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John Weremouth, Tenth Baron of Weremouth

John Weremouth, Tenth Baron of Weremouth, is a middle-aged man with a shock of grey hair. Like his father and grandfather, John was an adventurer in his youth, extensively exploring the ruins of the Welkwood including a mapping of the Wraith City in 880-883 TA. In 890 TA, he undertook a voyage to an uninhabited island chain 300 miles west of Weremouth. It is said that he plundered a hoard of golden statues from a hidden Second Age shrine there, although it is unclear whether the artifacts were originally from the shrine or pirate treasure hidden on the islands later in the Third Age. In either case, the expedition culminated John's field career.

In 892 TA, John moved to sprawling Weremouth Hall in Teufeldorf to continue his archaeological pursuits. He met and married a librarian he encountered at the Library of Sarth, Esmee Chambers. In 894 TA, the first of John's three children - all girls - was born. The young Weremouth girls are independent, adventurous and exceedingly intelligent. While born into Teufeldorf society, the girls prefer to follow in their parent's pursuits. Esmee continues her research at the libraries of Teufeldorf and has written several books on the history of the City-State.

In 895 TA, John's father, James, died mysteriously. After a short investigation, the family was cleared of any wrongdoing and John assumed the mantle of the Tenth Baron of Weremouth. His time since has continued to be filled with his obsession with history and archaeology. He is considered one of the pre-eminent scholars of Western Reaches history. The barony is effectively run by a staff at the Wilderland Castle with only periodic overview from Weremouth Hall.

John continues his physical training at Kodoma's Path in Teufeldorf although he is not a member of the Order of the Winds. His daughters frequently join him in training.

The family is extremely private, and little is known of their wealth or personal affairs. They attend few social functions. On occasion, the Weremouth family sponsors independent expeditions to remote archaeological sites. Adventurers needing funds for exploration can make a petition at the Patron's Gate in Teufeldorf.