Dutchy of Dragonsford

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Dutchy of Dragonsford
Founded 702 TA
Size Minor Kingdom
Fealty Eastern Reaches
Ruler Ernest Goodfellow, King of the Eastern Reaches, Duke of Dragonsford
Hex 3012
Map-dragonsford 2.jpg


Dragonsford is the capital of the Duchy of Dragonsford consisting of a small, easily-defended castle on a fortified peninsula of land extending into the Inner Sea. The town and castle are nestled at the eastern edge of Haggelthorn Forest, and the shoreline is rocky without beaches or landing spots. The current ruler is Ernest Goodfellow, King of the Eastern Reaches, Duke of Dragonsford, formerly a Knight of King Gregory the Even-Handed. In recent years, Dragonsford has been subjected to many raids, the last of which occurred during the Invasion of the Tang Empire in 905 TA.

Dragonsford Castle

Built upon the ruins of an already-existing Second Age structure (perhaps dwarven in origin), the original stone Dragonsford Castle was constructed over a period of four years (766-769 TA) at a cost of 250,000 gold pieces. The original structure consists of an outer wall surrounding an inner courtyard with four bunkhouses and a wizard's tower. An inner wall surrounds the manor house, attached great keep, and an officer's bunkhouse. The walls of the castle are twenty feet in height and eclipsed only by the manor house and wizard's tower. Significant alterations have been made to the castle since it was built - although much of the profile of the original fortification still exists.

Beneath the castle is a large cave complex which has been enhanced to serve as a berth for a small ship. The extent of the caves have never been completely mapped, although its passages are rumored to hold lost gold (see Legend: The Dragon of Dragonsford below).

Dragonsford Castle is protected by the Crystal Heart of Masking, an artifact that causes anyone coming near the keep to fall asleep until aroused by vigorous shaking and shouting. The effects of the artifact can be dampened when the king is in occupancy in the castle.

The officers of Dragonsford Castle are:

  • Morgan the Enchanter - High Wizard
  • Rachael Ravencroft - Steward of the Royal Household
  • Sir Roland Withers - Commander of the Garrison
  • Sir Randall Highgate - Captain of the Guard (deceased, position open)
  • Laegel Longshot - Captain of Archers
  • Cormac Axeworthy - Master Artillerist

Town of Dragonsford

The town of Dragonsford has a population nearing 1,500 including a garrison of approximately 250 soldiers, castle guards and household staff. The town is growing quickly from its 833 TA census of 400. It is common to see traveling merchants, dwarves, gnomes, and outlanders also visiting Dragonsford on a regular basis.

Dragonsford has a weekly farmer's market on Fridays. The market is very well attended by the townsfolk and local farmers. In addition, a monthly caravan from Haggelthorn brings exotic and hard-to-find items to Dragonsford.

As the seat of government for the Eastern Reaches, King Goodfellow or Morgan the Enchanter hear petitions from the citizenry on the 14th of each month. It is rumored that The Family have a local presence run by Mycroft Mistsworn from his estate west of town, although the element keeps a very low profile. Crime rates in Dragonsford are low, and the constant influx of soldiers and military adventurers seeking to join the rank of Goodfellow's army keep the pubs and inns busy and profitable. While not a trade center like Haggelthorn, the town is far from the backwater that its remote location might suggest.

