Temple of the Wait

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Temple of the Wait
Type Dungeon
Status Explored September 883 TA
Location Shadowkeep (now Dwarrowdelf)
Hex 2313
Campaign Three Kings Campaign
Adventure # 87

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As an epilog to the Sword and the Beast adventure, the party finds themselves in the underground meeting place of The Pentaverate: the dwarves of the Shadowyarn Mountains; the nobles of the Eastern Reaches; the nobles of the Western Reaches; the priests of the Church of St. Theodore; and the Monks of the Wait. There, the Pentaverate are planning a raid on the Shadow Keep. However, the groups are arguing about this when "the party" arrives. Shortly thereafter, the crypt will be invaded by the minions of Atli the White, and the party will be forced into action.

The Temple of the Wait

Wait01 new.jpg

Room 1: Temple

"The party appears on a small hexagon dias perched on top of a small four sided pyramid. The room is large with the light of a dozen candles coming from four large prayer stalls in the western part of the room. The air here smells dank, and there is the faint odor of human occupation. Two hallways lead from this room."

"Almost immediately, a young man stands up from one of the prayer stalls. Pomeroy is shaking visibly with excitement. After a few moments, he goes running through the western hallway screaming, "They're here! The prophesy! They're here!"

Careful examination will show that the following verse is carved on the four sides of the pyramid:

And to my priests, I say farewell,
But first a prophesy fulfilled,

Wait for the sign when all seems gone.
Your saviors six will come anon.

Within a few minutes, the sounds of a large group of man-sized creatures can be heard approaching from the south.

"The two statues just outside the temple are those of a very fat, very short man in his middle years. The man is dressed in a simple cloak with a walking staff. Only his helmet seems oddly out of place. The status is smiling."

These are the statues of St. Wolmar.

Room 2: The Monestary

"This small series of rooms is obviously a place of habitation for the monks of this level. Two open toilets are on the east and west sides of this room. The five other "cubicles" are filled with sleeping mats, clothes, and other articles of living."

"A careful examination shows that the large southern cube contains four pallets, while each of the four corner cubicles contains two pallets."

There is nothing of interest here.

Room 3: The Monk's Treasure Room

"This small plain room has a wooden table in the center on which lies a large book, bound in iron, an inkwell and several pens, and a small chest which is unlocked. A shelf running along the southern wall contains candles, bottles and jars filled with liquids, and a travelling cloak, neatly folded. A single wooden chair is pushed up under the table."

The chest contains the following items: 200 gold pieces, Rod of Resurrection, Potions of Critical Healing (3)

Room 4: Converted Brewery

"This room looks as if it once acted as a brewery for the monks. A number of tables have been pushed against the far walls, containing large copper and iron pots, bags of barley and hops, various stone jars filled with yeast and other substances. In the center of the room several sleeping pallets have been constructed. There are signs of recent habitation. The rooms smell heavily of tabacco and stale ale."

These rooms are where the Dwarves of the Shadowyarn Mountains are staying. There is no treasure here.

Room 5: Northern Conference Room

"Five hallways lead from this central room, cut from the same stone as the rest of the rooms on this level. In the center of the room is a large stone table, surrounded by 10 wooden chairs. There are flagons, plates, and other dining implements here."

Room 6: Secret Hideaway

"This plain unadorned room is musty from disuse. There are two torch sconces on the eastern and western walls of this room. Otherwise it is unremarkable outside of its lack of visible doorways."

A set of secret locks make getting into and out of this room very difficult for the untrained. In the case of a struggle, this is where the monks will go to hide.

Room 7: Southern Conference Room

"Four hallways lead from this central room, cut from the same stone as the rest of the rooms on this level. In the center of the room is a large stone table, surrounded by 10 wooden chairs. There are flagons, maps, and papers strewn around the table. It is obvious that a war room of sorts has been setup here."

This room will undoubtedly be occupied. If not, the maps and papers will be removed.

Room 8: The Kitchen

"This series of rooms is the kitchen for the complex. The outer room has a very large wooden table in the center. The table is filled with large bowls. Several large crockery pans hold dough which will be made into bread. A variety of utensils, knives, forks, and the like are strewn about. The inner room holds a large fireplace with two stone ovens for baking and two large black iron pots suspended from hooks for cooking stews. Two tables in the room are heaped with fresh meat, vegetables, and fruit."

Under normal circumstances, there will be several monks here preparing a meal.

Room 9: The Training Room

"This room has murals drawn along all the walls, depicting men dressed in robes in various martial arts 'stances'. In the center of the floor, a circle has been drawn with a black and white pattern. A number of barrels have been rolled into the southeast corner. They are labeled BEER. From the dust on the floor, it is evident that this room has not seen any practice for several days. There is a single hallway leading from the southern wall of this room."

Room 10: The Armory

"This room houses an armory of sorts. Two long racks along the east and west walls hold a number of different weapons, mostly polearms. There are three suits of armor on racks in the middle of the room. They appear to be ordinary in make. Two hallways lead from the north and south of this room."

