Wanton Wench Statistics, Crew, and Manifest

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Wanton Wench - Top Deck
Wanton Wench - Berth Deck
Wanton Wench - Hold
Colossal Water Vehicle
Squares 196 (35 ft. by 140 ft.)
Cost priceless
AC 2; Hardness 5
HP 900/900 (449)
Base Save +0
Maximum Speed: 180 ft. or 360 ft. (Sails of Speed) (see chart for daily movement)
Acceleration 30 ft. or 60 ft. (Sails of Speed)
CMB +8; CMD 18
Ramming Damage 8d8
Weapons 20 x light firedrake ballista (damage 3d8 or 6d8 fire damage, 19-20/x2, range 120', Piercing, Crew 1, Load 0)
net launcher (no damage, entangled unless a DC 20 reflex save is made, range 120', Crew 1, Load = 1 turn)
Projectiles 94 light ballista bolts (cost 10 gp each and weigh 10 pounds), 2 dragon-sized nets
Can be outfitted with up to 20 large direct-fire siege engines in banks of 10 positioned on the port and starboard sides of the ship. The siege engines may only fire out the sides of the ship they are positioned on. They cannot be swiveled to fire toward the forward and aft sides of the ship.
Wanton Wench Figurehead (passive) - Wendy the Wanton Wench is a spirit that resides in the masthead and provides the ship with extraordinary intelligence. Wendy can act as an oracle once per week. Wendy's other powers are unknown.
Strengthened Masts (passive) - The masts of the Wanton Wench are magically strengthened to withstand extraordinary stress. They will never snap in ordinary storms. The masts are not damaged by increased movement speed or flying.
Tabitha's Mirror (passive) - The mirror causes the last occupant standing in front of it to be "reborn" in 48 hours. Resurrection is complete, broken bones are restored, and the viewer is young again (20 years for humans). Duplicates created from the mirror are pathologically driven to kill their counterpart. It is rumored that the each use of the mirror instills a bit of "evil" into the recipient.
The Machine - Located in the ship's hold, this strange device provides mechanical power to run the ship's unique devices and magic. It is powered by magic items which are consumed as fuel. More powerful items will provide longer effects. Other powers of The Machine are unknown.
Pennant of Cloaking (2 points per hour)- Allows the Wanton Wench to become invisible. The area of invisibility is dispelled when a siege engine is fired (other actions may also negate this effect). This item requires The Machine to function.
Wings of Flying (2 points per hour) - Allows the Wanton Wench to fly. The ship has the same maneuverability as when in the sea, but its speed is tripled. This item requires The Machine to function.
Mad Monk Net Launcher (2 points per hour) - Mounted at the fore of the ship, this large device can throw a weighted net about 120' catching creatures as large as dragons. It can be aimed fore, port and starboard (not aft). Creatures hit must make a DC 25 Reflex save or be entangled (no damage). This item requires a trained engineer. It use power from the Machine to function.
Sails of Speed (2 points per hour) - Allows the Wanton Wench to double her movement for one day. Each consecutive day after that has a 20% cumulative change of ripping the sails, rendering them useless. This effect resets after 1 day. These sails are unaffected by flying and do not seem to need normal repair. This item requires The Machine to function.
Firedrake Ballista (2 points per hour) - When activated, all ballista bolts can be fired as firedrake bolts (gunner decides when firing). Firedrake bolts act as alchemist's fire increasing initial damage to 6d8. Targets may catch on fire - causing 1d8 points of damage in each subsequent round. Targets hit may make a DC 15 save each round to put out the fire. Hits against wooden and flammable objects take 2d8 instead of 1d8 points of damage. These items require The Machine to function.
This sailing ship is used for ocean travel. It can carry 150 tons of cargo in addition to a full crew and passengers.
Propulsion current (air; two masts, 30 squares of sails, hp 150)
Driving Check Profession (sailor)
Forward Facing the ship's forward
Driving Device steering wheel
Driving Space the nine squares around the steering wheel at the aft of the ship
Crew 16 (plus siege engineers and gunners as needed)
Decks 2
The machine2.jpg
Add Item/Use Power Power/Time Fuel Add Fuel Use Balance
Deck of Many Things CL 20 (Strong) 8 8
Invisibility 4 hours 8 0
Greatsword +1 CL 3 (Faint) 1 1
Fly 30 minutes 1 0
20 x Dagger +1 20 20
Invisibility 3 hours 6 14
Flying 3 hours 6 8
Invisibility 3 hours 6 2
Morningstar +1 3 5
Armor 15 20
Scroll 1 21
Invisibility 8 hours 16 5
Black Iron 8 13
Fly + Invisibility 1 hour 4 9
Invisibility 1 hour 2 7
Armor + Shield 10 17
Invisibility Hidden Skerry 5pm-8:30pm 7 10
Flying Blue Baron 1 9
Flying + Arbalests + Net Launcher 2 hours

