The Nightstalkers

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The Nightstalkers
Deity Mona, Moon Goddess
Domains Chaos, Evil, Madness, Strength, Trickery
Races Any
Classes Clerics
Alignments Chaotic Evil
Holy Days Lunar
Place of Worship None
Holy Symbol Moon
High Priest Kolchak
Major Temple Home of the Moon (Teufeldorf)

Madness and monsters have always haunted the nightmares of the denizens of the Realm. While most dismiss nightmares as the body's reaction to a bad meal or the mind reeling from stress and anxiety, a small order of priests - called the Nightstalkers - believe that nightmares are real. Furthermore, they believe that they can manifest the terror and monsters of nightmares into physical form - creating an insane army of trance-like berserkers and creatures of pure imagination.

The deity of the Nightstalkers is Mona, the Moon Goddess. The origin of the Order is not well known - although legend holds that an early priest of the Order manifested a nightmare while doing research on lycanthropy and its link with insanity and madness. It is rumored that a cabal within the Order - called the Summoners - secretly toil to fulfill the Order's ultimate goal - to manifest Mona herself back into the Realm.

The public face of the Order, however, is much more practical. The Nightstalkers are often called upon to help wealthy patrons who are plagued by nightmares and lycanthropy. Traveling Nightstalkers can be found throughout the Reaches, either doing field research or undertaking tasks for the Order. The Nightstalkers are often tied to the Dreamkeepers and the Plague Doctors - whose talents are similarly aligned.

Those wishing to join the Nightstalkers should contact the High Priest Kolchak at the Home of the Moon in Teufeldorf.