Hamlet of Haggelthorn

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Hamlet of Haggelthorn
Founded 663 TA
Size Minor Kingdom
Fealty Independent
Ruler Lord Elias Haggelthorn
Hex 3114
Map-haggelthorn 2.jpg


The Hamlet of Haggelthorn is the second oldest human settlement in the Eastern Reaches. It maintains a neutral political stance, although Haggelthorn supports the current rule in the Eastern Reaches. It has no standing army. Haggelthorn is a banking and trading center for the area dealing in a vast variety of goods and services.

Sixty fighting men serve under Lord Elias Haggelthorn. These men keep the forests around the hamlet safe for travel. About once each month the Haggelthorns send out two merchant caravans loaded with goods. One travels to Dragonsford and the other to Dwarrowdelf. These trade for the supplies needed by Elias Haggelthorn and make a sizable profit for the merchants involved.

The name of Haggelthorn has been attached to the forest for hundreds of years, and just about every traveler in the area knows of the unusual exploits of this strange merchant family. Although one of the smallest minor kingdoms in the Eastern Reaches, Haggelthorn is one of the wealthiest.

Hamlet of Haggelthorn

Haggelthorn is the merchant center of the Eastern Reaches. The town's population exceeds 1,000 inhabitants. The upper town was established in 663 TA and completed with the construction of the Docks and the Owl's Head Lighthouse in 668-669 TA. The new Haggelthorn Hall (see The Spiriting of Haggelthorn Hall below) was completed shortly thereafter. Strangely, Haggelthorn did not suffer attacks and raids from orcs and other terrors that plagued the Eastern Reaches during its early years. Some hold that strong magic from the Hall protected the area. Others believe that the hamlet simply wasn't worth the effort.

In 730 TA, the village of Darkwood was founded south of the hamlet as a refuge for criminals, pariahs and other undesirables. Darkwood was considered a separate village with its own mayor. The two villages existed peacefully side-by-side until the Brimbleweed family from Darkwood took over the Hall during the absence of the Haggelthorns in 803-832 TA. Upon the Haggelthorn's return from an "extended buying trip", the interlopers were rounded up and killed along with a purge of Darkwood residents found to be co-conspirators. Today, few buildings in Darkwood remain occupied and only three businesses are still located there (Druid's Head Inn, Noble Metals, and Weft Threads). The Chapel of St. Betherd and the Hermitage are also vacant.

In 835 TA, a plague in Haggelthorn sickened many villagers. Many of the inflicted fled. The villagers who remained behind and those subsequently moving into the area have demonstrated an uncanny level of loyalty to the Haggelthorns. Some blame dark magic, but the safety and wealth of the town have overcome any fears, and Haggelthorn continues to grow and prosper.

Haggelthorn Hall

In the mid-seventh century TA, the Haggelthorns were one of the wealthiest families in Teufeldorf having made their fortune as merchants. However, the eldest of the Haggelthorn sons, Ichabod, decided to expand the family business into dealing with objects of art, magic, and the occult. He longed to travel to far away lands to find strange treasures. An odd little man, nobody was surprised when Ichabod announced that he was moving to the Eastern Reaches to start up his business. However, everybody was surprised when he ordered the family mansion, Haggelthorn Hall, to be moved stone by stone with him. Needless to say, Ichabod took many servants, workers, and craftsmen with him. It took over three years to complete the move, and transplant Ichabod's family home to the coast of the Inner Sea. Many of the people who traveled with the eccentric merchant stayed in the Eastern Reaches.

The original Haggelthorn Hall, was relocated to the top of a hill overlooking the current-day port. When every stone in the Hall was "spirited" away in 666 TA, a new structure was built on its foundation by the sole surviving member of the family, Henrick Haggelthorn. That structure still stands today and is the ancestral home of the Haggelthorns. Other than a brief period between 803-832 TA when the Hall was occupied by the Brimbleweed Family, a Haggelthorn has been lord of the manor for almost 250 years.

There have been seven generations of Haggelthorns in the Eastern Reaches, although the family lineage extends further back during the family's tenure in Teufeldorf. The current ruler is Elias Haggelthorn.

