Crown of Stones

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Havelock's Keep
Type Dungeon
Status Explored October 883 TA
Location near the Dragonsford
Hex 3013
Campaign Dragonsford Campaign
Adventure # 85


It has been several months since your return from the past in which the destruction of Havelock's Keep left it standing as you see it today. With the exception of several sizable earthquakes, which while not unique in this part of the world are certainly uncommon, that have rattled the windows of the village over the past two weeks, life seems to have settled back to a quiet pace. It is late Summer, and the Wicked Lady Pub begins filling up about noon with the locals, attempting to escape the heat of the day. Today, the party gathers, as usual, for a meal and a quick pint. However, the tavern is empty. The barkeep, Dugald Whistlerock, smiles when you enter.

Everybody's gone down to the Gnarled Hill. It seems that the quake last night opened up an ancient tunnel under the hill. The Quicktongue boys found a skeleton wearing chain mail and a broken battle axe lying outside the tunnel. Dead he was, for ten score years, but holding a note in his hand. Well, you know those boys, one of them dashed into a thicket of thorns in the entrance of the tunnel, and he was torn limb from limb. Well, his brother dashed back here for help, and the whole place emptied out. Why, there must be a dozen of 'em down to that cursed hill.

Oh, and by the way, there was this little ditty written on the piece of paper.

Near Dragon Scales and Dragon Bones,
Lies the Ancient Crown of Stones,
Choose the Six and then be Bold,
Fear the Bright and Fear the Gold.
He Who Wears this Ancient Crown,
Will Have Great Powers Newly Found,
Coursing Through Their Mortal Life,
Until The Dark One 'comes Their Wife.

There is a common folktale about a small community of gnomes that lived under the Gnarled Hill before the great migration to the Land of Bogs and the Little People to the north. The spot has been rumored to be haunted, although there has never been any "real" evidence that this is such.

DM's Notes

The Crown of Stones is the central idol for a race of small ioun dragons. These dragons are thought to be the source of ioun stones in the world, for each adult dragon has one stone in it gullet. In this dungeon is a small snatch of nine eggs and eleven adult dragons. The Crown of Stones has two parts. The first part is actually just a golden stand (in the shape of a crown) which was thought to be made much later than the crown itself. The stone crown will only be visible if the previous wearer is dead (which he isn. t). The crown is a magical item that absorbs into the wearer. s head giving them the magical power of any ioun stones are inserted into it prior to the absorption. Upon death, the crown rolls back out along with any stones (used) that have been inserted. If the dragon eggs are left alone, they will hatch later forming another set of ioun stones.

An earthquake will reseal the dungeon in 24 hours after a series of warning tremors.

The Gnarled Hill

When you arrive, the bodies of five villagers can be seen ripped apart, parts strewn in a wide semi-circle around the entrance. Another handful of villagers are running full speed past you and back to town. You hear them yelling warnings about the demon bramble, but they don. t seem to want to stay around to explain.

The Bramble Spell

Crownofstones01 new.jpg

The entrance to this tunnel is filled with a massive bramble bush twenty feet in circumference. Upon closer examination, you notice that the bush is not actually swaying with the wind, but moving of its own accord. Instead of the bright red flowers of the local brambles, this plant has small red mouths filled with razor-sharp teeth. The thorns are like talons on long rope-like arms.

If approached, the following verse can be heard, whispered above the wind.

Speaking the word, "WOOD" allows the party to pass unharmed. Otherwise they have to fight the Bramble Spell.

The Druid's Word Must You Tell,
Or Flee From This Most Ancient Spell,
Wise Ones Only Dream.

Upon leaving, the wall will demand another word. This is obvious since the dead man was attempting to leave the dungeon.

Speaking the word, "GOD" allows the party to pass unharmed. Otherwise they have to fight the Bramble Spell.

Leaving is Coming, And The Other Way Around,
To Pass This Way, The Druid's Word Must Sound,
Dream Of Goodness.

