Cult of Eternal Youth

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Cult of Eternal Youth
Deity Cairm, Goddess of Youth
Domains Healing, Charm, Good, Luck, Protection
Races Any (Humans)
Classes Any (Clerics)
Alignments Any (Neutral Good)
Holy Days Lunar
Place of Worship Home
Holy Symbol Unicorn
High Priestess Mirri the Golden Youth
Major Temple Well of Youth (Teufeldorf)

The Well of Youth is a temple built in Teufeldorf for those wishing healing, beauty, love, or the energy and vitality of youth. The order is well known for its dedication to art - sponsoring many young artists, musicians, and performers. The Well rewards those of pure heart and faith, but none have ever discovered the secret which Cairm holds. The priestesses of Cairm are widely respected for their ability to heal and for their unmistakable charm and beauty. Sightings of Cairm are commonplace within the Reaches, although those who claim to have seen her seem unclear of the details. What is known is that she spreads happiness and cheer to all those who are lucky enough to glimpse her.

The order recruits from young women of the Reaches who have an aptitude for healing and a vitality for life. All priestesses make a journey to the Endless Forest - south of Teufeldorf - during their training to spend time among the reclusive unicorns who are rumored to live within its tangled trees.

The Legend of Cairm

Even as a young child, the beauty of the young girl, later to be called Cairm, was legendary. She could walk the most treacherous streets and county lanes without fear. For all who saw her beauty were struck with awe. She was a beautiful maiden with golden hair and a fresh vitality which was respected and admired throughout the land. One sunny day many years ago, in a meadow east of the Elderberry Downs when Cairm was merely sixteen, she came upon a unicorn grazing. The unicorn, wishing to preserve her youth and beauty, took her on a month-long journey to the legendary Fountain of Youth. There, Cairm learned the secret of eternal youth. She has never divulged the location of the well to anyone - although the offers to do so have been great. She wanders the land today, still as radiant as the day during which she took her first ride on the unicorn, spreading youthful vitality to those deserving of it.