Taking of Dragonsford

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Siege of the Shadowkeep
Type Dungeon
Status Explored March 884 TA
Location Dragonsford
Hex 3012
Campaign Three Kings Campaign
Adventure # 89

DM's Notes

The Taking of Dragonsford consists of the following dungeons and adventures:

The Town of Dragonsford
World's End Pub and Free House
Ceremony of Bloodlust
The Gazebo
Hastur's Rock
Wizard's Tower (Atli)
Great Keep and Manor House (Harek)
The Willows


08:00 March 3, 884 Start - 175 miles south of Dragonsford (three days ride).
23:30 March 5, 884 Ceremony of Bloodlust (lasts about an hour).
14:00 March 6, 884 The Willows will fall.


It was early November 883, and the snows had started to fall in the mountains. A summit of the rebellion leaders, including Lady Laura, kept the party at Dwarrowdelf for the winter.

An initial attempt to teleport back to Dragonsford for supplies and provisions met with disaster. Twenty armed veterans were teleported back to the town to bring the Dragonsford coffers to Dwarrowdelf for safe keeping. Within minutes, twenty severed heads were teleported back with a message requesting that Ernest Goodfellow be teleported in the next group. Although, it took massive restraint for the party to resist magically returning to their homes, it was decided that mundane horses would be used to return to the castle when the passes cleared in the Spring.

The four long winter months were filled with military planning for the Spring campaign. Further research into the weaknesses of Hastur and his sons was fruitless. Only two scouting parties returned to Dwarrowdelf, and those by horse. All magical attempts to probe the happenings at Dragonsford failed miserably. The meager information gained through the scouts was that Atli and Hastur had fled to Dragonsford Castle to join forces with Harek. There, they had assembled the largest orc army since the Orcish Wars of 260-340 TA Apparently, a major offensive was being planned against the feudal kingdoms of the Eastern Reaches in 834. In addition, rumors abounded of strange structures being constructed around and within Dragonsford Castle.

Finally, in mid-February the passes were open for small parties to travel safely into the Eastern and Western Reaches. Lady Laura departed for the Western Reaches to rally the troops against Grim and his army of undead in Teufeldorf. The party departed for the Eastern Reaches to assist the High Mark William and the Army of the Eastern Reaches in retaking Dragonsford.

It was the first week of March 884, when the party reached the southern boundary of Haggelthorn Forest along the Lesser Farthing Road. Heading north, they made their way towards Dragonsford. But something was wrong, even the forest seemed wrong….

Before Leaving Dwarrowdelf

During the long snowbound winter at Dwarrowdelf in 834, Falstaff busied himself with many preparations for the coming trials. Matters of state, commerce and personal training were high on the list, as was regularly trouncing the gnome in chess. However, these pursuits are quite mundane compared to Falstaff's secret two-week vigil out in the cold mountain forest. Inspired by Oakentree himself, the Archdruid crafted a unique and wonderful object of power. The Acorn of Channeling -- fashioned from sacred oakwood in the shape of a small acorn -- is to be Oakentree's latest gift (via the Archdruid) to the Rangers of the Wilderlands. Its first keeper (and user) is to be Sir Vincent Fleetwood. Falstaff presented the talisman to Vince during a grand feast in the Keep, during which U-Gene, Earthfriend also bestowed his blessing on Sir Fleetwood.

During the winter months of 883-884, U-Gene made every effort to learn more about Durin's Crown. All avenues of investigation were used: the magical powers of U-Gene, his clerical companions, and other residents and visitors of Dwarrowdelf. All available records and dwarven lore were researched, stopping just short of communing with the Dwarven Hall of Legends, Hammerheim. Elder dwarves with knowledge of dwarven legends were spoken with, and the dwarven prisoners who were freed from Atli's Tower were debriefed.

Although there were no accounts of invoking Durin's name in a battle bringing any additional powers from the Crown, this small passage was found:

In ancient days, there were four great dwarven houses. When the War of the Demons was being waged, the dwarven people suffered greatly. Without clear leadership, they would have been broken and perished as a nation. The four kings held a council, and elected Durin as King of All Dwarves. As a symbol of their unity, Durin's Crown was forged from the melted metals of the four Dwarven Crowns. As a result, Durin's Crown has the ability to hold the powers of three other crowns magically within itself, the transfer of power cannot be undone until the death of the King, and the magical spell, known as "The Fold", can be invoked only by the crown's rightful owner.

Upon arriving at the Haggelthorn Forest

"A figure darts out of the woods towards the party. It is obvious that he has been watching the road from the trees to the east of the road. He is dressed in hunter's garb, with a longbow across his back. His quiver is empty, and he looks as if he has been living off the land for several weeks or longer."

"My name is Magill, and I have been waiting for weeks for your arrival. We were organizing the resistance, waiting for your return. I was on my way to see Mrs. O'Barker at the Pub, she's my contact, you know, and I must have passed out. Fell right into the bushes, I did. Rolled down a hill away from the castle. Saved my life. The orcs must have missed me, and I finally woke up."

"I was drawn into the affairs of Harek when my daughter, Rachael, disappeared one night. Now, I am a simple man, a fletcher by profession in Haggelthorn, and my family lives in a single room flat. We have two large guard dogs. How somebody came and captured Rachael is a mystery. My wife is distraught beyond words, and I will do anything to save my little girl."

"Since you left, King Goodfellow, things have become bad, very bad indeed. Atli and his father returned from the Shadowkeep. My congratulations, Dwarven King, the tales of your heroics have reached even our backwater villages. Hastur disappeared, as always. But Atli and his brother Harek have been preparing as if the Second Coming of the New Gods were upon them."

"A full unit of the Orcs of the Bloody Claw, those awful big Black Orcs - almost 700 of them, marched into town. Now their stinking tents and camps are all over the place. The whole place reeks of evil. I don't know why Harek needs all those troops. Anybody who gets close to the place falls asleep, and those bloody orcs slit your throat."

"And those strange stone temples. Started going up in the middle of winter. Building them like their lives depended on it. The leaders kept talking about the blood moon in three nights hence. I'm afraid that's all I know. You have to go and save Mrs. O'Barker. She knows all the answers, and I think she's in grave danger."

"One last word of advice. Mrs. O'Barker said that Harek has some sort of magic sniffing creatures on the lookout for you. Cast a spell from miles away, and I've heard tales of dogs from hell ripping a mage's throat out before he finishes the incantation. Walk near the castle with a simple magical arrow, and you get turned into grey ash."

Dragonsford Castle - March 884 TA

The World's End Pub and Free House

Dragonsford07 new.jpg

"The lights of the World's End Pub and Free House burn brightly against the night. However, the usual sounds of merry making revelry seems to be missing. No voices or music can be heard coming from the building, although movement shows that the building is occupied. Smoke is coming from the forge chimney."