The Bramble Spell is harmed by fire, but it can shoot thorns as projectile weapons.

Room 1: The Entrance Hall

This hallway, like most of the others in the dungeon, is made of hard-packed earth held together by knotted and twisted vines. There are a number of visible cracks in the walls, and small piles of loosened dirt are not uncommon. There is a musty scent in the air.

At the end of the hallway the walls, floor, and ceiling give way to carved wood. The wood is red with a warm glow. While not ornate, the craftsmanship of the hallway and the stairway which follows on is good.

The hallway ends in spiral stairway that leads both up and down.

Room 2: The Druid's Den

The stairway winds upwards opening onto a single room. The room is round and made of the same red wood as the stairway. A small wooden basin is along the west wall, collecting water that is dripping from a root that protrudes from the ceiling. Along the northern wall is a simple straw mat with the corpse of a man dressed in green robes holding a glowing staff. Curled in front of the mat is a sleeping wolf. The eastern wall has a small shelf holding travelling supplies, long since rotted beyond use.

As the wolf is approached, it growls menacingly. You notice that the fur of the wolf shimmers slightly, and its eyes are a glowing green.

If attacked, the wolf will fight until dead. At which time, it will blink out and reappear near the body to attack again. The wolf will not leave the druid. s body. If unmolested, this room will provide a good sanctuary since none of the other denizens will enter here. The glowing staff is just that, a glowing staff.

Room 3: The Landing

From this landing the stairway leads both upward and downward. A short barrel-shaped tunnel ends in a circular opening into a large spherically-shaped room. Halfway down the hallway a shimmering wall bulges towards the party. Just beyond, a set of wooden spikes are driven into the ceiling, jutting menacingly down like fangs.

Going through the wall will cause gravity to reverse. Tossing a coin through the wall will show this. Jumping through will be nasty. The spikes are venomed with sleeping poison.

Room 4: The Center Bubble Room (Anteroom)

This room is spherical in shape, roughly 40 feet in diameter. The walls are made of the same earthen construction as the rest of the dungeon. Six tunnels lead out of this room, one from the floor, one from the ceiling, and four from the walls. In the center of the room, a small fairy-sized man floats in what appears to be a soap bubble. He does not move, hanging limply, as if dead.

Closer inspection will show that the creature is actually a fairy wearing a bright red tunic and a gold crown, complete with wings. He appears to be unconscious. The bubble around him appears identical to a soap bubble.

This is Eldor, King of the Banished. If he is released, his minions will leave to wreak havoc upon the fairies that banished them. They will try at all costs to get the party to release the King, including sending fire bubbles if they try to leave.

If a bubble is struck with a pointed weapon for more than 20 points (single hit) it will burst, and the occupant will die.

Room 5: The Down Bubble Room (Prison)

This room is spherical in shape, roughly 30 feet in diameter. The walls are made of the same earthen construction, and a single passageway can be seen in the ceiling of this room. In the center of the room, four bubbles are hovering. Three of them contain bones of human-size. The fourth contains a very small GREEN dragon which appears to be sleeping.

Closer inspection shows that the dragon is bound by a thin silver cord which is wrapped completely about its body.

This is a green ioun dragon which is being held captive. If released, it will try to escape to the lowest level of the dungeon.

Room 6: The Up Bubble Room (The Pit)

This room is spherical in shape, roughly 30 feet in diameter. The walls are made of the same earthen construction, and a single passageway can be seen in the floor of this room. The ceiling of this room is filled with sharpened stakes.

Room 7: The North Bubble Room (The Temple)

This room is spherical in shape, roughly 30 feet in diameter. The walls are made of the same earthen construction, and a single passageway can be seen in south wall of this room. A dozen small fairies can be seen here, each wearing a red tunic. They can move slowly by beating their wings to push the bubble along. Hovering in the center of the room is a bubble containing a small golden horn encrusted with rubies.

