Hayward Ruins

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Hayward Ruins
Type Dungeon
Status Explored circa 833 TA
Location The Netherworld
Hex n/a
Campaign Netherworld Campaign
Adventure # 60

The Hayward Ruins were located in The Netherworld - not the Realm. The Netherworld was destroyed in 833 TA.

Ariandor - Places of Interest


Further beyond the Crown Knoll lies the vine covered earthen mounds hide most of the Hayward ruins, but rumor holds that two entrances to tunnels below ground exist. One is said to be a magical door in the rock-hewn, domed pillar that rises from the middle of the mounds; the other is said to be a small earthen tunnel opening under a large bush.

Adventures in the Hayward Ruins

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Hayward Ruins

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