Map of Dragonsford

Map of Dragonsford

Establishments, Buildings, Shopkeepers and Notable Natives

Establishment Name Type Purveyor/Owner
Antiquarian Books Bookseller
Beamhouse Tanners Tanners William Beamhouse & Sons
Bluefish Fisherman Massac Bluedagger*
Bobs and Bloodletting Doctor
Bolt & Key Locksmith
Bottles of Joy Vintner
Bowman's Bows Bowyer Young Tom Bowman
Bright Lights Chandler
Buhrstones Miller
Canton's Oath Lawyer Miles Canton
Chainmail Armorer Willing Starwolf*
Church of the Hearth Church Father John Coventry*
Contented Cow Dairy
Dockmaster Dockmaster Felix Freelash (dockmaster), Paul Verrier (dock boy)
Dragon's Hide Leatherworker Roderk Belger*
Dumpy's Meats Butcher Dumpy Kineshank*
Elixirs & Tinctures Alchemist Whitefire Ash*
Falcon's Feather Fletcher Howland*
Finegelder's Gold Goldsmith Fenic and Wily Finegelder*
Freemason Freemason Perry Poundstone
Good Kneeds Baker Eckert Knede*
Hobbit's Feet Cobbler Bilby Buttonrock
Holly Berry Trading Post Trading Post Faldar*, Lefty Deftdigits
King's Arms Cutler Eilbard Cutler*
The Knack Tinker
Lightglass Glassblower Pepperell Verrier*
Moonbeam Gems Jeweler Moonbeam Gunderson*
Naughty Moon Pub Pub
Old Graveyard Graveyard Crakesbone*
Oldsod's Catch Fishmonger August Oldsod*
The Owlbear Pub
Puffer's Extracts Poisoner Woodruff*
The Rope Walk Rope and Net Maker
Stave & Hoop Cooper Fennimore
Storm Forge Blacksmith
Straight Edges Carpenter Cadmar Wraight*
Strong Hulls Shipwright William Woodencleaver
Swift Mercantile General Merchandise Astolf the Swift*
Talbot Arms Inn
Thankful Pony Stable
Tucks & Tails Tailor Duer Capron*
Turn and Join Furniture Maker Hannah Thom
Turning Wheels Potter Meri Claypool
Wayfarer's Rest Inn
Wee Dram Brewer
Weft and Weave Weaver Garet Blott*
Wensleydale Cheeses Cheese Shop Wallace Wensleydale
Wheel Right Wainwright Alfred Wainwright
The White Knight Stable
V.E. Whitehall, Esquire Judge V.E. Whitehall
Wicked Lady Pub Pub Dugal Whistlerock*
World's End Pub and Free House Pub Hylax the Barker*
*on the town census in 833 TA

Description of Establishments & Buildings

  • Old Dragonsford Graveyard - The original cemetery (near the island) is thought to be haunted as it is frequently filled with heavy fog. Crakesbone's hovel is a modest wooden hut near the northern corner of the graveyard. It is a simple home with a bed, table for preparing food, hearth, chair, a few books - romance novels, and some food. It is worn, but tidy.