"A board outside the pub which normally carries the menu and announcements of the day reads:

By the glory of Harek
Whose sword settles the land
We stand united under the righteous second
Coming of the Elder Gods
We meet at gracious Bloodaxe's
Table to discover everything
His lordship offers
The first day of April
At the World End's Pub

The first letter of the header spells out HYLAX, and the list of X's shows that the third, sixth, and ninth letters are actually Y's (for yes). By reading these lines, the party gets a clue to where a secret note has been hidden.

We stand united under the righteous second
Table to discover everything
At the World End's Pub

"As Hylax approaches the front door of the pub, the following runes will magically appear faintly traced in red. They disappear as soon as Hylax moves away."


This is the same message that appears on Ernie, Vince, Fuzzwort, Falstaff, and Fuzzworts treasure chests. This is a trap set by the Elder Gods to trap the party (see the Gazebo).

The solution to the puzzle is simple letter substitution with the words backwards.



"Under the second table to the right of the entrance to the pub is an envelope that contains a small shard of red crystal. Additionally, the following note, hastily scribbled is folded inside the envelope. Hylax recognizes the handwriting as that of Mrs. O'Barker."


This is actually a very important clue about finding Ohm's son and getting the information about the Ceremony of Bloodlust. This solution is a simple Wheatstone cipher.



Crystal Heart Broken.
Seek Ohm's Son At Pub.
Must Stop Ceremony.
Shards Will Awaken.
Then See Me At Willows.


"These small rooms have an outer room with a table and two chairs. A small bed and chest of drawers fill a tiny back room. Arrow slits in the eastern walls look out, and similar ones look in towards the courtyard."

"Halt, you orcish vermin. None of your types in here. Oh, apologies, Mr. Hylax, sir. Welcome home, sir. May I take your horses. Get the stableboy. Any thing else that I can do for you sir."

Four guards. Fight as 12th level fighters. Each has a sliver of the heart. Turan, Abernathy, Garin, Purdon


"The large forge on the north wall of this room is at full strength. Ten orcs carry piles of raw iron onto a long table where it is being cut. Chained to an anvil in the middle of the room is a dwarf, slumped with hours of overwork. A second dwarf has been impaled by a large spear against the southern wall. A chain with a red shard hangs from the dwarf's neck. Periodically, an orc goes through the eastern door. A pile of finished swords are in a large rack in the southeastern corner of the room." Nasmyth

The orcs each carry 20 gp except the sergeant who carries 30 gp.

Meeting Hall

"This large room is filled with low wooden benches. A dias in the north has a regular table with three simple wooden chairs behind it. Two doors lead in from the south. Typically used as a meeting hall, the room is now filled with the supplies of war. Racks of swords, boxes of dried meat, and casks of ale are neatly stacked along the benches."

Potter's Workshop

"This room was once a potter's workshop with a wheel, boxes of clay, and shelves lined with cups and plates, some fired some painted line the walls. The kiln is cold. This room is filled with several dozen dead guards and townspeople. Some show signs of a struggle, but most have their throats slit. From the smell, it is apparent that these bodies have been here for several months.


"The room is dark, for there are no games tonight. Five snooker tables and two dart boards are arranged around this spacious room. The wooden panelling of this room is dark and stained by years of smoke. Two passageways in the south and east lead into other rooms, a light in south and voice can be heard. A single door leads out of the gameroom to the Inner Courtyard."


"The proper pub at the World's End is a very large establishment with fifteen tables and a serving capacity of over two hundred. Several backrooms are used for large or distingished parties. Presently, only the main room of the pub is open, the others being dark."

"There are three men sitting at the table nearest the exit door in the east of this room. The barkeep, Lindsey,a small wirey man with a pock-mocked face smiles at you when you come in. You notice two very large red bloodhounds sleeping behind the bar. Greetings. Oh, Mr. Hylax. It is good to see you. Your wife has left me in charge of the pub while she's away on King's Business. Shall I bring ale for you and your companions?"

These are Holger (Atli's Sergeant) and two White Cloaks. Read description under Atli's Tower. The hounds are Harek Hounds. Read description under Manor House.

Lindsey fights as a 18th level fighter. Lindsey will ask if Hylax has seen the front door, newly painted and all. He will do everything in his power to make sure that Hylax sees the runic "trap" note. Lindsey carries a piece of the shard. Lindsey.


"Like the rest of the pub, this large extensive kitchen is designed to cook for several hundred. However, most of the kitchen is covered with the dust of disuse. The working part of the kitchen is filled with bread, cheese, fruit, and dried meat - very simple fare. Several large barrels of ale stand open by the northwestern passage. A table with several cases of fine hobbit fruit wine have been drunk, the empty bottles carelessly strewn about the room.

Servant's Quarters

"This large room was once filled with sleeping cots, dressers, nightstands, lamps, other living items for the inn staff. There are no walls here, but a number of paper screens have been set up to simulate walls. The eastern end of this room smells strongly of horses, and several large black stallions are tied to rings pounded into the southeastern corner of the room. Piles of hay separate the room into two parts."


"The accomadations at the pub are extensive with winding hallways and rooms varying in size from very small to multi-room suites. The rooms are furnished with plain, but solid, items such as beds, chests, chairs, and bookcases."

Notes to Rooms

1 - Ohmson. "A man fully dressed in hunter's garb and boots lies sleeping in this room. He has no weapons of any kind. He is a splitting image for Ohm the Barbarian." In his boot is the Poem of Bloodlust. He will tell the party about the rituals. Also, he will report that his father was enroute to the Willows. 2 - Two nazguls are typically in this room, waiting for a signal from the barkeep (ringing the last call bell). See Cube of Nazguls for details. 3 - Viper and Bug's room 4 - Tom Bowman and David Sinclair's room 5 - Finn and Idaho's room 6 - Spectre and Asswipe's room 7 - Kleg's room 8 - Trell's room

Character Rooms

Fuzzwort's Room - chest contains: 300 gp; 710pp; and 200sp (missing 9,336 gp).

The chest appears to be untouched, magically locked in the same condition as when you left it. However, a voice whispers a riddle as you approach the chest. The answer is a "river".

What can run but never walks?
Has a mouth but never talks?
Has a bed but does not sleep?
Has a head but never weeps?

Vince's Room - he has no chest.

Ernie's Room - chest contains: 300 gp; 230pp (missing 1,600 gp).

The chest appears to be untouched, magically locked in the same condition as when you left it. However, a voice whispers a riddle as you approach the chest. The answer is the letter "e".

What is the beginning of eternity,
The end of time and space,
The beginning of every end,
And the end of every race?

U-Gene's Room - chest contains: 300 gp; 100pp (missing 8,209 gp).

The chest appears to be untouched, magically locked in the same condition as when you left it. However, a voice whispers a riddle as you approach the chest. The answer is "map".

