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Founded 496 FA
Size Major Kingdom
Ruler Overlord Theodric XIX

Rembia is commonly referred to as the Old Kingdom. It is thought to be the cradle of human civilization. Established in 496 FA by Overlord Alfric I, it is oldest human kingdom in the Realm. The early First Age centuries of Rembia's existence was known as a time of great education and enlightenment. Great sailing ships were constructed to sail over the ocean to the lands far beyond, advances in alchemy and medicine were made, and the proliferation of magic became widespread. Merchant trade made Rembia the greatest civilization in the Realm. Rembia has held close ties with the Collegium Magicium since its founding, but these ties were formalized in 900 FA when the Overlord sought the wizards' help in the War of Ars Magica.

The current overlord, Theodric the XIX, is the absolute ruler of this kingdom that stretches from Thorinshold in the north, west to Elothian and south to the Highgate Freelands. The Overlord rules in absentia through a network of local lords and nobles. Royal proclamations are brought via gold-gilded litters to these rulers from Theodric's Palace in the Celestial City on the holy island of Serapherum. Born in the palace, Theodric has never left the island. All visitors to the island must either wear a Guest's Collar - a silver necklace provided by the Overlord, or they must participate in a binding ceremony with an ancient artifact, Alfric's Scepter.

Rembia is a well-settled land. Across from the holy island lies the great capital city of Whitecliff, the largest human settlement in the Realm. At its peak, hundreds of thousands of men, women and children lived in this sprawling metropolis - although its population has declined in recent centuries. Serving as the mercantile capital of the Empire, Whitecliff forms the central brain of Rembia. Roads radiate out from Whitecliff like the spokes of a wagon wheel. Along these roads are the cities, towns and villages of the Old Kingdom. The first farms begin to appear after 60 miles journey from the coast, and carefully tended forests abound, but there is no true frontier in this ancient land. A patchwork of fiefdoms and crofts all swear loyalty to the Overlord, but this is a land of many nobles of ancient heritage and labyrinthine courtly rituals.

While a kingdom in decline, Rembia is still a preeminent trading power with strong ties to the Tang Empire. The Army of the Overlord is the most technologically advanced in the Realm, although it is rarely called to action. Periodic feuds with the Heptarchy of the Highgate Freelands represent the entirety of fighting that the Old Kingdom has undertaken in the last two centuries until 906 TA when an invasion of the City-State of Teufeldorf was undertaken by the Old Kingdom. Rumors persist that a deal had been struck between the Overlord and the Grandfathers of the Wolfshaunt to prolong the war. While successful in capturing the City-State, control was lost in 907 TA when a successful counter-invasion of Rembia was undertaken by the Three Kings of the Reaches. The Overlord sued for ten year's peace, and the Second War of the Reaches concluded with the treaty.

Rembia - Northeast

Rembia ne 2.jpg
Places of Interest
Kingdoms Free Lands Geography
Basil Downs
Bexberry Hills
Darkhalt Forest
Spiderswind Forest

Rembia - Northwest

Rembia nw 2.jpg
Places of Interest
Kingdoms Free Lands Geography
Dorwater Lake
Fogslide Forest
Hawsome Hills
Swinturn Lake

Nearby Places of Interest


Far to the northwest of Whitecliff and the Celestial City, a roughly 1,000 mile journey by road, lies the ancient stronghold of Sarth. Home to Great Library and the its caretakers, the Librarians. Known as the greatest center of learning in the Realm, the priests of Sarth jealously guard their incomparable hoard of books and papers collected over the last four thousand years. This city sits near the borders of Elothian and Thorinshold. It is rumored that both the elves and dwarves have sworn protection to the priests of Sarth.