  • Icabod (625-666 TA) - moved Haggelthorn Hall to the Eastern Reaches (663 TA); Spiriting of Haggelthorn Hall (666 TA)
  • Henrick (650-741 TA) - built new Haggelthorn Hall (666-672 TA)
  • Barnabus (691-776 TA)
  • Damien (727-790 TA)
  • Thaddeus (770-832 TA) - left for the Dreamlands 803 TA, presumed killed in the Dreamlands
  • Harrison (800-875 TA) - returned from the Dreamlands 832 TA (sole survivor); removed the Brimbleweeds; blamed for the Plague of Loyalty (835 TA)
  • Elias (850 TA- present) - current patriarch; two sons Maxwell and Mortimer

Haggelthorn Hall sits upon a hillock which is otherwise covered with trees and shrubs. The estate wall and the manor itself are made of cut stone. The house reflects a Gothic style with intricate carvings, statues, and scroll work in abundance. The building is a two-story structure with the exception of the tower which is four stories. The graveyard and slave quarters lie at the bottom of the hillock.

Map of Haggelthorn


Establishments, Buildings, Shopkeepers and Notable Natives

Establishment Name Type Purveyor/Owner
Amber Ales Brewer
Best Blades (closed) Weaponmaker Stench
Better Throws Potter
Big Bellows Blacksmith
Blown Away Glassblower
Brimbleweed's Herbs (closed) Herbalist Empty
Buttermilk's Dairy Dairy
Carl's Lapidary Jeweler
Central Market (Darkwood) Home Sprig Sisters
Central Market (Haggelthorn) Mercantile Madam Raan
Chandler's Emporium Chandler Bartholomew Chandler
Chapel of St. Betherd (closed) Church Empty
Church of the Hearth Church Truesdale the Silent
Crossed Bows Bowyer
The Dock Hand Rope and Net Maker
Dockmaster Dockmaster Neal Goodbread (dock hand)
The Draft Horse Stables
Druid's Head Stable Stables Missela Betterbeer
Druid's Head Inn Inn Missela Betterbeer
The Edge Cutler
Filet & Chop Butcher
Finch & Bull, Booksellers Booksellers William Bull, Sebastian Finch (on holiday)
Fine's Fiddles Musical Instrument Shop Andrew Fine
The Four Humors Doctors
Freeman's Breads Bakery
Freeman's Cheese Cheese Shop
Goldmasters (closed) Goldsmith Empty
Goodbread Bakery (closed) Home Stump Goodbread
Green Guards (closed) Guards Empty
Haggelthorn Traders Magic Shop Elias Haggelthorn
Jonathan Currier, Tanner Tanner Jonathan Currier
Knot's Knots Carpenter
Lockman, Village Lawyer Lawyer
The Look Tailor
Looking Down Cobbler
Mallet & Chisel (closed) Stone Mason Empty
Molly the Fishwife Fishmonger Molly
Mason and Son Mason
Mayor's House (closed) Home Empty
Noble Metals Alchemist Yiga'ha Sv'uss
Owl's Head Lighthouse Lighthouse
Quernstones Miller
Raven and Rat Inn
The Restless Ruffian Pub
Rikard's Shipyard Shipwright
Saw Pit (closed) Carpenter Empty
Sea Foam Pub Pub
Seek and Hide Leatherworker
Silver and Gold Goldsmith Burl Brunsen
Sinister Ends Poisoner
The Skeleton Key Locksmith
Soot's Boots (closed) Leather Shop Empty
Steamed Staves Cooper
Sweet Seats Furniture Maker
Unbreakable Plate Armorer
Vintage Tastes Vintner
W Whitesmith, Tinker Tinkerer Woad Whitesmith
Weft Threads Weaver Sprig Sisters
Wheeler's Shop Wainwright
Woodcock's Wing Fletcher