I have streets but no cobblestones.
I have cities but no buildings.
I have forests yet no trees.
I have rivers yet no water.

Pub Guards

"Ordinary fighting men in chain mail with long swords and long bows guard doors and entrances throughout the Pub." These are actually orcs, disguised as men. The orcs each carry 20 gp except the sergeant who carries 30 gp.

Monsters (World's End Pub)

Human Guards (4)
Orcs (10)
Orc Seargent
Nasymth (dwarf)
White Cloaks (2)
White Cloak Seargent
Harek Hounds (2)
Nazgul (2)
Orcs (20)
Orc Seargent

Treasure (World's End Pub)

230 gold pieces
430 gold pieces

The Ceremony of Bloodlust


The Crystal Heart of Masking has been broken, creating a number of shards. Eight of these are being used in the Ceremony of Bloodlust.

The Ceremony of Bloodlust creates a sphere centered around Dragonsford Castle. In order for the ceremony to be successful, simultaneous sacrifices must be made by killing a virgin with the shard at eight locations about 1 mile from Dragonsford (at the compass points). The time will be signalled by firing a flair from Dragonsford Castle.

On the night of the Blood Moon (tonight)

11:30pm Block slides into place 11:58pm Wheel virgin down midnight Sacrifice 12:01am Wheel virgin up 12:10am Take bloody shard down and put it into stone altar (to protect the tower) - this will create a sleep shield around pyramid 12:20am Nazgul will order the guards inside. The rope will be cut, sealing the tomb. 12:30am Nazgul will shovel the dirt into the earthen passageway, covering up the entrance. Orcs within the sphere will become super-orcs.

EYE Super vision Eyes of the Owl
EAR Super hearing Ears of the Owl
ARM Strength Giant Strength
FEET Speed Boots of Speed
LIPS Speech (long distance) Telepathy
HEART Hit Points 10x
HEAD Magic Resistance 50% Resistence
SPIRIT Fire/Lightning 10-80 hit points breath weapon

Bloodlust Pyramid

"A stranglely shaped pyramid rises 75 feet above forest floor. It is roughly made showing a haphazard construction. From a distance it is possible to see a large iron symbol extending on an iron rod above the top of the pyramid. The stone blocks are 10 feet tall, with the final distance to the top of the pyramid being 20 feet tall. This makes climbing the structure difficult, but not impossible."

"Two large piles of dirt against the western edge of the pyramid sit on either side of a sloping passageway that extends about 10 feet underground. A dark passageway of stone leads into the pyramid at the end of the earthen passageway. Several shovels in the piles of dirt show that construction is not quite finished."

Dragonsford03 new.jpg

Room 1: Hallway

"This thirty-foot long hallway leads into the darkness. The contruction of this room is like that of the rest of the structure. The walls, ceilings, and floors are very crudely hewn without any adornment."

A rope on the northern wall is connected a metal hinge in the ceiling. Cutting the rope will cause the block of stone to fall into place, sealing the pyramid forever.

Room 2: Pit Room

"This room is dominated by a large pit from which the stone blocks that created this temple have been quarried. A reinforced wooden plank extends over the pit with a block and tackle hanging from an iron ring in the ceiling. It is obvious that the work has been halted, as the dust on the floor of this room is undisturbed."

"Upon entering the room, the party senses that a great treasure has been unearthed at the bottom of the pit. Looking down, the glint of gold coins can be seen at the bottom of the mining shaft several hundred feet below."

This is, of course, a trap. The bottom of the pit is trapped to have the sides collapse if the weight of a human touches the ground. In addition, two xorn has taken up refuge in the pit. 500 gold pieces.

Room 3: Worker's Quarters

"This room is lined with fourteen poorly-kept, simple cots on the northern and southern walls. Passageways lead from the north and east. At the foot of each bed is a small wooden foot locker. A table with several wooden chairs has been pushed up against the southeastern corner."

The footlockers are filled with clothes, gloves, and other daily living implements. The chests do contain the worker's payments. A deck of cards are on the table. 28 gold pieces.

Room 4: Common Room

"This very large room reeks of smoke, rotting meat, and sweat. A common room, of sorts has been set up here.

"The southern end of the room has a makeshift kitchen in the south including several large cooking pots and a table with plates, cutlery, and tankards. Two crudely-made wooden tables are in the south central part of the room. Fourteen chairs are around the table. The remains of a large stag and a pile of discarded vegetables are near the pots. A passageway in the west leads to a set of stairs leading up."

"The northern end of the room is separated from the southern end by a shimmering red wall which crackles with electricity is approached too closely. There are no exits from this part of the room. Several casks of beer are set against the eastern wall just inside the wall. A large table with one chair faces the south. In the northeastern corner, a prison with a single cot has been set up."

The prison is locked. HANDCUFF PUZZLE. A concealed door with a lock can be found on the western wall. The red wall causes paralysis of the intruder AND summons the Nazgul.

Room 5: Hallway of Altar of Masking

"A hallway leads to a simple hexagonal altar with a carved rune (matching the symbol on the top of the pyramid). The top of the altar has an irregularly-shaped indention in it, like a knife blade plunged into the surface of the stone."

If the shard has been put into the altar, then the rune will glow red.

Room 6: Death of the Virgin

"A wooden platform is suspended from a set of four chains fastened to its corners by large iron bolts. These chains are connected to a very large iron chain that disappears into a shaft in the ceiling. There is a small wheel in the southeast corner."

"Close inspection shows a small shaft angled from eye-level upwards out of the pyramid."

"Looking through the shaft, a passage through the trees shows the dim outline of Dragonsford Castle in the distance."

Each Nazgul carries a blue key (concealed door) and a black key (prison). In addition, they carry small pouches with 50 gold pieces each (to bribe workers as needed).

Poem of Bloodlust

Hear our cries, O man of bone
Summon up your long dead souls
Eight strengths we seek to be our own
Eight virgins die to pay the toll

Call one - our eyes
A thousand times be sharper than an eagle

Call two - our ears
Hear silent whispers echoed through the night

Call three - our arms
Like veins of ore through mighty mountains strong

Call four - our feet
Swifter than the storms winds fly

Call five - our lips
To pass our words on night owl wings

Call six - our hearts
To give us strength beyond our own

Call seven - our heads
Magic's taint no longer slows our deeds

Call eight - our spirit
Elder fire to strike our bitter foe

When moon is shot with bloody red
The deed is done, eight times again
Sphere of power from the dead
Make us strong, your will begins

Monsters (Ceremony of Bloodlust)

Xorn (2)
Workers (14)
Virgin (1)
Nazgul (1)

Treasure (Ceremony of Bloodlust)

500 gold pieces
28 gold pieces
100 gold pieces

The Gazebo

"This large white-washed wooden building is comprised of a large hexagonal deck with several sets of step leading up from the the east and west. A decorative wooden railing, also gleaming white, encircles the entire deck. The center of the gazebo is covered with a small square roof supported by four pillars which comes to a point about 15 feet in the air. The gazebo is set in amongst several large beech trees, and a well manicured lawn stretches out in front."