Determining Wind Direction

Wind chart.jpg

Determining Sailing Speed

Wind chart 3.jpg

Wind chart 4.jpg

Code of Articles

We the crew and patrons (hereafter called "the crew") of the ship do on this day, Friday the 13th of October, 907 of the Third Age, in the presence of our Captain, Lucky Lulu, and our companions do swear on our death to the pirate's code set forth below in service to the Wanton Wench.

  1. All crew must obey the captain and her officers.
  2. Destinations will be set by the patrons unless it unduly endangers the ship.
  3. Each crew member receives an equal share of food and drink, and one ration of liquor every day.
  4. Each crew member must do their fair share of work, and neither shirk duty nor pass off work to another, lest they face 20 lashes.
  5. Each crew member must tend to their own weapons and keep them ready for battle.
  6. Any crew member who can perform magic shall use their abilities on behalf of the ship. The priest may preach sermons to any interested volunteers permitted the safety of the ship is not compromised.
  7. Any crew member who suspects a hazard, be it storm cloud, sea monster, or enemy ship, must raise the alarm immediately.
  8. Any crew member who sees an unfamiliar sea creature must inform the captain immediately.
  9. Any crew member who shows cowardice in the face of the enemy or deserts in battle shall have their throat cut.
  10. No crew member shall hide their abilities from the crew.
  11. No fighting is allowed between crew members. Quarrels shall be set aside until shore leave, at which point grievances may be settled with violence on shore.
  12. Any crew member found stealing from others shall take 30 lashes and be put ashore at port.
  13. Any crew member who loses a limb in service to the ship shall be paid 800 gold for its loss.
  14. Any crew member caught below deck with open flame, magical or mundane, will suffer 10 lashes. All candles and lanterns are to be extinguished at sunset. This rule is waived for the alchemist who can work in his laboratory in the hold under supervision.
  15. No crew member is to play cards or dice for money while onboard, nor use such things to take advantage of their crew mates on shore.
  16. No crew member is to bring aboard a passenger unbeknownst to the captain. Both crew member and passenger face marooning.
  17. Any crew member found drunk on duty shall face 5 lashes. Any crew member too drunk to function effectively during battle shall have their hand cut off.
  18. No crew member will speak ill of the dead lest they summon restless spirits to the ship.


The Wanton Wench has a crew of 16 sailors and 4 gunners. By vote, the crew will be paid 1200 gold per month and will not get shares of treasure.

Name Position Notes
Lucky Lulu Captain
Quicksilver Quarter Master Commands crew, settles quarrels, distributes food, punishes minor offenses
Swinging Cindy Sailing Master In charge of navigation, plots course, looks after instruments
Tanya Boatswain Supervises maintenance and stores, inspects ship every morning, assigns deck activities
Ginger Carpenter & Surgeon Maintenance and repair of hull, masts and yards; surgeon
Emily First Mate Shift leader - day
Amber Second Mate Shift leader - night
Samantha Cook
Naomi Day watch
Heather Day watch
Jen Rigger
Glush the Blue Rigger Replaced Layla
Sydney Swabbie
Summer Cabin Girl
Glendower Banes Night watch/Engineer Replaced Isabella
Zoe Night watch
Henry Rogers Siege Engineer Doppleganger
Faith Gunner Doppleganger
Sincere Gunner Doppleganger
Deacon Gunner Doppleganger
Christof Jonah Purifoy Patron
Chironomous Patron
Wrane Wrathborne Patron
Nomed Oppenheimer Patron
Java Patron
Finnegan Shadowwhisper Patron


Carrying Capacity

The Wanton Wench has a carrying capacity of 150 tons of cargo in addition to its crew and passengers. It is currently carrying 7 tons of cargo.

  • Permanent Stores = 2 tons
  • Perishable Stores = 5 tons

Permanent Stores - These items are required for maintenance of the ship and routine needs of the crew. These supplies do not need to be restocked unless used for a specific task. The cost of these supplies is 1200 gp in most ports. The weight of these items is 4000 lbs (2 tons).

