Fellowship of Wee Travelers

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Fellowship of Wee Travelers
Symbol-wee folk.png
Races Gnomes, Hobbits
Classes Any
Alignments Any
Leader Simon Token
Headquarters The Storytellers Inn (Vardan)

The origins of the Fellowship of Wee Travelers dates back to the early fourth century TA. As the legend goes, an adventuring fellowship of hobbits were ambushed on the Greater Farthing Road as they traveled north towards Teufeldorf. The brigands apparently chose a bold attack against the party thinking they were children. Outnumbered, the hobbits fled north, their attackers in close pursuit. Eventually, the hobbits took refuge in the walled courtyard of a crossroads pub - the Storytellers Inn near the current day village of Vardan. Although exhausted and outnumbered, the hobbits survived thanks to the intervention of the innkeeper John Token who, along with the Inn's staff, were able to thwart the bandits.

In the days following the attack, the hobbits recovered at the inn under the watchful eye of John Token who was fascinated by his first encounter with the "wee folk". John began writing stories about hobbits - popular adventure stories that later became popular in the City-State. It was during this time that the Fellowship of the Wee Travelers was formed - it's symbol drawn from the carved signpost outside Token's Inn.

Over time, the Fellowship was extended to gnomes whose tales also fascinated the now-sizable following of writers and storytellers at the Inn. Stocking the foods and trappings of their homelands, the Storytellers Inn became a popular stop for wee folk traveling to and from the City-State. Today, a network of inns, pubs and safe houses display the symbol of the Fellowship of Wee Travelers. Gnomes and hobbits carrying the coin of membership of the Fellowship are given preferential treatment. In addition, the Fellowship will, on occasion, hire adventurers to carry information, escort notables, and undertake missions of a clandestine nature.

Gnomes and hobbits interested in joining the Fellowship of Wee Travelers should see Simon Token at The Storytellers Inn in Vardan.