A voice under the eaves (in the peak) of the gazebo roof will urgently call for the party to come under the roof. At the appropriate time, the floor of the gazebo will collapse and a iron grate cleverly concealed in the roof will drop onto the top of the pit.

"The bottom of the pit is filled with about three feet of very sticky (magic) mud which begins hardening almost immediately. Atli and five orcs will appear at the top of the pit (on the other side of the grate) to start firing arrows at the party. You hear Atli call for the boiling oil to be brought, and within a few rounds, the sounds of cart wheels carrying a great load can be heard approaching.

In 3d4 rounds, several tubs of boiling oil will be dropped down and ignited.

Hastur's Rock

"A large volcanic rock roughly 40 feet in diameter sits beside the Great Hall and Keep. It appears to be the tip of a shaft of stone that protrudes from deep in the earth. The rock glows slightly and radiates a strong aura of magic."

This is actually the home of Hastur, the Stone God, who is resting until called into service by one of his sons.

"Touching the rock, an adventurer will immediately notice that it is much warmer than the surrounding air. The following verse suddenly comes to mind."

More beautiful than the face of your God,
Yet more wicked than a demon's forked tongue,
Dead men eat it all the time,
Live men who eat it die slow.

Speaking the word, XXXXXXX, will cause Hastur to be awoken and come forth from his hold.

When the fourth seal was broken, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature cry out, "Come forward!" Now I saw a horse sickly green in color. Its rider was named Death, and the nether world was in his train. These four were given authority over one quarter of the earth, to kill with the sword and famine and plague and the wild beasts of the earth.

Wizard's Tower

Dragonsford04 new.jpg

"This large circular tower in the southwestern corner of the Outer Courtyard was originally built by Hylax about 50 years ago. It was allowed to fall into disrepair during the intervening years, but has recently been rebuilt. The tower is 50 feet tall without any windows, although crenalated battlements on the roof can be used by archers to protect the front gate of the castle. In the last several years, four large openings were created in the side of the tower, about 40 feet up. These have become nests for four large dragons who arrived about six months ago. Until then, they were used as an observatory to watch the comings and goings in the castle and surrounding village."

Room 1: Audience Chamber

"This large semi-circular room is filled with straw matresses, blankets, make-shift cots and other sleeping items. A discarded throne has been broken and tossed into one corner, and the rich tapestries that once hung on the walls are now in use as rugs. Two doors in the southern wall and the main entrance in the north are the only exits from the room."

Room 2: Kitchen

"Like the room in the north, this room, once a formal kitchen filled with exquisite glassware, expensive cutlery, and the finest tools of the culinary trade, is now a ramshackle affair. Large barrels of flour have been scraped along the floor, fire pits have been dug in the fine stone floors, and it is not possible that any area of this room has been cleaned in quite awhile."

Room 3: Officer's Quarters

"These small rooms are spartan in their appointments. A simple bed is pushed up against the far wall, and a small table in the other corner has a single chair. The tables have water basins, candles, and other ordinary items on them."

These are where the White Cloak lieutentant and sergeants live.

Room 4: Meeting Room

"The curved wall in the north shows that this room is at the edge of the tower. A large oak table is surrounded by a number of simple oak chairs. A number of wall sconces on the east, west, and south walls illuminate the table which is scattered with maps and notes."

A careful search of the documents will reveal the location of the guards at the World's End Pub and a map of the attack on the Willows. The answer to the ditty is: "We find it hard to believe that other people's thoughts are as silly as our own, but they probably are."

On the north wall is the following grid of words. When viewed, a magic mouth appears with the following ditty:

Dragonsford05 new.jpg

Room 5: Eye Amulets

This small room has two tables piled with gemcutter and jewellers tools. Here, Grover Gunderson and his wife Moonbeam are chained to their chairs, and guarded by a White Cloak. The two are making eye amulets. A box of ten such amulets are already completed, and it looks like many more are being made. Grover. Moonbeam.

Room 6: Conversion Chamber

"This room has been significantly converted from its original purposes. A large stone chair has been fitted with leather straps to hold a subject motionless. A large table in the west is filled with various instruments, vials of different liquids, and piles of discarded notes. A prison has been created in the southern end of the room."

"A key hangs on a peg on the northern wall."

This is the most likely room in which to find Atli. Two White Cloaks are always on guard here. The prisoners are being "broken" to follow the will of Atli and become a White Cloak. Duer (tailor), Pugab.

Room 7: Storage Room

"This simple room is lined with shelves that contain fresh linens, cleaning supplies, and the like. It appears to have been ransacked in the past, but the dust in room shows that it has not been used in quite awhile."

This is a good place to hide.

Rooms 8, 9, 10, 11: Dragon's Lair

"This area has been hollowed out of the stone of the tower after the original construction. It is most crude in its design, with no attempts being made to even, smooth, or level surfaces. The center of the area is filled with gold, the coffers of Dragonsford were given to four ancient white dragons for their protection of the castle and town. Typically, only one dragon is in residence at a time, while the other three soar the air seeking dangers. 50,000 gp.

Room 12: Ante Room

"This plain room has three exits to the south, and a single door in the north, and stairs in the northeast corner leading to the roof. The door in the north is guarded by two White Cloaks. The center southern exit is locked with a barred gate. A key hangs on the wall in the north by the door. This room is cold."

Room 13: Atli's Study

"This room has a desk surrounded on three sides by bookshelves. The shelves have been mostly emptied of their tomes. One section has two human heads, not quite fleshless sitting on them. One is King Trafford, and the other is unknown. Two books are on the desk along with a small locked chest, all radiate an aura of magic. On the floor of the eastern part of this room is a glowing magical circle with a black skull surrounded by glowing red candles."

The other head is Colonel Brace, in charge of the defenses of the Shadowkeep in General Praetor's absence.

The circle summons the protective spirits in the niches of Room 17. It can also be used to teleport to Grim's Throne of Skulls.

The chest containing: Tome of Clear Thought, Libram of Gainful Conjuration, 500 gold pieces, 2 small sapphires, 3 very small sapphires is locked with the following puzzle:

Dragonsford06 new.jpg

Answer 14: (7 x 2) + 7 - 7 = 14

Room 14: Atli's Bedchamber

"This room is richly appointed with a tapestry of a hunter on a white horse hung along the western end of the room. Two overstuffed sofas are pulled up close to a fireplace in the east. The fireplace is currently cold. An orimental rug, again of the hunt is on the floor in the center of this room."

A secret passageway in the west leads out to Room 12. A secret passageway in the north leads up to the roof and down to the dragons.

