Barony of Overton

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Barony of Overton
Founded 812 TA
Size Minor Kingdom
Fealty Western Reaches
Ruler Zachary Overton, Tenth Baron of Overton
Hex 6522

The Barony of Overton is the central kingdom in the Southern Reaches. As such, it has long been at the crossroads of commerce and warfare. The barony stretches from the Endless Forest in the west two hundred miles to the Sands of Time in the east. Almost all of the inhabitants of this land live along its extreme western border with a single major road running along the forest's edge. The primary industry is forestry, although farms do exist along the edge of the forest as well.

Overton is known throughout the Reaches for its excellent bows, crossbows, and arrows. With large expanses of grassland to scout and protect, Overton has a large standing cavalry. In the Hastur Rebellions, the horse archers of Overton gained fame for their excellent skill at long-range bowmanship.

The strategic importance of the barony cannot be overstated, as all north-south troop movements to and from Sandal must pass Crossgate Castle. The castle also protects the north from the Tomb Kingdom buried in the southern Sands of Time. Crossgate Castle was constructed in 812 TA as the seat of government in the region. It has been sacked and rebuilt several times during the First War of the Reaches and the Second War of the Reaches.

The barony is run by the Overton family, a large, sprawling clan that has actively sought unions with neighboring baronies. The current lord is Zachary Overton, the Tenth Baron, who tends to the military and day-to-day running of the lands. His father, Arthur Overton, holds the title Baron Emeritus. The senior Overton lives in at the Overton Estate in Teufeldorf and runs the mercantile operations of the barony.