The fairies can cast fire bubbles (see fireball) or sleep spells, but they are a fairly low level. They can also shoot very small bows with arrows poisoned with a sleep toxin.

The Horn of the Banished can be blown once to cancel all of the spells that the fairies have in place: the bubbles (the banishers), the anti-gravity (the banishees), sleep (on the dragon and the king). Blowing the horn twice will cause the fairies to be controlled. Blowing the horn more will cause it to crumble.

Room 8: The East Bubble Room (Treasure)

This room is spherical in shape, roughly 30 feet in diameter. The walls are made of the same earthen construction, and a single passageway can be seen in west wall of this room. A dozen small fairies can be seen here, each wearing a red tunic. In addition, there are roughly thirty bubbles containing small piles of gold and gems (very small rubies).

The fairies will attack if this room is entered. 450 gold pieces. 20 very small rubies.

Room 9: The West Bubble Room (Common)

This room is spherical in shape, roughly 30 feet in diameter. The walls are made of the same earthen construction, and a single passageway can be seen in east wall of this room. A dozen small fairies can be seen here, each wearing a red tunic.

Room 10: Collapsed Tunnel

From this landing the stairway leads both upward and downward. A short earthen tunnel leads ends in a collapsed rubble. The air is noticeably fresh here.

Careful examination of the tunnel shows that the collapse is fairly recent, but not new. A small crack several inches wide at the ceiling appears to be at the ground level of a room beyond. The room is dark, but the guttural sounds of snoring can be heard coming from the room. Significant excavations will need to be done to get into the room.

Room 11: Stone Giant Chief's Lair

This room is no more than a pit that has been dug out of the earth. An opening in the west leads into a larger cavern. Several brown bear skins are strewn about the floor. In the center of the room, a large stone giant is sleeping on a pile of straw. He is dressed in leather armor and a large club rests beside him. There is a rolled up piece of parchment sticking out of his pants, and a key hangs from a chain around his neck. A large wooden chest is along the north wall, an iron padlock hanging from it. A barrel of sour smelling ale stands open near the southern wall.

Very close examination shows a crack along the bottom of the south wall.

This is Stu, the Stone Giant Chief. The parchment is a map of Dragonsford with a large red circle around the pub. The stone giants are planning an attack on the town in about a week to steal more drink and food.

The chest contains: 4000 gold pieces, blue dragon skin (very small), blue ioun stone, Helm of Communication, Bracers of Defense AC 7

Room 12a: Stone Giant Common Room

This large cavern is partially formed from a natural cave and partially excavated from the earth. There is a large table in the center of this roomm with six barrels pulled up around it as chairs. A pile of discarded bones buzz with flies nearby. Passageways lead south, west, and north. The northern passage has some bear skins hanging to form a makeshift door. This obviously leads to the outside since sunlight can be seen around the edges of the skin door. Three stone giants are at the table drinking.

Room 12b: Stone Giant Sleeping Room

This small cave has been dug out of the earth. Straw litters the floor, and the smell of dung is strong here. Three stone giants are sleeping here.

There is no treasure here.

Room 13: Brown Bear Guards

Several brown bears are guarding the entrance to the cave. They are trained and will fight to protect the stone giants sleeping beyond.

There is no treasure here.

Room 14: The Fairy Feast

From this landing the stairway leads both upward and downward. A short hallway leads into a large room. The room is massive, several hundred feet long, with high vaulted ceilings beamed with red wood worked in a gold filigree. Along the west and east walls, a balcony opens onto additional rooms. The center of the room is dominated by a large feasting table strewn with wooden goblets, wooden plates and platters, and ringed with scores of small stools. Slumped around the table are forty fairies dressed in red tunics armed with short swords.

Close examination shows that they are not dead, merely sleeping.

There is no stairway to the upper levels.

The fairies need to be revived with the food.

Room 15: The Fairy Upper Chambers

This small room is richly appointed with fine wooden furniture, beds layered with purple velvet, and other furnishings.