Description of Establishments & Buildings

  • Best Blades (weaponmaker) - Although the Best Blades sign still hangs out front, this small shop has long been ransacked for anything valuable. The forge is used as a common fireplace and a single bed at the rear of the shop is where Stench sleeps during the day.
  • Brimbleweed's Herbs (herbalist) - This small, two-room wooden house has been mostly reclaimed by the forest.
  • Central Market (grocery in Darkwood) - Central Market once held an enviable position in the Darkwood shops. Its contents were moved to the new shop in Haggelthorn proper. The old shop is currently the residence of the Sprig sisters who live here - having converted the space into a residence with modest comforts and charm.
  • Chapel of St. Betherd (church) - The church is a dilapidated old chapel. The outside walls are of a rough cut stone. There are two large stained glass windows. One depicts St. Betherd saving a child from drowning in a stream. The other depicts the same man being beheaded by that child (for treason). These windows have been boarded up from the inside.
  • Druid's Head Inn (inn) - The inn is a one story whitewashed wooden building with four windows in front. The door is surrounded by a courtyard. The Druid's Head Inn is the only place for a drink in the village. The establishment is open until midnight. The windowless stable is a long one-story wooden building. There are a set of barn doors at one end of the building.
  • Goldmasters (goldsmith) - This small stone building still stands thanks to its stout construction. Consisting of three rooms including a workshop, the place was cleaned out long ago. The forge still stands in working order but rumors of the ghost of old Gunther Goldmaster keep potential squatters at bay.
  • Goodbread Bakery (baker) - The bakery is still inhabited by Stump Goodbread, although the oven is used mostly for heat. Once the largest shop in Darkwood, it is now run-down. The front shop and kitchen are rarely used, but Stump can be found in the back bedroom when not at the Druid's Inn Pub.
  • Green Guard Outpost (town guard) - The Green Guard headquarters and outposts are all abandoned. The headquarters burned decades ago, leaving only a hollow shell of scorched stone. The outposts, being wooden, have all fallen into disrepair. Both were used as outhouses after the town was abandoned.
  • Mallet & Chisel (stone mason) - The Mallet & Chisel still stands. A stone building of stout construction, the thatched roof has collapsed. A four-room house with one room acting as a workshop, the furniture and tools were stolen from the place years ago.
  • Mayor's House (mayor) - Derisively called Darkwood Manor, this large wooden building was burnt during the Brimbleweed Purge. As a result, the top floor of this house crashed into the ground floor leaving mostly rubble and broken furniture. An owlbear who took up residence in the house caused trouble for the Darkwood villagers for several years ago.
  • Noble Metals (alchemist) - The alchemist's tower is two stories of stone, although rumor holds that a basement leads to an underground complex. The tower is in excellent condition with no signs of aging. A single set of steps lead up to double oaken doors. There are no windows in the tower. Requests for potions and elixirs are typically nailed to the front door with payment in a leather pouch. Completed orders are similarly nailed in leather pouches for pickup.
  • Saw Pit (carpenter) - The Saw Pit is a wooden shop in poor repair. Free-standing, it looks to have been several rooms and a workshop. The shop has been looted.
  • Soot's Boots (leatherworker) - At one time, this building which housed two shops was very fashionable with racks of beautiful leather shoes and boots. The central roof of the structure has collapsed, but the remaining interior of the shop still reflects its past beauty.
  • Weft Threads (weavers) - In the long row of shops at the center of Darkwood, Weft Threads is the only business remaining - although the Sprig sisters live in the old Central Market shop two doors down. The shop is neat, well-maintained and well stocked. Three looms are set up in the center of the shop with ample seating around a large wooden table for work and gossip.

