Barony of Wendover

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Barony of Wendover
Founded 621 TA
Size Minor Kingdom
Fealty Western Reaches
Ruler Emily Ward, Nineteenth Baroness of Wendover
Hex 5717

The middle kingdom of the northern Western Reaches baronies, the Barony of Wendover extends from the Sirendell River in the north to the Wilderland River in the south. Bounded by the Great Sea in the west, the kingdom stretches 300 miles inland from the Grimore Jungle to the Grand Wood. Rich soil, abundant water and plentiful natural resources such as wood and stone have made Wendover a wealthy land. The current ruler is Emily Ward, Nineteenth Baroness of Wendover. Emily runs the military and logistics of the kingdom while her twin sister, Alice Harper, tends to the commerce and trade from the City-State of Teufeldorf.


Established in 621 TA, the ancient Barony of Wendover has long been a center of commerce with established trade routes along the Greater and Lesser Farthing Roads. While minor disagreements with the other northern baronies have erupted periodically, Wendover has remained staunchly supportive of the Crown. The area exports grain, cattle and horses to the City-State to the north.

During its early years, Wendover was the frontier of the expanding Western Reaches. It's capital at Grunfeld has always been a military operation and has seen intense fighting during The Hastur Rebellions, the First War of the Reaches, and the Second War of the Reaches.

Nearby Places of Interest

Grimore Jungle

The ancient hardwoods of the Grimore Jungle hold some of the oldest secrets of the Age of Men. Deep within in dark confines along a seldom-used road lies the ancient Temple of Set. The strange pyramid has stood in the woods as long as anybody can remember, a tribute to some long-forgotten race. Historians generally believe that the builders migrated to the Sands of Time during the First Age to be lost in a great sandstorm.

Lake of the Dragon Turtle

The lake is named after a massive beast that was once said to live in its placid confines. There have been no reported sightings for many generations.