Great Storm of 907 TA

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With the unsealing of the Wolfshaunt in March 903 TA, storms in the Inner Sea began to steadily increase. Many of these storms appeared to have their origins along the rocky shore between Portsmith and Courtshore. Most of these storms were violent but mundane in nature. In October 907 TA, the deadliest storm of this period began forming northeast of Portsmith. Unlike other storms, it grew in an odd and almost intelligent manner. Druids tracking the storm reported several branches from the storm "reaching out like trying to entrap its prey."

On October 15, 907 TA, the storm hit Portsmith with lightning, high winds and rain that fell for almost a month until finally abating on November 7, 907 TA. While Portsmith was the hardest hit city, the breadth of the storm reached almost 600 miles north and west. In addition, strange reports of floating creatures within the storm's clouds were commonplace - although no such creatures were captured. While no explanation has been given by the Crown for the ferocity or strange nature of the Great Storm of 907 TA, it is commonly believed to have its origins in the Wolfshaunt which was sealed about the same time.

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