Description of Shopkeepers & Notable Natives

  • Betterbeer, Brundhall (innkeeper, deceased) - Portly and loud with red hair, green eyes, and fair complexion, Brundhall has a merry continence and a lilting accent. The Druid's Head Inn is run by Brundhall Betterbeer, his wife (Missela), and two young sons (Windham & Nob). Brundhall is well-liked and kind. He sells his bitters for a very low price to the villagers and a very high price to strangers. Brundhall was killed in a bar fight and his body taken on November 12, 907 TA.
  • Betterbeer, Missela (innkeeper's wife) - Portly and quiet with a shrill laugh, Missela has brown hair, brown eyes, and a fair complexion. Missela took over the Druid's Head Inn when her husband was killed in a bar fight.
  • Betterbeer, Nob (innkeeper's son) - Thin and quiet, Nob's red hair and green eyes are overshadowed by frequent bruises to his fair complexion. Nob follows his older brother around everywhere. Nob is a town gossip who is frequently beaten by his father for telling secrets. Villagers find that he is easily tricked.
  • Betterbeer, Windham (innkeeper's son) - The older brother is thin with his father's red hair, green eyes, and fair complexion. Quiet by nature, Windham hangs on his father's every word.
  • Bull, William (bookseller) - Tall with dark hair and a bright white smile, Liam is the seller at Finch & Bull Booksellers. He is married and has several small children. Honest and good-natured, Liam is not the brightest fellow. He is competent at selling books but leaves the expert tasks to his partner Sebastian. William lives in upper town after having purchased a nicer home for his expanding brood.
  • Claypool the Reverent (priest, deceased) - Claypool was the last priest of the Chapel of St. Betherd. He was killed in 832 TA during the Brimbleweed Purge. At the time of his death, he was a young wiry man with blond hair and blue eyes, small shifty eyes, and a tendency to see the worst in people.
  • Damien the Cruel (fisherman) - Now aged, Damien has a notable scar on his cheek, an overall poor complexion, dark hair, dark features, thin and small with brown eyes, he walks with a limp. His hatred of children is legendary in town.
  • Darksword (ranger) - more a figure of legend, Darksword was in Haggelthorn at the time of the Brimbleweed Purge, although his role in the affair is unknown. Described as dark-featured, bearded, tall, muscular and with a deep voice, Darksword was an orc-hunter with a magic longsword who disappearred shortly after the return of the Haggelthorns.
  • Finch, Sebastian (bookseller, on holiday) - Finch is a dark, swarthy man who can be cloyingly charming - some describe his as seedy. Finch is the book buyer for Finch & Bull, and he is an expert on old texts. He is currently on an extended honeymoon with his new bride, Gretchen Horn, previously a maid at Haggelthorn Hall. Before marrying, he lived above the shop in Haggelthorn.
  • Gabler, Elwell (hunter, deceased) - A Green Guard, Elwell was killed during Brimbleweed Purge. At the time of his death, he was described as a short thin man with bright red hair and an impish smile, who was very quiet.
  • Goldmaster, Gunther (goldmaster, whereabouts unknown) - Gunther, his wife (Helga) and sister (Gwyn) disappeared from Haggelthorn at the time of the Brimbleweed Purge. It is said that his ghost haunts the old shop in Darkwood. The Goldmasters were large, st
  • Goodbread, August (stone mason, deceased) - August and his wife Rhila (Sprig) were killed in the Brimbleweed Purge of 832 TA. Their son (Bjanni) and daughter (Gilda) were raised by the Sprig family. The children left Haggelthorn for Teufeldorf in 852 TA. Nothing has been heard from them since. At the time of their deaths, August was described as a young man with blond hair, very fit and trim who loved to eat. Rhila is remembered as a young woman with small features, long brown hair, and brown eyes with a very nice personality. Both are buried in the Chapel of St. Betherd.