Room 15: Secret Escape

"This room has a set of rungs leading through a tunnel to a trap door in the roof."

A secret trapdoor in the floor of this room will drop down into the dragon's cave roof.

Room 16: Box of the Void

"The door of this room is not of recent construction (like most of this tower).

"This room has black walls, ceiling, and floor. Although careful examination will show that this is just black paint applied to ordinary stone. On top of a small hexagonal pillar is a leather case, roughly cube-shaped. This sits under a glass dome. There is a very heavy layer of dust in this room, and it has not apparently been used in many years." Glass Box (Compass of the Void).

Room 17: Ring of Undead Spirits

"This ring-shaped hallway has almost sixty niches carved into it. The hallway is of recent construction, although the niches are filled with skeletons who appear to be long dead."

These warriors were a gift from Grim to help protect Atli from the party, namely U-Gene. If the dwarf enters the hallway, they will attack him relentlessly. When they are destroyed, they reappear in their niche and attack again.

Atli the White

Then I watched while the the first of the seven seals broke open, and I heard one of the four living creatures cry out in a voice like thunder, "Come Forward!" To my surprise, I saw a white horse; its rider had a bow, and he was given a crown. He rode forth victorious, to conquer yet again.

Atli fights as a 40th level fighter. He cannot be harmed by any spell or weapon except the Sword of the Elder Gods and illusions. His primary weapon is his bow which reloads automatically and fires Arrows +5 which has three effects: 2d12 x 10 points of physical damage (no absorption), 2d12 x 10 points of mana are lost, and a saving throw at 21st level must be made against poison (or the character drops into a catatonic state). He wears the Ring of the Unblinking Eye which allows him to see what all the other followers of the White Cloak see. He also has limited communication to them. He wears a Ring of Teleportation which allows him to blink around all over the place.

Elite Infantry Militia

"These men at first glance appear to be ordinary soldiers. However, casual observance shows that they move stiffly without even looking around, as if their every move is being coreographed by a puppeteer. While they wear a constant smile and glassy eyes, it is not clear whether there is any intelligence behind their eyes. The Army of the White Cloak are dressed in silver breast plates with chain or plate leggings, the symbol of a large unblinking eye the only color to the uniform. Each wears a bright white cloak."

This is all that remains of Atli's army of white cloak followers. Captains, Lieutenants, and Sergeants are all of normal intelligence. They command their troops around like automatons. The eye is a direct connection to Atli the White. What a soldier sees, Atli sees. This enables him to have excellent intelligence. Atli still must act through normal means, but he is able to keep a very close watch on the proceedings in his castle.

Lieutenants fight as 18th level fighters; Sergeants fight as 15th level fighters; White Cloaks fight as 12th level fighters. Each unit of the army is actual a unit of en-Kor as long as they are under the control of Atli. The bottom man in each unit will take all the damage each round. All the men are armed with petrification weapons. This includes a sword, dagger, and arrows (20) tipped with petrification potion. Each hit requires a saving throw against 6th level petrification. Each is armed with a Staff of Atli. These are long rods which glow with a sickly purple light. Striking a character has three effects: 2d12x10 points of physical damage (no absorption); 2d12x10 points of mana lost; and a saving throw at 21st level must be made against poison (or the characters drops into a catatonic state). These will shock any good character who handles them. Lieutenant Halbert, Sergeant Healdon, Sergeant Hendrick, Sergeant Holger, 16 White Cloaks.

Monsters (Wizard's Tower)

Atli the White
Lieutenant (1)
Sergeants (3)
White Cloaks (16)
White Dragons (4)
Grover and Moonbeam (prisoners)
Duer and Pugab (prisoners)
Reanimating skeletons (56)

Treasure (Wizard's Tower)

50,000 gold pieces
Chain Mail +4
Shield +3
500 gold pieces
2 small sapphires
3 very small sapphires
Tome of Clear Thought
Libram of Gainful Conjuration
Glass Box (Compass of the Void)
Atli's Bow
Ring of the Unblinking Eye
Ring of Teleportation

Great Keep and Manor House

Dragonsford08 new.jpg

"The Great Keep and Manor House sits behind the massive walls of the Inner Courtyard. The house is small owing to its position on the narrow finger of land overlooking the sea. The keep sits on the site of more ancient structures, its stout construction built to handle the high winds and hurricanes that frequent this part of the world. Both buildings have few windows, designed for true frontier protection. A small, crude garden has been built in front of the building."

The servants in the Manor House are all asleep in their rooms. Grim has sent a legion of animated skeletons to help out.

Room 1: Entrance Hall

"The entrance hall is tiled in the finest white marble, extremely rare in such a remote location. Several doors lead to the public parts of the hall."

There is almost always two hounds on duty here.

Room 2: Servant's Chambers

"These two rooms have a simple wooden chair and a very small table curtained off from the main part of the hall. Spyholes overlook the adjacent rooms."

There are 12 skeletons here. They will advance to attack once the nature of the party is learned.

Room 3: Grand Hall

"This room has been used a banquet hall for years. The western wall is dominated by a picture window overlooking the entrance to the manor. On either side of the window are large stone fireplaces, now cold. A banquet table in the center of the room is surrounded by a large number of high-backed wooden chairs, and pewter placesettings have been set out. This room has a vaulted ceiling with a stairway in the north leading up to a balcony which circles the room."

This room has not been used in some time. It is empty.

Room 4: Guard Room

This small room has viewing holes in the south wall. Two chairs and small table are pushed up in the corner."

There are two hounds and six skeletons here.

Room 5: Meeting Chamber

"This walnut panelled room is filled with the heads of deer, elk, bear, and other game. It has been used for meetings of the staff and "private conferences" with dignitaries. Currently, it filled with the sleeping bodies of a half dozen of the old household staff. They have been dragged here and unceremonously dumped."

One body has a Potion of Mana in a pocket.

Room 6: Old Throne Room

NOTE: This is the room that will be described by "the heads". This is the common room for teleportation, and, as such, has been trapped to keep anyone from invading. It is NOT subject to the Crystal Heart.

"This room is made of finely polished white marble with spectacularly carved white marble pillars arranged in an arc around a throne of fine white marble. A single purple pillow sits on top of the throne. There are two exits in the east wall. A strange whirling machine made out of metal (about the size of man) sits in the middle of the room. A number of red lights are blinking on the machine."

"Close examination shows that the walls of this room are chipped with small nicks about 5 feet in height, and a number of metal disks can be seen scattered about the floor."

The machine will start tossing disks at any living thing in the room (except short folks). 100 attacks at 1d6 each, roughly divided by the number people in the room.

Two Hounds behind the wall in the east will attack.

Room 7a, 7b, 7c: Staterooms

"These rooms are well appointed staterooms for visitors. Large beds with feather matresses, burled walnut chests and desks, and other fine appointments are around the rooms. Currently, the doors are open and the rooms resemble kennels of a sort, as a number of large red hounds have taken up residence here."

