight and replaced with these.

Mr. Edwards moves forward and takes a pair of spectacles.

I do so much hate to let these out of my possession, but I cannot see another way around this issue. Make sure your bespectaled friend and you are on duty at the Wanton Wench tomorrow night at midnight. What was his name again? Mr. Dabs. I see. Very well then. Make sure that Mr. Dabs sees the part that Mr. Vabsley is to play. Then, make sure he gets on the boat and identifies where Dourmoor is. I need Dourmoor off the boat.

Mr. Vabsley, you are to remain in Dragonsford as my spy. Keep me informed on the matters that I have told you are important. As for this plot, please feel free to feed on some more of the local delicacies - just make sure they are discovered. At midnight tomorrow night you are to fly to the Wanton Wench - make sure that Mr. Dabs sees you with these spectacles seeming to board the boat. Then remove yourself to safety. After Dourmoor is removed - make sure you get my glasses back from Mr. Dabs and Mr. Edwards. They can't fall into the hands of Morgan or the others.

What do they do?

Why, they are Wolfshaunt Spectacles - they can see my kind in our full glory - invisibility, mist, it matters not, vampires in these glasses positively glow. Now, you can see why I don't want them lost.

I must admit it is almost suppering time. I will take my leave of you two gentlemen. Do not disappoint me. Good evening.

NOTE: Vampires have been blamed with digging up Fenton Langdon's grave.

Sea Encounter: Heart of the Glacier Giant Munro

A cry from the crow's nest - a small dinghy is floating several hundred yards off the ship's bow.

As the Wanton Wench approaches the dinghy, it is clear that there are no sailors aboard it. The small craft, built to carry a dozen men with two sets of oars, is empty except for a large iron chest, bound by rusty chains that is in the center of the boat. The chains are locked to hold the chest in place. One long chain is wrapped about the chest to keep it closed. A chainmail bag hangs from the binding chain. A square grid is carved into the top of the chest along with the word "MUNRO".

A bag of bones are my crew's remains,
Taken from the giant slain,
Rests he now in a watery pool,
Unmelting heart eternally cool,
Fear his glacial floating hold,
Filled with death and gems and gold.

The bag contains 36 dice each about an inch on a side - just the right size to fit into the square grid of the chest.

Munro puzzle.jpg

Inside, the chest contains a large shard of what appears to be ice. It is clear with a bluish tint, two feet long and six inches in diameter. The ice is melting and the item is cold.

NOTE: The shard does not melt - at least it never gets smaller.

Munro shard.jpg

DM's Note: The party has not discovered the location of the glacial home of Munro.