  • Goodbread, Neal - (dockhand) - A young man who is shy and stutters. Neal is painfully honest and a bit slow. His good nature makes him an easy target for the village bullies.
  • Goodbread, Stump - (baker, retired) - The sole living Goodbread left in Haggelthorn, Stump is now completely gray and fat. His missing forearm is still his most notable feature. His wife, Elanor, has been dead for years from natural causes, and his son (Tad) and daughter (Roxane) were slain by werewolves while traveling to Dreadfield. Stump can be found at the Druid's Head Pub drinking almost every night.
  • Haggelthorn, Elias - (patriarch of Haggelthorn Hall) - Elias is in his mid-fifties, although he looks quite a bit older. He is balding and somewhat short - a fringe of grey hair and a round belly. He typically wears a green smoking jacket, a pipe continuously hanging from his lips.
  • Haggelthorn, Henrietta - (late wife of Elias Haggelthorn) - Described as a short stout woman of human descent, Henrietta died many years ago, apparently of poisoning.
  • Haggelthorn, Maxwell - (elder son of Elias Haggelthorn) - Unlike his parents, Maxwell is tall and dark with a slightly elven look about him. Maxwell is rumored to be on a Tang Trader on the Great Sea on family business.
  • Haggelthorn, Mortimer - (youngest son of Elias Haggelthorn) - Like his brother, Mortimer is tall with a slightly elven appearance. He is fair complected. Mortimer is currently tending to family business in Teufeldorf.
  • Horn, Gretchen - (upstairs maid at Haggelthorn Hall) - Gretchen is a source of town gossip. She was an upstairs maid at Haggelthorn Hall until a terrible accident aged her - streaking her hair with gray and stealing her youthful continence. Shortly after the accident, she and Sebastian Finch, the bookseller, were secretly married and immediately left on a honeymoon complements of Elias Haggelthorn. Most believe she saw a ghost.
  • Howland the Pious (abbot, whereabouts unknown) - Howland disappeared around the time the Chapel of St. Betherd was closed. Described as a tall thin man, gaunt with very grey hair, a nervous tick, and a perpetual frown, it is thought that he fled south from Haggelthorn.
  • Lacy, Eleanor (cook at Haggelthorn Hall) - Lacy is a woman of strict habits. She rises early, always walks to the village for foodstuffs at ten. Dinner is always prompt, albeit not spectacular fare. Competent in the kitchen, Lacy's one vice seems to be an insatiable appetite for old books - ghost stories are her favorite. She is slowly working her way through the vast Haggelthorn libraries.
  • Merko the Bold (fishman, deceased) - tall, thin, handsome with a nice smile, Merko will try charming any woman. Merko drink heavily and gets boisterous. He lives near the Owl's Head Lighthouse. Merko was killed in a bar fight and his body taken on November 12, 907 TA.
  • Merrywidow, Marisol (downstairs maid at Haggelthorn Hall) - Marisol is a young, playful woman who is always quick with a joke or a juicy piece of gossip.
  • Morrow, Anna Lee (housekeeper at Haggelthorn Hall) - Anna Lee is the middle-aged matron of the Hall - keeping things running and the staff in line. She is the daughter of Frederick the butler. She is loyal to the Haggelthorns and her father, although she does like a pint at the pub periodically.
  • Morrow, Frederick (butler at Haggelthorn Hall) - Frederick is an an impossibly tall and thin man with thin lips and haughty expression. He wears a fine suit of excellent weave, albeit a design that went out of fashion some decades ago. He wears a simple silver necklace with a set of small stones set in a circle about his neck. He is exceedingly old and slow.
  • Oldham the Shrewd (hunter, deceased) - A Green Guard, Oldham was killed during Brimbleweed Purge. At the time of his death, he was described as short fat bald man, very sunburned with a nice smile and a quick wit.
  • Pearson, Zachary (groundskeeper/handyman at Haggelthorn Hall) - young, tanned and perfect are the words using by the locals to describe Zachary. A shy man, he lives at Haggelthorn Hall as the groundskeeper. He is new to Haggelthorn and reluctant to talk about his past.