A number of hounds will be here, and will attack anyone entering Room 8.

Searching the room, the following can be found in a small chest hidden at the bottom of a wardrobe containing: 200 gold pieces, 2 medium amethysts, Potion of Mana.

Room 8: Tower Entrance

"This small angular room has a black and white checkerboard floor made out of nice marble. Three white pillars are finely carved. The front door has a wooden bar that has been slid into place, locking the door from the inside. Two exits lead from the southeast corner of this room."

Room 9a, 9b, 9c, 9d: Servant's Quarters

"These small plain rooms are well kept with small beds and living furniture and items. They are unremarkable, and empty (as the staff was on duty when the Heart was activated)."

Careful searching will uncover 30 gold pieces and a small red ioun stone.

Room 10: War Room

"This room has obviously not been touched in the last fifty years. Large campaign maps of the fight against the Brotherhood of the Seven are still on a long oak table. Dishes, goblets, and other items are scattered about, as if the last meeting was broken up quite suddenly.

This room is safe.

Room 11: Kitchen

"The kitchen is obviously still in use, although the crates of food and baskets show mostly dried fruit and meat. A semi-rotting stag corpse is piled in the center of the main cooking table, apparently to serve as meat for the dogs. Several sour ale barrels are here as well. The place does not look like it has been cleaned in years.

Room 12: Crystal Heart of Masking

"This room is made of plain stone. It is bathed in red light coming from a shattered crystal that sits on top a stone dias. Surrounding the crystal is an iron cage with no visible doors or locks. A discarded series of interlocking metal spheres sits heaped in the southwest corner of the room."

Destroying the heart will stop the sleep affects, although it will not hurt the super-orc ceremony.

Room 13: Hallway of Warriors

"This room is lined with niches, originally carved to hold statues of the heroes of Dragonsford. The first niche has a statue of Ernie followed by four niches filled with the interem rulers, the last being Trafford, although that work is unfinished."

Reanimating skeletons will attack, as per Atli's tower.

Room 14: Harek's Private Study

"Formerly the private study of King Ernie, this room is filled with desks, chairs, tables, and other items typically found in the rooms of lords. Most notable is a large scale model of the terrain of the Eastern Reaches. Minature figures of the Army of the Bloody Claw showing it moving south to intercept the forces of the Feudal Barons. Those battles look inevitable. However, the northern forces of orcs appears to be massively moving through the Pass of Lar towards Teufeldorf - not a good sign for Lady Laura and the Western lords."

Harek will most likely be here. There are always two dogs and six skeletons here.

On the desk is an amulet that it looks like Harek was examining which is a Periapt of Long Years. A Twig of Weapons also sits on the table.

Room 15a, 15b: Harek's Bed Chambers

"These rooms were the sleeping chambers of Ernie. However, they have been utterly ransacked, the fine furnishing slashed, dressers overturned and broken. The bed, while in one piece, appears to have recently been slept in."

A sleeping village girl in hidden within the massive covers. A crystal necklace sits on a table by the bed. She wakes up screaming.

Room 16: Anteroom

"This plain room seems to be a anteroom of some sort. All the furniture and furnishings have been broken up and piled along the eastern wall."

One dog sleeps here, and he will start barking immediately if the room is entered.

Room 17: Guard Chambers

This small room has viewing holes in the north wall. Two chairs and small table are pushed up in the corner."

There are two hounds and six skeletons here.

Room 18: Treasure Chamber

"This plain room is made of very sturdy construction. A large iron padlock that hangs from the door has long been broken. The interior contains the chests of the Duchy of Dragonsford. All are empty except a very large chest that was protected by a rune set in place by Ernie before his exit."

The chest contains 50,000 gold pieces.

This has been shell trapped with the following puzzle:

Dragonsford10 new.jpg

Starting in upper left count 9 blanks then put a 9, etc. Answer is next to the 2 on the right.

Room 19a,b: Visiting Statesman's Room

"These rooms are of fine construction with a private bath off of each room. They are fully decorated with scenes of the hunt. An elk head hangs in each room. These rooms have been made up, and it looks like they have not been touched in quite awhile. The western room has a picture window that commands an excellent view of the castle."

Room 20: Visitor's Lounge

"This room is scattered with comfortable chairs, sofas, and the like. A large picture window in the west overlooks the castle. Like the other rooms in this part of the castle, it is neatly made but currently unoccupied."

Room 21a, 21b, 21c, 21d: Visitors Servant's Quarters

"These small plain rooms are well kept with small beds and living furniture and items. They are unremarkable and empty."

Room 22: Prison Entrance

NOTE: The prison has been created from an old storeroom that used to service the docks. This is why all the crates and barrels are piled up on the quay.

"These rooms are noticable for their thick walls and sturdy construction. The outermost room is a very simple affair with two beds pushed up against the west wall, and a table with a single chair near the east. On the table is a deck of ordinary playing cards and some dirty dishes."

A chest under one of the beds yields a small chest, locked with a black lock. The chest contains 200gp and 2 small topaz gems.

Two white cloaks will almost always be found here. Each carries a piece of the shard, along with a small black key (chest) and a large iron key (prison).

Room 23: Prison Cells

"These six cells are obviously a commoner's prison, as they contain only the most rudimentary straw mats and no means of sanitation or comfort. The middle cell on each contains a prisoner. The eastern cell contains a naked man who has obviously been beaten to unconsciousness. The western cell contains a figure in a black cloak who is turned away from the door so that all his features are lost. He, too seems to be unconscious."

No shard!

The eastern cell contains Martin Fletchersong, a relative low-level Ranger of the Wilderland. He was in Dragonsford buying supplies with Fritz, and he fell asleep. He wakes up only long enough to be tortured about "genesis" the weapon of undead slaying. He knows nothing about it. Will fight at 6th level.

The other figure is a Nazgul, who will try to get someone alone in the cell to attack.

Room 24: Laboratory

"This room has the stink of evil and death about it. Four manacles on the wall show signs of recent use, although they are currently empty. A lone figure of man is strapped to a table in the center of the room. A black cloaked figure behind the table is inserting him with a red glowing dagger. Each time, the man regains consciousness and the figure asks him a question. The man shakes his head no, the dagger is removed, and the man passes out."

The figure is Nigel Fitzsimmons (a.k.a., Fritz) who is a local leader among the Rangers. He is almost dead from the shard knife, and will be unable to continue to adventure. He tells Vince to find a case of potions in a lead-lined case hidden in the trunk of a large maple tree just south of the river bridge to the World's End Pub. When you are finished with your business here, take the case to Dwarrowdelf and seek Lady Laura and give her the case. Hopefully, the rest of the weapon will be finished.

