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Deity Hate
Domains Death, Destruction, Chaos, Evil, War
Races Any
Classes NPCs
Alignments Chaotic Evil
Holy Days Unknown
Place of Worship Unknown
High Priest Isambard the Mage
Major Temple Unknown (presumed Teufeldorf)

Many years ago, deep in the Frostbrand Mountains, a High Wizard of the Collegium Magicium, Drebb, persuaded (some say through the use of a powerful suggestion spell) his fellow magicians that the great cities of the Realm were destroying the source of magic from which they all drew power. United and misled by Drebb, the sorcerers created an entity which would cause discord among all organized groups. Drebb miscalculated the being's power, and the creature caused such a calamity upon its creation that Drebb's control over the council was broken. Drebb retreated into the mountains, and the creature, Hate, escaped the wizards into the night. Hate wandered the Realm causing minor treachery until it came to Teufeldorf. There it found a following to carry out its original destiny.

Hate manifests itself as a thick grey fog with a few red orbs resembling eyes. It communicates telepathically with its followers. While few in number, Hate's following is greatly feared for its single-minded purpose: the destruction of all civilization.

Sometime in the Second Age, Hate was trapped within a deck of cards held in a crystal case. The cards and case were sealed in the Forbidden Library in hidden in the swamps of Sandal. In March 902 TA, Hate was released during a siege of the Library. It is rumored that a new High Priest - Isambard the Mage - escaped the Library and has taken up residence in Teufeldorf where he recruits new followers.

It is doubtful that any adventure would become a follower of Hate.

Recent Sightings

A bottle rumored to contain Hate was discovered in 831 TA in an underground cavern called the Cave of Tremors near the present-day village of Prism in Sandal. The bottle was left untouched after being identified. No cult was found in this location.

A small cult to Hate was uncovered in 888 TA near Tegel Village in the abandoned Tomb of the Barrow King. Two priests of Hate, Abraxes and Mordiggian, were found capturing and torturing villagers in strange experiments. The Tomb and the cult of Hate were eradicated in the area, and there have been no reports of followers of Hate in Tegel Village since.

In 902 TA, a chamber of Hate was discovered and opened in the Forbidden Library. A manifestation of Hate and its new leader, Isambard the Mage, are rumored to have escaped the Library. Isambard's whereabouts are unknown.