Bloody Claw Warband

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Bloody Claw Warband
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Founded xxx TA
Size Minor Kingdom
Ruler Varbag Moonlover

The Orcs of the Bloody Claw have long been the scourge of the Eastern Reaches, as their raiding parties into the area are frequent and violent. Most of the warband lives in the dark and tangled trees of Dreadwood, although several small settlements on the plains to the west have been reported. The orcs are led by a massive black orc, Varbag Moonlover. Varbag's frequent rituals in the deep forest on nights of the full moon are stories used to frighten small children. It is rumored that none who have ever accompanied the leader on these forays has ever returned.

Nearby Places of Interest


Dreadwood is a dreary place, full of thorn tree, brambles, briars, and thickets. Its massive trees are black with age, and seem to whisper and talk amongst themselves when an interloper dares to pass beneath. Some claim that ripples of waving leaves and moving branches can be seen in the path of those entering the place, but this is unproven. The southern end of the forest is of a different nature than the rest. Where it grows near the River White, the woodlands are open and clean, but in the north their character becomes foreboding and hateful. The farther north one goes, the worse the forest becomes, until it is filled with an oppressive and evil atmosphere.

Tegel Manor

Tegel Manor, Tegel Village, and the surrounding environs were built and settled in the mid-sixth century TA by Rumpole Rump upon the discovery of mithral and the building of the Tegel Mines. Although the mines played out centuries ago, the area is still famous for it winterweed - the finest pipe tobacco in the Reaches. In October and November 889 TA, the area was overrun by a number of independent evil forces, including Orcs of the Bloody Claw, that were drawn to an ancient evil in the nearby mines. Although the forces of evil were destroyed, it is known tha Sir Runic Rump, the thirteenth lord, was killed. The last remaining Rump, Ronic, is currently Lord of Tegel Manor.