  • Raan, Madam (mercantile) - The oldest living human resident of Hagglethorn, Madam Raan is a very old woman thin and short with grey hair and no teeth. She is shaky but firm in her dealings, although her grandson Brin runs the shop for the most part.
  • Raan, Brin (grandson of Madam Raan) - Brin runs the Central Market. Despite a hairlip, he is always smiling and considerate. Brin has brown hair and brown eyes.
  • Raan, Constance (daughter of Madam Raan, deceased) - Constance was the first victim of the plague of 835 TA. At the time of her death, she was described as an older woman with blond hair and brown eyes, very tough, but fair, It was reported that she never smiled.
  • Rockinthald the Bold (hunter, deceased) - A Green Guard, Rockinthald was killed during Brimbleweed Purge. At the time of his death, he was described as a very tall big man, always wears black, black curly hair, loud voice.
  • Seafarer, Eldred (fishman) - Living in Darkwood, Eldred is tall, thin, quiet, smiles at everything. Now bald, Eldred has penetrating brown eyes. He often drinks at the Druid's Head Inn telling tales of his hero - Captain Searngi - who was lost at sea years ago.
  • Soot, Ellingwood (leatherworker, deceased) - A gaunt, hunchbacked man with no teeth, dirty brown hair, and crippled hands, Ellingwodd was very gruff and not well-liked. He was killed during the Brimbleweed Purge.
  • Sprig, Chastity (weaver) - Having taken over the business after the natural death of her father (Needles) and mother (Steena), Chasity is middle-aged, plump, with the family's bright red hair and green eyes. She lives with her two remaining sisters (Marla and Hope), who are quiet but competent in their work. Unwilling to leave Darkwood, the Sprig sisters are well-respected albeit a bit sentimental to the old town. Two other sisters (Darline and Lauren) died during the plague.
  • Stench (weaponmaker) - His shop long gone, Stench has been an old drunken man for as long as anyone can remember. He rarely bathes and has dirty grey hair and yellow teeth. Stench still wears a magical amulet which gives him spurts of genius followed by days of terrible headaches. He can be found at the Druid's Head Inn almost every night drinking toast to his dead buddy, Ellingwood Soot.
  • Sv'uss, Yiga'ha (alchemist) - Little is known of the alchemist, as he is never seen about town.
  • Trowbridge, Jason (carpenter, deceased) - Killed during the Brimbleweed Purge, Jason was described at the time of his death as a middle-aged man, tall, huge, strong, with bright red hair and blue eyes, very sunburnt, quiet, but quick.
  • Truesdale the Silent (priest) - Now elderly, Truesdale is now at the Church of the Hearth, having left the Chapel of St. Betherd when it closed. The priest is still fat, jolly and sees the best in people, although his fringe of hair is now wispy grey.
  • Tugfoot the Creepy (hunter, deceased) - A Green Guard, Tugfoot was killed during Brimbleweed Purge. At the time of his death, he was described as a tall, thin old man with white tangled hair and yellow teeth, creepy laugh.
  • Turner, Bidwell (hunter, deceased) - A Green Guard, Elwell was killed during Brimbleweed Purge. At the time of his death, he was described as a tall thin young man with a terrible complexion, brown hair, and a gawky appearance.
  • Wallace, Chase (footman at Haggelthorn Hall) - Chase is a good young man despite several run-ins with the law in Dreadfield prior to coming to Haggelthorn. He is a very eligible bachelor and can often be seen at the pub courting any of a number of young women.
  • Wen, Bransom (mayor, deceased) - The last mayor of Darkwood,Bransom was killed during the Brimbleweed Purge. Thought to be at the center of the plot, he was also rumored to dabble in the black arts and slavery. He was desribed as a fat man with no hair and a boasting manner, fair skin and pink complexion. His body was burned.