The wizard Mulciber is using a shard to "steal" statistic points from the rangers (a piece of the shard which is why Fritz keeps passing out). Will attempt to flee at the first sign of trouble.

Mulciber fights as a 27th level mage. Robe of the Black Archmage, Shard of Stealing - a piece of broken red crystal (no handle) - radiates great evil. Will steal 1d3 points of one attribute per use. The victim will lose 3d6 points until something hits zero.

Harek Bloodaxe. "When the second seal was broke open, I heard the second living creature cry out, "Come forward!" Another horse came forth, a red one. Its rider was given the power to rob the earth of peace by allowing men to slaughter one another. For this he was given a huge sword."

Harek fights as a 40th level fighter. He cannot be harmed by any spell or weapon except the Sword of the Elder Gods and petrification. His primary weapon is his a +6 long sword (the Sword of War and Violence) which has three effects: double the normal number of swings, an additional 20-120 points of damage, and vorpal effects on a natural 18, 19, or 20. He wears a Ring of Teleportation which allows him to blink around all over the place. Harek's Hounds. The dogs have a symbiotic relationship with Harek. What a hound sees, Harek sees. This gives Harek unusual intelligence.

"These large red bloodhounds have bright red eyes which show an unusual intelligence. Their sooty black teeth and fierce disposition make them a terrifying sight. They are rumored to be able to speak in the Common Tongue of Man. Each wears a leather collar studded with platinum spikes."

The Hounds fight as 30th level fighters. Their bite does 1d12x10 points of physical damage (no absorption) and 1d12x10 points of mana lost. Each hound can regenerate. All the hounds have a lightning breath weapon. This can be forked to hit multiple targets each round.

Monsters (Great Keep and Manor House)

Skeletons (12)
Harek Bloodaxe
Harek Hounds (20)
Skeletons (6)
Skeletons (6)
Martin and Fritz (rangers)

Treasure (Great Keep and Manor House)

Sword of War and Violence
Ring of Teleportation
Potion of Mana
200 gold pieces
2 medium amethysts
Potion of Mana
30 gold pieces
Ioun Stone (red)
Peiapt of Long Years
Twig of Weapons +4
50,000 gold pieces
200 gold pieces
2 small topaz
Robe of the Black Archmage

The Willows

Dragonsford09 new.jpg

The History of the Willows

The Willows requires a skeletal crew of two for its proper maintenance. Although three guest rooms are available; the Master rarely entertains these days, preferring to spend his time hard at work over his books. It is rumored he is writing a history of creation….

The mainstay of the estate is the butler, Joseph, a veteran of King Gregory's old army. Although nearly seventy years of age and quite gaunt and grey, Joseph still commands considerable respect. His stooping 6'5" frame towers over the Master. At the height of his career, Joseph was a minor commander in the army (attaining status as a 17th level fighter). He still keeps a shield and longsword +2 on his walls. Secretly, he wouldn't be too sorry to get a chance to use them again, but the Master's guests are so well-behaved. Joseph is, of course, not a servant in the usual respect. When they are not entertaining, the Master and Mistress are often seen to be dining with Joseph and many a night has found Hylax and Joseph asleep in leather chairs by the fire, brandies half drunk after long reminiscences on the great King Gregory and of his return.

The other staff member is the young cook and housemaid. Her name is Gretchen. She is actually Joseph's granddaughter and is sixteen years old. She is tall, like her grandfather, towering 5'8" and well above the Master's head. She is slim, quiet, and very clever. Part of her "wages" are training in the arcane arts which she receives from Hylax. At present, she is merely a 1st level magic-user, but holds great promise for the future. She is also treated as one of the family except on formal occassions. Rumor has it that she has fallen in love with a certain hero of the Realm, one Vincent Fleetwood.

The Willows Under Siege

The Willows lies directly north of town, in the boggy scrub just south of the River White. It is outside of the radius that magic spells can be detected. It is currently under siege by the Orcs of the Bloody Claw.

"From a distance, the circle of great willow trees can be seen, a lone path snaking its way across the brown boggy scrub towards the perfect circle of green. From inside the trees, a great fire must be burning, as plumes of oily black smoke rise into the air. The path has shown signs that a great number of orcs have passed this way in the recent past."

"As you approach the trees, you can clearly make out the arch by which visitors pass into the grounds of the Willows. Just outside the arch, a half dozen dead orcs are burnt until they are almost indistinguishable from the earth."

These orcs were hit by a lightning rune cast by Mrs. O'Barker upon her retreat to the Willows.

"Inside the protective circle of great trees, lies the large hall of Hylax, it multi-angular design in stark contrast to the simple block architecture favored by humans. A narrow path leads from the arch to the front doors. However, the scene outside the Willows is pandemonium."

"Halfway up the path towards the house, a small group of orcs lie dead. Again, they appear to have been subjected to magical fire of great intensity. Off to the east several bonfires have been lit, and a makeshift siege camp set up. Twenty orcs stand around the fires, talking in low voices and casting sideways glances at a lone figure of an orcish shaman who stands facing the Willows incanting a spell. From the large numbers of hair locks hanging from his primative garb, the shaman must be of importance. Also around the fires are two men dressed in white cloaks, two large red bloodhounds sit in the grass near the fires.A number of forms can be seen in the grass at even intervals around the house. Several orcs can be seen digging a hole to the east of the shaman, although they look none to happy about the task."

"The ground near the house has been torn up, large holes gaping as if large creatures burst through the from the depths of the earth. A number of smaller holes and furrows are also freshly dug in the otherwise immaculate lawn."

"Even more remarkable than the destruction of the lawn is the appearance of the lower level of the hall itself. Impossibly large vines and clinging plants have sprouted from the ground and are attacking the very foundations of the Willows. Several plants reach the second story, making the whole scene appear as if a building fell into an impossibly big bush."

"A large hole has been gnawed in the front door of the Willows at ground level and about three feet in diameter. Signs of considerable debris can be seen around the hole. It also appears as if a body is slumped on the ground near the door, humanoid in shape. The windows in the lower level of the building have been broken from the outside, although the second storey windows are intact."

DM's NOTE: As some point, the shield will go down and all the creatures outside the Willows will storm in.

The orcs each carry 20 gp except the sergeant who carries 30 gp. The shaman has no treasure.

Room 1: Cloakroom

"This room has not been touched. It contains a number of human and gnome-sized travelling cloaks, boots, and walking sticks."

Room 2: Cloakroom

"Both of the doors to this room have been broken off their hinges. The figure that is visible from the front door is a human fighter, wearing the ensignia of Ernest Goodfellow, who has been mauled and burned by acid."

Room 3: Landing

"Both doors to this room are intact. Several large ankhegs and beetles are dead outside the door. A blue flame flickers around the edges of the door."

Mrs. O'Barker must have set another lightning rune to protect the passage.