Description of Shopkeepers & Notable Natives

  • Ash, Whitefire (apothecary) - Both Whitefire and his wife are elderly, retired from full-time practice in Haggelthorn. They are more interested in gardening than healing now.
  • Astolf the Swift (general merchandise) - Runs the general mercantile, stocking all the supplies that the residents of Dragonsford need. He has an amazing memory and keeps track of his inventory and order lists in his head.
  • Belger, Roderk (leatherworker) - Along with his three apprentices are experts in leather armor, saddles and boots. Kinst, Martu, and Kelt are boyhood friends who declined military duty to stay at their craft in Dragonsford.
  • Blott, Garet (weaver) - Although he is quite elderly, Blott at one time worked for Sandal as a spy master of disguises. He still has a full set of elven boots and cloak given to him by Valdemar which he wears to public events.
  • Bluedagger, Massac (fisherman) - Rumored to be an assassin, most give the aged Massac a wide berth. His last name follows from a popular tale that his dagger glows blue when flying towards a victim on a death course to the heart. Massac does not deny the story.
  • Capron, Pugab (tailor) - An exemplary tailor, Pugab took over the family business when his inept father, Duer, was killed in Atli's Tower during the Hastur Rebellion. (Duer did a satisfactory job at providing cloaks, hoods and other mundane garments, but his fancy clothes came out ill-fitting and ugly.)
  • Claypool, Meri (potter) - Meri inherited the shop from her father, Birke, when he died. Meri also lost her brother Potkin under mysterious circumstances. Meri's work is not up to the high standards of her father, but she excels at sales and has finally made the business profitable.
  • Coventry, Father John (priest) - Now aged, stories still are told of Coventry's aid to the Crown in fighting Shallowgrave and Quicksilver during the Hastur Rebellions.
  • Crakesbone (graveyard) - The caretaker of the Old Graveyard, Crakesbone, lives in a shanty by the edge of the lake. Crakesbone appears as a hunched over man dressed in a tattered grey cape. His form is somewhat indistinguishable, although his long, black stringy hair and weather-lined face are memorable. He wears an amulet with strange runes and sunbeams.
  • Cutler, Eilbard (weaponmaker) - Sells and sharpens blades mostly, as he is not adept at making very many weapons. His wife, Elanor, is the town gossip.
  • Faldar (trading post) - An elf of some age, Faldar trades with merchants in all types of magical items.
  • Finegelder, Fenic (gold) and Wily (silver) - These metalsmiths are known for their intricate work and pleasing designs.
  • Gillian - A master sergeant,she is a no-nonsense, capable fighter dressed in armor, sword and a heavy woolen cloak.
  • Gunderson, Moonbeam (gemcutter, jeweler) - This ancient gnomish woman is a jeweler of extreme talent. Her late husband, Grover Gunderson, was reputed to have helped with the creation of the rings of the Order of the Knights of the Kingdom for King Gregory. Grover was killed in Atli's Tower during the Hastur Rebellion.
  • Highfolk, Sir Randall (Paladin, Demon Hunter, Captain of the Guard) - Until his mysterious disappearance on Oct. 23, 907 TA, Sir Randall was the Captain of the Guard in Dragonsford. Dressed in warplate with a magical sword and shield, Randall was a bull of a man - thick-necked and red-faced. He wore a pure white cloak with a golden sword embroidered on it. He was very loud and domineering - attempting to intimidate all around him. He was a demon hunter and made no apologies for his feelings about demons.
  • Howland (fletcher) - An elf noted for his fine and expensive arrows. Before an adventurer can purchase any arrows, Howland demands to watch them shoot under different circumstances to help determine which arrows to sell.
  • Kineshank, Dumpy (butcher) - Hacks up carcasses so fast his appentice has a hard time picking up the trade. Hindleather is a kind, although slow boy.
  • Knede, Eckert (baker) - Acts rough and tough but enjoys putting his cakes in exquisite and, pots and dishes. His wife Aigtes and nine children all help.
  • Morgan the Enchanter (High Wizard) - Morgan is a wizened elf, wrapped in dark green wool blankets against the cold, wintery weather. While his body is old and frail, his eyes are still bright and his mind is sharp. Morgan travels by means of a wheeled chair that is built of wood and steel - intricately carved and finely crafted. The oddest part of his transport is that there are four staff-sized posts at the corners of the chair - creating the look of a canopied bed. Several books sit on a small shelf built under the chair. An emanation of great power radiates from Morgan and his chair.
  • Oldsod, August (fisherman) - Fishes off the coast for sea trout and tuna and does a good trade. "Suction" scars on his arm and face "prove" his story that he battled a giant squid and won. Amadis and Odo are his apprentices. He lives with his wife and two children.
  • O'Barker, Mrs. (pub) - The gnome wife of Hylax now runs the World's End Pub and Free House.
  • Sherman, Gray (first footman) - Sherman is the first footman to Morgan the Enchanter.
  • Starwolf, Willing (armorer) - Has three pet winter wolves and specializes in making chainmail armor. He is currently looking for an apprentice as his three sons are too young to properly help.
  • Verrier, Paul (dock boy) - A young man with sandy brown hair and a teenage disposition. His dad, the glassblower, is boring. Tending the docks is boring. Paul wants to be an adventuring buccaneer on the Great Sea. While typically making a poor first impression, Paul doe know quite a bit about the happenings of Dragonsford.
  • Verrier, Pepperell (glassblower) - Blows all sorts of glass but excels at glass sailboats and mermaids.
  • Whistlerock, Dugal (pub) - Runs a fair inn and popular bar. He is very good natured with a story to tell everybody.
  • Whithers, Sir Roland (Ranger, Commander of the Garrison) - A large man - fat at first glance, Sir Roland is really just a solidly built soldier of middle age. He has close-cropped gray hair, and his face - while not a scowl - is serious. He commands the respect of his men, and he is ever-vigilant in his duties to the Crown.
  • Woodruff (poisoner) - Once a noted alchemist for Baron Valdemar, he is now content with his arcane studies. At one point, Viper was his apprentice.
  • Wraight, Cadmar (carpenter) - Appears remarkably trustworthy, but he is rumored to sell plans for all buildings he builds to The Family. He employs no regular assistants but hires them as needed.

History of Dragonsford

Founded in 702 TA as a military outpost for the expanding Reaches, Dragonsford is still at the edges of civilization.