Room 11: Storage Rooms

"This room is unnaturally cold. The east and west walls of the room are lined with shelves that contain perishable foodstuffs: fruits, vegetables, meat, and the like. There are also large sacks of sugar, salt, flour, and other kitchen staples."

Room 12a: Guest Quarters for Duke Calder

"This room has been divided by plain brown blankets hung across it. A simple table and four chairs sit in the northern portion of the room. The southern portion contains two beds (one for Duke Calder and one for his butler) and a privy.

Rooms 12b-c: Guest Quarters for the Western Reaches

"This hallway runs east-west with three doors on the north side of the hallway and three doors on the south side of the hallway. The hallway forms a 'T' at both ends. Standing at attention in front of the southern doors are three men dressed in chain mail, swords at the ready. Standing at attention in front of the northern doors are three men also dressed in chain mail, swords at the ready. It is obvious that there is some tension between the two groups of men."

"These long rooms have two rows of makeshift beds, obviously of newer construction than the rest of the furniture in this room. There are four beds along each wall. A doorway in the south leads to a small privy."

These are the guest quarters for the nobles of the Western Reaches.

Rooms 13a-b: Guest Quarters for the Eastern Reaches

"These long rooms have two rows of makeshift beds, obviously of newer construction than the rest of the furniture in this room. There are four beds along each wall. A doorway in the north leads to a small privy."

Room 13c: Guest Quarters for Lady Laura

"This room has been divided by plain brown blankets hung across it. A simple table and four chairs sit in the southern portion of the room. The northern portion contains two beds (one for Lady Laura and one for her handmaiden) and a privy.

These are the guest quarters for the nobles of the Eastern Reaches.

Rooms 14a-b: Storage Rooms

"This small square room is filled with old boxes. From the dust covering them, it is apparent that this room has not been used for some time."

Room 15: Bath and Laundry

"This room has a small pipe coming in from near the juncture of the northern wall and the ceiling. The pipe is dripping water into a large beer barrel. Several empty barrels sit along the west wall, and several full ones along the east. In the center of the room is a barrel that has been split length-wise and filled with water to form a sort of odd bathtub."

"The Gamble"

Two gamblers, A and B, are about to play a game. Each will privately write three amounts adding up to $1000 on a slip of paper. Then they will compare their amounts, the largest against the largest, the smallest against the smallest, and the median against the median. The gambler with the larger amount in two of these three comparisons will win the game and take the $1000.

What should gambler A write on the slip of paper? 231, 384, 385.

The Monks of the Wait

The Monks of the Wait are a sub-order of the Church of St. Theodore. Their patron saint (St. Wolmar) had a vision, and following it to the site of the current temple, he inscribed the verse that is now on the sides of the pyramid. The order always has a monk on guard for the return of the "saviors six". They are not well schooled in the ways of man, and St. Wolmar gave them no clue as to what to do once the six returned.

The "O" monks fight as 12th level monks, except for Oakes who will fight at 18th level. The "N" and "P" monks fight as 6th level monks. Oakes wears a Helm of Teleportation (which is called the crown of St. Wolmar) which allows for him to teleport to the surface to conduct business. They use the Church of St. Theodore as a jumping off point for their adventures above ground.

The monks are: Oakes - master of the order (72); Obed - monk (48); Otho - monk (48); Onslow - monk (48); Overton - monk (48); Onufrio - monk (48); Negley - senior monk (24); Orren - monk (48); Paschal - junior monk (24); Orridge - monk (48); Pomeroy - junior monk (24); Oswin - monk (48)

Dwarves of the Shadowyarn Mountains

"Earthfriend, you have returned, as the prophesies have told, leading the other races in our quest to defeat the usurpers. I am Durin, and I pledge loyalty to you.

The Dwarves of the Shadowyarn Mountains want U-Gene to lead them to retake the city and claim the mountains for their own. The dwarves fight as 18th level fighters. They wear no magic for fear that it will allow Atli to find them. The Stonefists are a northern dwarven clan in the Shadowyarn Mountain.

The dwarves are: Durin Stonefist - dwarven leader (210); Ercan Stonefist - dwarf (190); Gunnar Stonefist - dwarf (190); Gotthard Stonefist - dwarf (190); Hedwig Stonefist - dwarf (190); Fergus Stonefist - dwarf (190)

Priests of the Church of St. Theodore

"Approaching you are two men dressed in fine black capes with bright red velvet linings. They are middle aged, but appear very fit and healthy. They smile bright white smiles, and have a gentle (almost magical) aura about them."

These are the Priests of the Church of St. Theodore. They recognize the debt to U-Gene, if he asks. They fight as 21st level clerics, although they are AC 9 and have no weapons.

The priests are: Father Humbert (170); Father Alister (120). Father Humbert carries several doses of Dust of Disappearance.