Item Cost Weight Notes
Twine - 100' Coil (10) 4gp 200 lbs
Hemp Rope - 200' Coil (25) 100 gp 1300 lbs 2x needed to rig ship
Canvas - 1500 sq ft 150 gp 450 lbs 2x needed to rig ship
Gear Maintenance Kit 5 gp 2 lbs Sail maintenance
Nails and Spikes - Box 5 gp 20 lbs
Rosin - Cask 30 gp 60 lbs Fill gaps
Turpentine - Cask 40 gp 60 lbs Solvent
Tar - Barrel 20 gp 200 lbs Waterproofing
Pitch - Barrel 20 gp 200 lbs Waterproofing
Linseed Oil - Cask 40 gp 60 lbs Drying Oil
Varnish - Cask 40 gp 60 lbs Sealant
Oil - Barrel 100 gp 200 lbs
Buoy, Common (10) 5 gp 160 lbs
Fishhooks - Box 10 gp 2 lbs
Fishing Nets (8) 32 gp 80 gp
Compass 10 gp 1 lb Backup
Lanterns (8) 56 gp 16 lbs
Candle Lamps (8) 40 gp 8 lbs
Flint and Steel (4) 4 gp 1 lb
Blankets (60) 30 gp 180 lbs
Forge 10 gp 190 lbs Anvil, bellow, tongs, hammers (2)
Carpenter (2) 40 gp 80 lbs Hatchet, saw, adze, plane, chisel, gouge, awl, crowbar, mallet, gimlet, auger & brace, knife, square, compass, ruler
Specialized Ship Repair (2) 60 gp 60 lbs Caulking mallet, drawing knife, horsing iron, jerry iron, reeming iron, sail iron, racing knife, wrung staff
Leather/Cloth (2) 60 gp 20 lbs Awls, knife, shears, whetstone, oil, needles, paste horn, pincers, polishing bone, tacks, thimble, thread
Shovel (8) 16 gp 50 lbs
Block and Tackle (2) 10 gp 68 lbs
Boat Hook (2) 1 gp 10 lbs
Marlinspike (2) 1 gp 12 lbs
Brooms, Mops (8) 2 gp 8 lbs
Buckets (20) 10 gp 20 lbs
Surgeon's Tools 20 gp 5 lbs
Antidote Kit 100 gp 3 lbs
Healer's Kit (2) 100 gp 2 lbs 10 uses per kit
Cooking Kit (4) 12 gp 84 lbs
Mess Kit (20) 4 gp 20 lbs
Iron Pots (4) 4 gp 16 lbs
Jugs (4) 1 gp 36 lbs
Baskets (4) 2 gp 4 lbs
Coffee Pots (2) 6 gp 8 lbs

Perishable Stores - These items are consumed by the crew during the month and must be restocked each month that the ship is at sea. The cost of these supplies is 1200 gp in most ports. The weight of these items is 10,000 lbs (5 tons).

Item Cost Weight Notes
Mad Monk Blue Ale (1 barrel) 250 gp 250 lbs Suppresses dreams for 24 hours
Ale (30 barrels) 390 gp 6000 lbs 1 gal/day
Wine (8 barrels) 100 gp 1600 lbs 2 pints/day
Meat (3 barrels) - beef, pork, fish 350 gp 720 lbs 1 lb/day
Biscuits (3 barrels) 30 gp 600 lbs 1 lb/day
Dried Vegetables (1 barrel) 20 gp 200 lbs 2 pints/day
Dried Fruit (1 barrel) 50 gp 200 lbs 2 pints/day
Tallow (1 cask) 10 gp 60 lbs 1 month supply
Cheese (1 crate) 80 gp 60 lbs 1 pint/day
Salt (1 barrel) 20 gp 200 lbs 1 month supply
Spices (1 cask) 90 gp 60 lbs 1 month supply
Coffee (1 barrel) 40 gp 200 lbs 1 month supply
Soap (case) 5 gp 20 lbs 1 month supply
Candles (case of 100) 1 gp 5 lbs 1 month supply
Cloth (10 yards) - repair 10 gp 5 lbs 1 month supply
Leather (10 sq ft) - repair 2 gp 5 lbs 1 month supply
Metal - repair 1 gp 15 lbs 1 month supply.
Wood - repair 1 gp 50 lbs 1 month supply

NOTE: 1 cask = 10 gallons = 60 lbs; 1 barrel = 160 pints = 20 gallons = 200 lbs.