In 833 TA, Harek Bloodaxe overran the Eastern Reaches and captured Dragonsford Castle. Dragonsford Castle was made the capital of Harek's domain and many changes were made to accommodate Bloodaxe's strange tastes. The castle was guarded by white dragons who were given roost in the old wizard's tower. This began a fifty year reign known as Hastur's Dominion. During this time, there were a number of rulers of the Dutchy of Dragonsford - one of a number of minor kingdoms established during this time.

Lord Strudwick ruled the castle from 858 TA until he was deposed in 862 TA by King Erard. Known for his insatiable curiosity for odd artifacts and relics, Strudwick fled with his collection to his stronghold, the Gallery of Wishes, located north of the Land of Bogs and the Little People in late 862 TA. It is rumored that the Gallery was later sacked in 883 TA by an adventuring party at the behest of Captain Horatio Bilgewater, a seaman who had been sold into slavery during Strudwick's reign.

King Erard's reign was short, ending with his death after two years at the hand of his brother and successor, Trafford. Trafford was aided by his wizard Asbar the Merciless. King Trafford ruled from 864 TA until he was slain by the current ruler, Ernest Goodfellow, in 884 TA during the Taking of Dragonsford. During this attack, Harek was driven to Teufeldorf - along with his brother Atli who had been driven to Dragonsford from the Shadowkeep during the Siege of the Shadowkeep the previous year. The capture of Dragonsford Castle proved to be a turning point in The Hastur Rebellions.

Legend: The Dragon of Dragonsford

Dragonsford is named for a large golden dragon that legend tells lived in the vast cave network found in the rocky coastal cliffs. The dragon was rumored to have stolen innumerable piles of treasure from the dwarves, giants, and gnomes of the area. The dragon buried his treasure in the tunnels sealing them for protection near Dragonsford. As the tale goes, the Balinshold dwarves became so tired of the constant attacks on their homeland that they would do anything to free themselves of the dragon. All of their attempts to kill the dragon failed, managing to make the dragon only angrier. Finally, the great dwarven smith, Waldemar Lifehammerer, traveled to the land of the gnomes. There, the smith met with a great gnome magician, Llyn, and constructed a magical statue. The statue was taken by Waldemar back to the Balinshold across the Inner Sea. When the dragon heard of the statue, he lusted after it. The dwarves allowed the dragon to steal the statue. However, the flight back across the Inner Sea to his tunnels was a long one for the dragon and the statue grew larger and larger and heavier and heavier as time went on. The dragon began to falter in his flight, but his greed was so great that he went onward. Finally, the statue became so large and so heavy that the dragon could fly no further. The dragon and the statue crashed into the sea and neither were ever seen again. This tale prompted early adventurers to settle in Dragonsford to look for the tunnels. Some gold was found, but rooms of treasure still lie hidden in the tunnels somewhere near the town.

Nearby Places of Interest

Free Thought

In 863 TA, a small caravan arrived in the town of Dragonsford. The caravan consisted of six large sleeping wagons and twenty men. The men proclaimed themselves the Guild of Thinkers, a small band of intellectuals, that were tired of living under the oppressive rule of the Crown. In a final effort to be free of that tyranny, they planned to establish a small keep in Haggelthorn Forest. To that end, they had traveled the length of the Eastern Reaches, Dragonsford being their last stop before entering the forest. The men, led by a fat merchant named Bezel Greencloak, a self-proclaimed mathematician, interviewed several of the town's residents. After declaring Dragonsford, "Free of any intellectual masters," the caravan took off down the road and into the forest.

The small village of Free Thought, consisted of a number of small wooden huts surrounding a small stone meeting hall. The hall was the primary focus of the communities intellectual prowess. In fact, Bezel boasted once while in Dragonsford buying supplies, "We have discovered a way to guard all of our valuable belongings in the town hall by using mathematics." Three years into the grand experiment, Bezel and company were destroyed by a large tribe of spiders. It seems that mathematicians don't always make good woodsmen. And so the village of Free Thought stood for years: empty. And at the center of the village, the Hall of Numbers, its secret intact, waited for some lucky adventurer to discover its secret.

In 883 TA, an adventuring party from Dragonsford ventured into the hall - claiming to have solved its riddles and looted its treasure.

Gnarled Hill

This hillock lies several miles south of Dragonsford. It is gently sloping with a total height of about 50 feet. A deep creek runs along the western side of the hill. On top of the hill is a tangled mass of ancient brambles. A single entrance under the hill has been exposed by a recent earthquake which caused a small slide of rocks to uncover a natural tunnel. The entrace to the tunnel is completely filled by a massive bramble bush, which sways eerily in the wind. In October 883 TA, an earthquake opened up the entrance to an underground lair of ioun dragons. The Gnarled Hill was explored by an adventuring party shortly thereafter.