Nobles of the Western Reaches

"The Nobles of the Western Reaches seem to be very much on edge, curtly polite but somehow distant to the current problem. The Duke Calder is a solid middle aged man with thick black hair and dark brown eyes. He wear the sigil of the black vulture on a bright yellow background. His guards are quiet, seasoned veterans. Grinling the Butler is an elderly man who dresses in shapeless gray robes."

Grinling is the "trigger man" for Atli. He will notify Atli when the party arrives. He will be noticably absent after the final tallies are taken.

The guards fight as 15th level fighters except Calder who fights at 24th level and Grinling who fights as a 12th level thief.

The nobles are: Duke Calder (260; Grinling the Butler (80); Edric - guard (160); Dunwody - guard (160); Conall - guard (160); Hanford - guard (160); Isak - guard (160); Vokos - guard (160); Sardul - guard (160); Wedlake - guard (160); Watt - guard (160); Aladar - guard (160); Barlow - guard (160); Arndt - guard (160). The Duke has the following items: Plate Mail +2, Helmet +1, Long Sword +4, a purse of 100 gold pieces. Grinling the Butler has the following magic items: Cloak of Displacement.

Nobles of the Eastern Reaches

"The Nobles of the Eastern Reaches seem to be as edgy as their western bretheren, but they are much more amiable to the party. Even after his abdication, Ernie is still considered one of the most powerful rulers of the Eastern Reaches. Lady Laura is an ever-present fan of the company. The nobles of the Eastern Reaches wear the red cross of the late King Gregory. The guards are unknown to the party, but they seem capable enough. Mira is a beautiful young girl who mostly hides her face and giggles when the party is around."

The guards fight as 15th level fighters except Laura who fights at 24th level mage and Mira who fights as a 3rd level fighter.

The nobles are: Lady Laura (150); Mira the Handmaiden (30); Arthur - guard (180); Bearns - guard (180); Colden - guard (180); Dunstan - guard (180); Gridley - guard (180); Heaslip - guard (180); Llewellyn - guard (180); Murdo - guard (180); Purdon - guard (180); Trigg - guard (180); Stetter - guard (180); Wortley - guard (180). Lady Laura has a Robe of Eyes, a Staff of Power, and 300 gold pieces.

The Attacks

Wave One is a simultaneous attack of fighters from the southern end of the complex (teleported into Room 11b) and a wave of assassins from the north end of the complex (teleported into Room 3). The fighters will attempt to create a diversion while the assassins pick off the important ones. When killed, they will all melt into a black bubbling goo. Fighters (24) - 18th level; Assasins (6) - 21st level.

Wave Two is meant to clean things up after the first wave of fighters and assassins have done their deeds. These creatures are released into Rooms 1, 2 and 9.

Crumblers: "These large plated creatures are low to the ground with large powerful mandibles. The shuffle like a bug, but they are repitilian in appearance. They are gray with tufts of coarse black hair." These creatures will come in to knock down walls, collapse rooms, and pretty much trash the place. There mandibles cut through stone like butter. Crumblers have AC 0 and HD 20. Fog Birds: "These small brown-green glass birds flit about the Crumblers and Vaporous Toads. They are quick, agile, and very hard to see as they tend to camoflage with the background." These little guys will explode to cause all damage done during a particular melee round to be negated. They are very resistant to magic, although they are weak in any type of combat. AC -6 and HD 3. They are very small (negatives apply).

Vaporous Toads: "These squat gray toads have a very thick body dominated by an enormous head. A putrid, white steam comes from their nose and mouth. When fully opened, the bright red mouth is larger than a man's." While they are able to hop great distances, they tend to sit if unmolested. They breath out prodigious amounts of fog, filling a 10 foot cube of room each round with their foul vapor. They have AC 0 HD 18.

Goblin Fodder: "This creature appears as a small twig-like goblin, dressed in a bright yellow and red tunic. He runs out in front of the party and waves his hands and yells obscenities." These unfortunate creatures have been enchanted with a Lure spell which causes all who see or hear them to save versus 20th level magic (secular) or be impelled to immediately attack them. Once targeted, the goblins will attempt to run away, pulling their quarry after them. They have AC 8, HD 1.

Wave Three is the final wave. It is meant to mop up the dungeon, and allow Atli to come in and destroy the temple. This will be done via fighters, a circle of mages, and Atli himself. Fighters (42); Mages (6); Atli the White.


Monks of the Wait (12)
Dwarves (6)
Priests of St. Theodore (2)
Nobles of the West (14)
Nobles of the East (14)
Fighters (24)
Assassins (6)
Crumblers (24)
Fog Birds (24)
Vaporous Toads (24)
Goblin Fodder (24)
Fighters (42)
Mages (6)
Atli the White


Helm of Teleportation (Oakes)
200 gold pieces
Rod of Resurrection
Potions of Critical Healing (3)
Dust of Disappearance
Plate +2
Helmet +1
Long Sword +4
100 gold pieces
Cloak of Displacement
Robe of Eyes
Staff of Power
300 gold pieces