In the east wing, there are 8 sleeping fairies and 2 treasure chests.

Chest #1: 200 gold pieces, 2 medium rubies, Potion of Mana, Potion of Persuasiveness.
Chest #2: 200 gold pieces, 2 medium rubies, Potion of Climbing,

In the west wing, there are 4 sleeping fairies, one sleeping clear dragon, and 2 treasure chests.

Chest #1: 200 gold pieces, 2 medium rubies, Potion of Diminuation.
Chest #2: 200 gold pieces, 2 medium rubies, Potion of Heavy Healing, Potion of Love.

Room 16: The Upside Down Tree

The spiral staircase ends at an earthen landing which follows into a series of small sloping tunnels.

The tunnels wind down to a very strange room.

This very large room is dominated by the branches of a very large tree which hang upside down from the ceiling. The green leaves are bright and shiny. Several small dragons can be seen perched in the tree, and a large nest can be seen near the center of the tree. From the tree hangs fruit, some bright metallic gold in color. Other fruit is black and withered. A number of small passages lead from the room. On the walls of room are written the following verse:

All that glitters is not gold;
All that's gold is not good;
All that's good is not old;
All that's old is not food.

Careful examination shows that there is a large pit in the center of the room. The sounds of moaning can be heard coming from the pit.


The party must retrieve some black food to revive the fairies on the previous level: black ioun dragon, gray ioun dragon, red ioun dragon, pink ioun dragon, white ioun dragon, purple ioun dragon, yellow ioun dragon (female), orange ioun dragon, and nine ioun dragon eggs.

The Pit of the Guardian Spirit

The festering pit in the center of the room is dark and narrow. At the bottom, a man sits drooling in a rotting purple robe. His eyes are wild, and his head jerks back and forth as he scans his surroundings. On the man. s head is a golden crown, which seems oddly too big for him.

If a character descends into the pit, the branches of the tree will start to sway wildly. Green tendrils will move to attack the party unless the fairies are dancing the Dance of the Guardian Spirit. The tree will attack like a roper.

This is Margold the Mad. He is the current wearer of the Crown of Stones. He put rubies into the device, and when they were absorbed, he lost it. Shortly thereafter, he was captured by an evil spirit of the tree. 6 medium rubies.


Bramble Spell
Druid's Wolf
The Fairy King Eldor of the Banished
green ioun dragon (imprisoned in bubble)
banished fairies (12)
banished fairies (12)
banished fairies (12)
Stu the Stone Giant Chief
stone giants (3)
stone giants (3)
brown bears (3)
sleeping fairies (40)
sleeping fairies (8)
sleeping fairies (4)
clear ioun dragon (sleeping)
black ioun dragon
gray ioun dragon
red ioun dragon
pink ioun dragon
white ioun dragon
purple ioun dragon
yellow ioun dragon (female)
orange ioun dragon
Dance of the Guardian Spirit
Margold the Mad


Staff of Continual Light
Eldor's gold crown
Horn of the Banished
450 gold pieces
20 very small rubies
4000 gold pieces
blue ioun dragon skin
blue ioun stone
Helm of Communication
Bracers of Defence AC 7
800 gold pieces
8 medium rubies
Potion of Mana
Potion of Pursuasiveness
Potion of Climbing
Potion of Diminuation
Potion of Heavy Healing
Potion of Love
green ioun dragon egg
clear ioun dragon egg
black ioun dragon egg
gray ioun dragon egg
red ioun dragon egg
pink ioun dragon egg
white ioun dragon egg
purple ioun dragon egg
yellow ioun dragon egg
orange ioun dragon egg
golden crown (stand)
Crown of Stones
6 medium rubies
Shield +3
green ioun stone
clear ioun stone
black ioun stone
gray ioun stone
red ioun stone
pink ioun stone
white ioun stone
purple ioun stone
yellow ioun stone
orange ioun stone