Goblin Fork

The town of Goblin Fork is a meager village. It is a collection of a dozen buildings in a circle around a large gnarled oak tree. The tree, when viewed from the south, has an appearance vaguely like that of a goblin. Even to this day, directions are often given to travel along the road until you get "to the goblin in the road". The town boasts no outstanding establishments except for Fennel's armory and the Goblin Fork Tavern.

A ferry north of the village provides transport for those wishing to cross the River White to the north.

Outside of Goblin Fork lies a barren outcropping of rock known as the Priest's Altar. This large block of stone is bordered on the west by a swampy morass of lush, deadly green vegetation. To the east lies the dark trees of Haggelthorn Forest. A single road winds from the village of Goblin Fork west through some fertile farms to the Priest's Altar. The legends behind this stone are dim memories for the surrounding country folk. In the times of old when druids and rangers wandered this land fulfilling their secret purposes, there were tales of strange lights being seen over the rock at the time of lunar importance. However, there have been no signs of strange happenings at the Priest's Altar since 830 TA, and life in the village of Goblin Fork has been quiet for the most part. Long a forbidden place to the town's children, the Priests Altar has been the subject of many a young man's dare.

In June 883 TA, the town's blacksmith, Fennel by name, woke to find his young son, Aron, missing. Things quickly came to light, and Fennel learned that his son and several companions snuck out that night to play a game of Find the Ogre. Aron was chosen the ogre and hid himself somewhere on the Priest's Altar. After several hours of searching, the other children assumed Aron, playing one of his innumerable practical jokes, was sleeping comfortably at home. The group disbanded, and nothing had been heard from Aron since. It was the next night that strange lights were seen above the Priest's Altar, a poor portent for Aron, indeed. An adventuring party undertook the mission to find Aron, discovering a secret cult under the Priest's Altar which was subsequently infiltrated and destroyed.

Purchasing Equipment in Dragonsford

Dragonsford has a variety of merchants and craftsmen providing an excellent choice of wares at reasonable prices. Adventurers may purchase any mundane items from the Pathfinder Core Rulebook equipment list (pp. 140-163) with the exceptions noted below for the list price without roleplaying. Dragonsford also has a small number of magic items available from its vendors, and it boasts the Holly Berry Trading Post which sells a very limited number of powerful items. All magic and unusual items will need to be roleplayed.

Silver Weapons

Characters may buy masterwork versions of all weapons and armor. In addition, any normal weapon may be bonded with alchemical silver using the following costs. Creating items with special materials such as adamantine, darkwood, dragonhide, cold iron, mithril, etc. must be roleplayed.

Item Cost Shop
Ammunition add 2 gold Elixirs & Tinctures
Light Weapon add 20 gold Elixirs & Tinctures
One-handed Weapon add 90 gold Elixirs & Tinctures
Two-handed Weapon add 180 gold Elixirs & Tinctures

Magic Items

There are only a few magic items for sale in Dragonsford. Adventurers must roleplay buying these items as their purchase may alert important NPCs to party actions. And, clever adventurers may want to try and bargain for a better price. The items listed below can be bought for any sized creature.