Legend: The Spiriting of Haggelthorn Hall

He was a strange little man that Ichabod Haggelthorn. Never said much to anybody. Just stayed to himself and played with those shrunken heads and things. Called it studying the occult he did. Everyone knew he was a bit crazy, but with his money they listened to him anyway.

Well, the story begins about a year after Haggelthorn Hall was re-built in the Eastern Reaches. It was a foggy autumn night sometime in late October when it happened. My great-great-great grandfather had just finished his rounds (being a night sentry, you know). The woods were crawlin' with evil things back then. But, my great-great-great grandfather hadn't seen nothing except a lone yellow light coming down from Haggelthorn Hall. He reported to the captain and was on his way to bed when the fog started gettin' real thick just like the town had passed into a cloud. The lights in Haggelthorn Hall were all out, but he could see the outline of the building as it lifted into the air. It was just floating there on top of the fog. Suddenly, there was a loud creak as if the gates of hell were opening up and the Hall began to move down the hill and into the forest. Well, my great-great-great grandfather ran to tell the captain what was happenin', but the captain told him to stop drinkin' on the job and to get to bed.

When the sun rose the next morning and the fog was burned away, Haggelthorn Hall was gone. Only Henrick Haggelthorn was left. Said he was away on some late night business - to a brothel if you ask me. I'll tell you what happened, those spirits that Ichabod was dealin' with they's the ones that came and spirited the Hall away. Well, Henrick's great-great-great grandson, Elias, is runnin' the business now. Calls himself a lord he does and still deals in those shrunken heads and things. Probably will get himself into trouble too. A real high and mighty type he is. But those boys of his ain't too bad.

Well, that's the story of the Spiriting of Haggelthorn Hall. Just as it happened. Honest. The story has been passed down from father to son for generations in my family. We knows it first hand.

Legend: The Dreamlands of Haggelthorn Hall

My story starts around 790 TA - about 120 years ago - with the untimely death of my great grandfather Damien Haggelthorn. Like the generations before him, Damien was a merchant and collector of artifacts. A bit too successful, Haggelthorn Hall overflowed with odd and unexplored artifacts - some of which turned out to be dangerous. Damien was killed in 790 by a strange fog that filled the Hall one night after one of his "summoning parties". He liked to read old rituals to see what would happen.

My grandfather, Thaddeus Haggelthorn, took over the family then - only 20 years old he was - and the dreamer of the family. He became infatuated with what he called the dreamlands - sort of an extra-dimensional layer on top of this world. In the dreamlands, Haggelthorn Hall stands exactly as you see it - on the same hill with the same rooms. But, what is solid and real here might not be so in the dreamlands. Then, he started moving all the "dangerous" artifacts to the dreamlands. Now, he went a bit mad - moved the whole family into the Haggelthorn Hall in the dreamland - lost they were for 30 years until he died. My father alone escaped and returned to Haggelthorn Hall. And no Haggelthorn has been there since.

as told by Elias Haggelthorn

Purchasing Equipment in Haggelthorn

Haggelthorn is a merchant town and has a better than average array of merchants and craftsmen although prices seem to be high. Adventurers may purchase any mundane items from the Pathfinder Core Rulebook equipment list (pp. 140-163) with the exceptions noted below for the list price without roleplaying. Haggelthorn also has a good number of magic items available from its vendors, and it boasts the Haggelthorn Traders (independent from the Ravenswood Trading Posts) which sells a limited number of very powerful items. All magic and unusual items will need to be roleplayed.

Silver Weapons

Characters may buy masterwork versions of all weapons and armor. In addition, any normal weapon may be bonded with alchemical silver using the following costs. Creating items with special materials such as adamantine, darkwood, dragonhide, cold iron, mithril, etc. must be roleplayed.

Item Cost Shop
Ammunition add 2 gold Noble Metals
Light Weapon add 20 gold Noble Metals
One-handed Weapon add 90 gold Noble Metals
Two-handed Weapon add 180 gold Noble Metals

Magic Items

There are a number of magic items for sale in Haggelthorn. Adventurers must roleplay buying these items as their purchase may alert important NPCs to party actions. And, clever adventurers may want to try and bargain for a better price. The items listed below can be bought for any sized creature.