Room 4: The Great Hall

"This room is decorated in the style of great baronal manors of the time. Substantial furniture, large leather chairs, and fine antique tables abound. The dining table could easily seat 20 or more for a formal meal."

"The eastern and western doors of this are open, and large vines twist in from the study and library respectively. These vines are several feet thick, corded and very tough. Both lead to the wall in the south where they are beating against the stonework in an attempt to break into the landing beyond."

The northern half of this room is untouched, but the great dining table has been overturned to form a barracade of sorts. There are signs of a struggle, and another knight bearing the ensignia of Ernest Goodfellow lies slumped over the table, sword still in his hands. Six carrion crawlers will spring on the party from behind the barricade.

Room 5: Lab

"This room is almost empty and very tidy. Used as a laboratory by Hylax, it has been out of use for many years. Several long benches, clean glassware, and books are the only clues to this room's use."

Room 6: Stores

"Like the lab, this room is very tidy, except for a heavy layer of dust that shows that it has not been in use for many years. Several jars of preserved animal and plant specimens can be found along its shelves."

Room 7: Study

"This room contains a large desk, several leather chairs, and numerous bookcases. A collection of hobbit pipes are displayed in one bookcase."

"The large glass windows along the western wall of this room have been broken by a long tendril of plant growth that moves along this room out the eastern door and into the Great Hall. In addition, there are signs of a great many creatures moving through the passage in the north and up the stairs.

Hylax keeps his chest of treasure in a secret compartment in the northeast corner of this room. The chest contains: 300 gp; 350pp; and 11,000sp (missing 22,394 gp).

Room 8: The Waiting Room

"This room has several comfortable chairs arranged around a small table containing a decanter of fine scotch and several crystal glasses."

One plant tendril is in this room, and it will attack anyone who enters.

Room 9: The Map Room

"This room is dominated by a large square table which is empty. A small bowl of leather bags filled with beans is in the center of the table. A map chest is pushed along the western wall."

Room 10: Wine Cellar

"This small triangular room is filled with racks of wine of varying vintage and quality. There is a particularly large number of bottles of Elderberry wine here."

Room 11: Kitchen

"Like the rest of the house, this room seems very orderly. Fine ceramic bowls, copper pots, and a large marble table mark this kitchen as a place of distinction. A number of herbs are drying from rafters in the ceiling, giving this room a pleasant smell.

Room 12: Washroom

This room is unremarkable. A large brass tub with eagle claw feet dominates the center of the room. A number of cabinets for towels and like are on the eastern wall.

Room 13: Cook's Room

"A simple room with a small bed and nightstand. A trunk at the foot of the bed is filled with simple woman's clothing."

Gretchen is trapped in the room. Fearing to leave, she will scream if the party comes by the room.

Room 14: Library

"This room is filled with floor-to-ceiling bookcases lining the northern, western, and southern walls. A large table and several lamps is surrounded by four large leather chairs. On the table sits an unwrapped brown paper package with a label 'For Mr. O'Barker'."

"A large twisting vine has entered this room through the windows in the east, travelling through the room and out the western door into the Great Hall."

Several ankhegs are hidden in the room, and they will move to attack anybody that comes near the vine.

"Unwrapping the brown paper package, reveals a black cube with silver metallic tiger stripes. The top of the cube is carved with a puzzle."

4389 3827
4051 800

27x98=2646, 26x46=1196, etc. The solution is:

2798 2646 1196
4389 3827 1026
4051 2040 800

Incorrectly solving the puzzle will cause the cube begin to whir and make a high pitched whine. After 1d4 rounds, the silver stripes will shoot out, acting as knives doing 30-120 points of damage each. Solving the puzzle will reveal a compartment with a small crystal bead. "This bead will allow you to move undetected by magic in Dragonsford Castle, but only for an hour."

Room 15: Anteroom

"This room is empty of furniture, but each of the walls has a painting proudly displayed: Hylax and Mrs. O'Barker, a young woman in a summer festival dress (Gretchen), and two pastorial scenes of fields and cows. Each of the paintings is signed with a 'J'."

Room 16: Butler's Room

"A large room with a bed, dresser, and nightstand in the southwestern portion of the room. In the southeast, an easel has been set up and a painting of the Willows is in progress. The paints are still wet, and it looks as if the painter left his work in a great hurry."

A chest under the bed contains: 240 gp.

Room 17: Anteroom

"This room is empty except for a number of paintings on the wall, and a small statue of a dwarf sitting on an end table against the center of the south wall."

One plant tendril is in this room, and it will attack anyone who enters.

Room 18: Guestroom

"This oddly shaped room has two separate areas. A large feather bed and wardrobe fill one area, while a table with four chairs and a very small writing desk fill the other."

One plant tendril is in this room, and it will attack anyone who enters.

Room 19: Anteroom

"A large picture window fills the southwestern corner of this room. Three large leather couches are arranged to give the best possible vantage out over the circle of willows below. Two tables between the couches have lamps on them, and several tapestries in abstract blue, reds, and yellows adorn the walls."

Room 20: Master's Bedroom

"This luxurious room is finely appointed in the best silks and tapestries. A large bed is in the western end of this room, and a woman's dressing table sits against the north wall. Two wardrobes are side-by-side along the south wall."

Room 21: Landing

"The sounds of bugs gnawing at wood can clearly be heard coming from the landing. As several great beetles are working at the northeastern corner of this room with great enthusiasm."

The bugs will attack if someone comes up the steps or opens the Master's Bedroom door.

One plant tendril is in this room, and it will attack anyone who enters.

Room 22: Anteroom

"The cries of help can be heard coming from this room."

"Ohm is an aged fighter, his great barbarian form somehow dimished by his 78 years of age. He is trim, however, and wearing a chain mail shirt and holds a long sword in his wrinkled hand."

It is here that Mrs. O'Barker, Joseph, and Ohm retreated.

Room 23: Guestroom

"This oddly shaped room has two separate areas. A large feather bed and wardrobe fill one area, while a table with four chairs and a very small writing desk fill the other."

Room 24: Guestroom

"This oddly shaped room has two separate areas. A large feather bed and wardrobe fill one area, while a table with four chairs and a very small writing desk fill the other."

Room 25: Anteroom

"This room is empty except for a number of paintings on the wall, and a small statue of a dwarf sitting on an end table against the center of the south wall."


Adviser will suggest that Ernie sell Havelock's Keep and the island for 100,000 gp to pay for castle reconstruction. Should be posted on March 30, 884.

Monsters (The Willows)

Harek Hounds (2)
White Cloaks (2)
Orc (20)
Orc Seargent (2)
Orc Shaman
Carrion Crawlers (6)
Ankheg (3)
Beetle (3)
Mrs. O'Barker
Joseph the Butler
Ohm the Barbarian

Treasure (The Willows)

460 gold pieces
240 gold pieces