Item Cost Shop
Studded Leather +1 1500 gold The Dragon's Hide
Chain Shirt +1 1500 gold Chainmail
Chainmail +1 1400 gold Chainmail
Banded Mail +1 1700 gold Chainmail
Full Plate +1 2650 gold Chainmail
Buckler +1 3200 gold Chainmail
Heavy Wooden Shield +1 1400 gold Straight Edges
Heavy Steel Shield +1 1400 gold Chainmail
Simple Weapons
Light Crossbow +1 2800 gold Bowman's Bows
Heavy Crossbow +1 2800 gold Bowman's Bows
Dagger +1 2800 gold The King's Arms
Heavy Mace +1 2800 gold The King's Arms
Morningstar +1 2800 gold The King's Arms
Quarterstaff +1 3100 gold Straight Edges
Martial Weapons
Battle Axe +1 2800 gold The King's Arms
Heavy Flail +1 2800 gold The Dragon's Hide
Greataxe +1 2800 gold The King's Arms
Greatsword +1 2800 gold The King's Arms
Handaxe +1 2800 gold The King's Arms
Longbow +1 2800 gold Bowman's Bows
Longsword +1 2800 gold The King's Arms
Rapier +1 2800 gold The King's Arms
Scimitar +1 2800 gold The King's Arms
Shortbow +1 2800 gold Bowman's Bows
Short Sword +1 2800 gold The King's Arms
Throwing Axe +1 2800 gold The King's Arms
Warhammer +1 2800 gold The King's Arms
Arrow +1 60 gold The Falcon's Feather
Crossbow Bolt +1 60 gold The Falcon's Feather
Sling Bullet +1 60 gold The King's Arms
Ring of Protection +1 2400 gold Finegelder's Gold
Ring of Feather Falling 2600 gold Finegelder's Gold
Ring of Climbing 3000 gold Finegelder's Gold
Ring of Jumping 3000 gold Finegelder's Gold
Ring of Swimming 3000 gold Finegelder's Gold
Rods, Staves and Wands
Rod of Lesser Extend Metamagic 3600 gold Holly Berry Trading Post
Rod of Lesser Silent Metamagic 3600 gold Holly Berry Trading Post
Wand of Detect Magic 500 gold The Knack
Wand of Light 500 gold Holly Berry Trading Post
Wondrous Items - Potions, Elixirs, and Oils
Universal Solvent 60 gold Elixirs & Tinctures
Potion of Cure Light Wounds 60 gold Elixirs & Tinctures
Potion of Mage Armor 60 gold Elixirs & Tinctures
Oil of Magic Weapon 60 gold Elixirs & Tinctures
Elixir of Hiding 300 gold Elixirs & Tinctures
Potion of Enlarge Person 300 gold Elixirs & Tinctures
Potion of Blur 360 gold Elixirs & Tinctures
Potion of Darkvision 360 gold Elixirs & Tinctures
Potion of Delay Poison 360 gold Elixirs & Tinctures
Potion of Invisibility 360 gold Elixirs & Tinctures
Wondrous Items - Defensive
Bracers of Armor +1 1200 gold Tucks & Tails
Cloak of Resistance +1 1200 gold Tucks & Tails
Amulet of Natural Armor +1 2400 gold Moonbeam Gems
Wondrous Items - Adventuring
Boots of Elvenkind 3000 gold Hobbit’s Feet
Bag of Holding (Type 1) 3000 gold The Dragon's Hide
Stone of Alarm 3200 gold Moonbeam Gems
Rope of Climbing 3600 gold Strong Hulls
Wondrous Items - Scrolls
Scroll of Remove Fear 60 gold Antiquarian Books
Scroll of Bless Weapon 120 gold Antiquarian Books
Scroll of Identify 150 gold The Knack
Scroll of Silence 240 gold Antiquarian Books

Holly Berry Trading Post

The Holly Berry Trading Post has a handful of powerful magic items for sale in Dragonsford. Adventurers must roleplay buying these items.

Item Cost Shop
Cloak of the Bat 31,200 gold Holly Berry Trading Post
Greater Gauntlet of Rust 41,400 gold Holly Berry Trading Post
Crystal Ball 50,400 gold Holly Berry Trading Post
Belt of Stoneskin 72,000 gold Holly Berry Trading Post
Monocle of the Investigator 79,200 gold Holly Berry Trading Post
Robe of the Archmagi 90,000 gold Holly Berry Trading Post

Miscellaneous Items and Services

There are also a number of miscellaneous items and services for sale. Again, any services from the Pathfinder Core Rulebook services list (pp. 140-163) can be purchased directly (exceptions noted below). In general, you will need to roleplay in order to get anything out of the ordinary.

In Dragonsford, the following inns service travelers:

Service Cost Inn
One night's stay, 2 meals, stable access (common inn) 2 gold/night The Owlbear
One night's stay, 2 meals, stable access (common inn) 2 gold/night Talbot Arms
One night's stay, 3 meals, stable access, and footman (good inn) 4 gold/night The World's End Pub and Free House

Items unique to Dragonsford are included below.

Item Cost Shop
Hobbit Elderberry Wine 806 TA imported 10 gold World's End Pub and Freehouse
Resurrection cast by Father Coventry 12,500 gold Church of the Hearth