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Druids of Oakentree
Rangers of the Wilderlands
Collegium Magicium
Thieves Guild
Dark Path

The Elder Gods

Every culture has its own myths and legends about the creation of the Realm and its inhabitants. As cultures mix and stories get passed from generation to generation these stories transform. New deities come forward, and old ones are discarded.

The generally accepted story of creation told by the human inhabitants of the Reaches late in the Third Age of Man, tells of eight beings known as the Elder Gods. These "gods" represent the elemental forces of the world, and their tales most likely have been passed down from the earliest inhabitants of the Realm. Personification of the Elder Gods has been reported countless times since the dawn of civilization. However, rumors of the human forms of the Elder Gods have never been substantiated by the academic population.

Death (see note below)
Melandrea, Goddess of the Sun
Blacklock, God of the Air
Baliol, Warder of the Seas
Karelia, Goddess of the Stars
Hastur, Master of Stone
Oakentree, God of Nature
NOTE: In some cultures, Death is portrayed as a male figure with a female figure, Fate, as his bride.


Outside of the Elder Gods, there are numerous other "pantheon gods" that are worshiped throughout the Realm. These include small local and city gods which might have influence over a particular river or mountain, group of craftsmen, or a given chapel. They might be heroes or martyrs or saints that have become demigods to a certain segment of the population. Or, these other gods might be powerful deities with thousands or hundreds of thousands of followers, entire nations, entire races.

One of the most significant legends which seems to transcend cultures and times has its origins early in First Age of Man and tells of the arrival of thirty "new gods" in flaming chariots known as the First Tribe. In some cultures, tales tell of an epic struggle between the Elder Gods and the First Tribe. In the end, the story says that the First Tribe proved victorious over the Elder Gods, who were banished in the early First Age of Man only to reappear late in the Third Age of Man when they were released from their prison.

Anhur, God of War
Anshar, Lord of Darkness
Arioch, God of Chaos
Bast, Cat Goddess
Bes, God of Luck
Brandobaris, Master of Stealth
Cairm, Goddess of Youth
Dagda, Lord of the Dawn
Dagonis, Goddess of Sleep and Dreams
Eadro, God of the Merfolk
Eldevira the Tree of All Branches, Goddess of Elves
Few, God of Thunder and Lightning
Gabriel, Angel of Truth
Geb, God of Earth
Gruumsh, God of Orcs
Horus, God of Mercy
Ishtar, Goddess of Love
Ishap, God of Knowledge and Learning
Kakatal, God of Fire and Flames
Llith, Mother of Reptilemen
Loki, The Moon God
Lolth, The Serpent God
Misha, Goddess of the Wind
Moloch, Sun God
Moradin the Forger, God of Dwarves
Mulciber, God of Magic
Orion, God of Wisdom
Pan, God of Music and Poetry
Paulus, Goddess of Justice
Pell, God of Time
Ptah, Master of the Planes
Rammus, God of the Stars
Rat God
Ratri, Goddess of Thieves
Seker, God of Light
Set, God of Evil and the Night
Straasha, God of the Waters
Surma, Goddess of the Plague
Tefnut, Goddess of Storms
Ukko, Sky God
Voodrith, God of Slaughter