Item Cost Shop
Studded Leather +1 1500 gold Seek and Hide
Chain Shirt +1 1500 gold Unbreakable Plate
Chainmail +1 1400 gold Unbreakable Plate
Banded Mail +1 1700 gold Unbreakable Plate
Full Plate +1 2650 gold Unbreakable Plate
Buckler +1 3200 gold Unbreakable Plate
Heavy Wooden Shield +1 1400 gold Knot's Knots
Heavy Steel Shield +1 1400 gold Unbreakable Plate
Simple Weapons
Light Crossbow +1 2800 gold Crossed Bows
Heavy Crossbow +1 2800 gold Crossed Bows
Dagger +1 2800 gold The Edge
Heavy Mace +1 2800 gold The Edge
Morningstar +1 2800 gold The Edge
Quarterstaff +1 3100 gold Knot's Knots
Martial Weapons
Battle Axe +1 2800 gold The Edge
Heavy Flail +1 2800 gold Seek and Hide
Greataxe +1 2800 gold The Edge
Greatsword +1 2800 gold The Edge
Handaxe +1 2800 gold The Edge
Longbow +1 2800 gold Crossed Bows
Longsword +1 2800 gold The Edge
Rapier +1 2800 gold The Edge
Scimitar +1 2800 gold The Edge
Shortbow +1 2800 gold Crossed Bows
Short Sword +1 2800 gold The Edge
Throwing Axe +1 2800 gold The Edge
Warhammer +1 2800 gold The Edge
Arrow +1 60 gold Woodcock's Wings
Crossbow Bolt +1 60 gold Woodcock's Wings
Sling Bullet +1 60 gold The Edge
Ring of Protection +1 2400 gold Silver and Gold
Ring of Feather Falling 2600 gold Silver and Gold
Ring of Climbing 3000 gold Silver and Gold
Ring of Jumping 3000 gold Silver and Gold
Ring of Swimming 3000 gold Silver and Gold
Rods, Staves and Wands
Rod of Lesser Extend Metamagic 3600 gold Haggelthorn Traders
Rod of Lesser Silent Metamagic 3600 gold Haggelthorn Traders
Wand of Detect Magic 500 gold W. Whitesmith, Tinker
Wand of Light 500 gold Haggelthorn Traders
Wondrous Items - Potions, Elixirs, and Oils
Universal Solvent 60 gold Noble Metals
Potion of Cure Light Wounds 60 gold Noble Metals
Potion of Mage Armor 60 gold Noble Metals
Oil of Magic Weapon 60 gold Noble Metals
Elixir of Hiding 300 gold Noble Metals
Potion of Enlarge Person 300 gold Noble Metals
Potion of Blur 360 gold Noble Metals
Potion of Darkvision 360 gold Noble Metals
Potion of Delay Poison 360 gold Noble Metals
Potion of Invisibility 360 gold Noble Metals
Wondrous Items - Defensive
Bracers of Armor +1 1200 gold The Look
Cloak of Resistance +1 1200 gold The Look
Amulet of Natural Armor +1 2400 gold Carl's Lapidary
Wondrous Items - Adventuring
Boots of Elvenkind 3000 gold Looking Down
Bag of Holding (Type 1) 3000 gold Seek And Hide
Stone of Alarm 3200 gold Carl's Lapidary
Rope of Climbing 3600 gold The Dock Hand
Wondrous Items - Scrolls
Scroll of Remove Fear 60 gold Finch & Bull, Booksellers
Scroll of Bless Weapon 120 gold Finch & Bull, Booksellers
Scroll of Identify 150 gold W. Whitesmith, Tinker
Scroll of Silence 240 gold Finch & Bull, Booksellers

Haggelthorn Traders

The Haggelthorn Traders has a handful of powerful magic items for sale in town. Adventurers must roleplay buying these items.

Item Cost Shop
Minor Cloak of Displacement 28,800 gold Haggelthorn Traders
Dimensional Shackles 33,600 gold Haggelthorn Traders
Scarab of Protection 45,600 gold Haggelthorn Traders
Boots of Teleportation 58,800 gold Haggelthorn Traders
Headband of Mental Resilience 76,800 gold Haggelthorn Traders
Mantle of Faith 91,200 gold Haggelthorn Traders

Miscellaneous Items and Services

There are also a number of miscellaneous items and services for sale. Again, any services from the Pathfinder Core Rulebook services list (pp. 140-163) can be purchased directly (exceptions noted below). In general, you will need to roleplay in order to get anything out of the ordinary.

In Hagglethorn, the following inns service travelers:

Service Cost Inn
One night's stay, 2 meals, stable access (common inn) 4 gold/night Druid's Head Inn
One night's stay, 2 meals, stable access (good inn) 6 gold/night Raven and Rat

Items unique to Haggelthorn are included below.

Item Cost Shop
Resurrection cast by Truesdale the Silent 12,500 gold Church of the Hearth