Rivershaw Castle

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Rivershaw Castle
Founded 352 TA
Size Minor Kingdom
Fealty Western Reaches
Ruler Lord March Richard Moonstoke
Hex 2011

Situated on an island in the middle of the River White, Rivershaw Castle has two stone drawbridges that connects it to the Orc Nation to the north and the Western Reaches to the south. It is currently the capital of the March of Wirkswirth under the leadership of Lord March Richard Moonstoke.

History of Rivershaw Castle

Rivershaw Castle was constructed in the mid-fourth century TA at the end of the First Orcish War. It was part of a building project that also included Coral Castle. Rivershaw Castle was originally designed to protect the Reaches from a northern invasion. Also, the castle, if given advance warning, could send enough troops to hold the Pass of Merchants from a western invasion. For three hundred years, Rivershaw fought under the green and white double gate banner. This banner still flies alongside the Wirkswirth flags at the castle.

In 653 TA, control of the castle was transferred from the direct control of the Crown to the Lord March of Wirkswirth. The last crown commander of Rivershaw Castle was Lord Maxwell, Knight of Valor. At that time, the garrison contained 600 trained soldiers loyal to the King of Teufeldorf.

The current castle structure was completed in 715 TA when the northern drawbridge was built and the structure expanded to hold a larger garrison.

The Legend of Straasha

The village of Rivershaw was founded at the junction where the Trident Creek empties into the River White - near the present site of Rivershaw Castle. As the settlement proceeded in its development, it became evident to the people that an evil force lurked within the placid waters near their home. One day, several village men were found dead in their beds, presumably drowned. It was then that Straasha, the kindly elder of the village council, volunteered to fight the evil menace. Armed with only his trident and courage, Straasha managed to banish the demon foe, but he was drowned in the battle. Straasha instantly became a folk hero, and an altar and temple were built in his honor on the banks of the Trident River near Rivershaw. Straasha rarely leaves his watery domain and always in the form of an old gray man. Those who gain Straasha's favor are often blessed with gentle spring rains and fair weather during sea travel.

Nearby Places of Interest


The grim hamlet of Northesse lies directly north of Rivershaw Castle. A working mine was established after the discovery of iron ore veins running near the surface. Now, a number of smelters, smithies and artisans encircle the mine entrance. Northesse is a primary supplier of weapons for Rivershaw Castle. Recently, several gnomes have arrived in town to construct a giant metal golem which they hope will provide additional protection for the town from orc raids.