Barony of Weremouth

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Barony of Weremouth
Founded 640 TA
Size Minor Kingdom
Fealty Western Reaches
Ruler John Weremouth, Tenth Baron of Weremouth
Hex 5916

The most southern of the Northern Baronies of the Western Reaches, Weremouth was established in 640 TA bordered on the north by the Wilderland River, the south by the Dark River, and on the east by the Whispering Hills. Long considered the edge of human civilization by the folks of the City-State, Weremouth is still only sparsely populated with towns and villages. Much of the wealth of the barony comes from hunting the abundant wildlife in the Welkwood and the coastal plains. Welkwood is also at the crossroads of the Coastal Lands which is populated by hobbits, gnomes, and the eagles of the Whispering Hills. This location provides trade to the north and competes with the shipping interests of the free-city of Freeport to the south.

The current ruler is John Weremouth, Tenth Baron of Weremouth. While rarely in attendance at Wilderland Castle, Baron Weremouth is almost always in residence at Weremouth Hall in Teufeldorf tending to his collection of artifacts and archaeological curiosities.


The shores of Weremouth near the ruins of the Crystal Castle provide the only natural harbor for a stretch of over 600 miles of shoreline in the Western Reaches. As such, humans settling this area have tried to erect castles and defenses in the area since the Second Age. Along the Cloverland Road, the ruins of the Second Age fortress, Brixworth Castle, and the ruins of the early Third Age garrison at the Crystal Castle attest to this history. Ancient archaeological sites in the Grimore Jungle and the Welkwood attest to even earlier settlements.

Most recently, the Battle of the Wilderland River in 883 TA (see The Hastur Rebellions) saw the annihilation of three thousand Crown soldiers by the undead army of Grim. It is said that ghouls from that conflict can still be found wandering the woods.

The construction of Hodor's Hall and the gnomish city of Nevermind have aided in the defense of the area which is currently enjoying significant prosperity.

Nearby Places of Interest


The extent of the Welkwood is obvious to the observer, for its limits are easily defined by its large growth trees. The majesty of the huge trees of the forest is apparent, for they tower over their neighbors. Oaks grow to heights of two hundred feet and more while the mighty rowanwoods are taller still. Even the locusts, elders, maples, and the like grow to unusual size, so that the whole is most imposing. The woodsmen of Welkwood are brave and sturdy, well renowned throughout the land as huntsmen, trackers, and bold adventurers.